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State of ms2 Design lab?

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Hi everyone,
i remember being hyped for ms2 design lab more then anything.
its been a while sindce i actively played but i wonder if design lab is released and if so where to get it.
Or if there is any information on ms2 Design lab i would be happy to know it.

For people not familiar with ms2 Design lab. on 8/22/18 at 10:54 AM the anouncement of MS2 Design lab was made thru the nexon launcher.
The post looked like this:


  • MadokaMagicaMadokaMagica
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    Interested as well for new information.
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    It's been placed on the backburner until further notice. If and when the Design Lab project picks up steam again, we'll let everyone know immediately well in advance.