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More logical recipes

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I mean, come on, there's literally a chicken misc item and the chicken recipe doesn't use that.
I really think that the Nexon team should repurpose some of the recipes,
and maybe even let us use our lifeskills a bit more like how we do in Mabinogi or other games like Harvest Moon,
crafting and upgrading recipes is always fun and gives a sense of reality.
(For those who don't know what I mean,
in games like the ones above, you can actually put in whichever ingredients onto the blend and if you got the ingredients right, you will get the food item as the outcome.)


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    Perhaps we could have a crafting table sort of thing using existing house items like the automated manufacturing machine (which is non-functional at the moment), charcoal oven, etc. Crafting could be done using these items instead of the life skills menu, and we could have new recipes that not only use items from craft shops as assistants do, but stuff you find around the world like ice mushrooms and slime globs. Without making assistants obsolete of course.
    also please make assistants able to walk up stairs, due to the design of my house i had to dig out a little cave so that i could place them on the ground floor as required and i want them to be able to see the rest of my house :(