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[Gameplay] Issues with Up+Left direction

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Ever since beta until now, I've experiences issues with the Up+Direction. I can't
1. Jump while holding these keys.
2. Dash while holding these keys.
3. Place blocks down in furnishing mode while holding these keys.
I've come back from hiatus multiple times and I'm shocked these issues still haven't been fixed.
I found a previous post where I went into more depth.
"Server: NA East
Class: Wizard

- Holding ← + ↑ + Jump does not work
- Holding ← + ↑ + Teleport does not work
- Housing Furnishing Mode, cannot place furnishings continuously in the ← + ↑ direction.

Conditions of Situation:
- I changed jump key to Spacebar
- Any other directional key combination with Jump/Teleport does work
- Furnishings can be placed continuously in any other directional key combination.
- On Thief, any directional key + Mind Stealer combination works.
- On Rune Blade, any directional key + Blink combination works.
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  • KlaraKlara
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    I've always had this exact problem. :frowning: Someone told me it's keyboard ghosting but I don't know if that's it. (I play on a laptop)