Check out the patch notes for the v19 Winter Mischief update here:


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Maplestory red arena is finally in Maplestory 2 EU/NA/OCE, thank you!

But where are the other 2?
The barbossa(?) - 10v10 capture PvP
The Red Mines(?) - Free4All PvP
(or even add in your own team deathmatch in a big map, 5v5, 3v3 or something i dont mind lol)

Will they be added later?
I personally think 1v1 gets very boring after a while tbh


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    unless the top 10 guilds start going on a crusade by having their members change their profile pictures to propaganda a la "remove fairfight," you better keep dreaming
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    We selectively chose to omit the other two due to concerns of people not playing them compared to Red Arena. Historically, the other two do quite poorly, and also aren't very fun without a lot of players. The decision was to only bring on Red Arena and to put it on a shorter timer (one hour instead of 1.5 hours between matches). This was after consulting many players in the game's PVP community.