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Extremely unofficial Maple OX Quiz Guide

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Hello everyone,

I thought I would share some insights with you about what is inarguably the hardest minigame in the current state of MS2, Maple OX Quiz!
What moved me to write this guide is that I recently noticed something that completely changed this minigame for me. But first, let me give a quick rundown of how the game is played for anyone unfamiliar.

In the Maple Quiz of OX you stand in a ludari-arena inspired map, where there are two large platforms. The goal is to pick the correct one ten times in a row, which will prevent your character from falling and thus winning you the game! Sounds pretty simple, right?

Not the case.

Most people (including myself) will most definitely fail on the first attempt, as the chances of succeeding are about 0.5^10 or 0.09765625%. So believe me when I say I do not blame you turning to a walkthrough guide at this point. Having spent somewhere between 69 and 69.3 hours on this minigame, I managed to come up with a method to improve your chances significantly, and without further ado, let's jump right into it!


To give yourself the highest chance possible, you wanna make sure to follow these instructions before entering a game.

1) Make sure it is either XX:05 or XX:35 before entering a game. Since the last update there has sometimes been a button making it possible to enter at different times, but I advise you not to take the bait since it might take the servers down for a few hours.

2) Picking the correct class, which is archer. Picking a bow in a world where guns clearly exist provides a huge advantage when it comes to the Maple XD Quiz. The reason is so simple even a child could understand. Archers are very bad at doing just about doing everything else in the game, so they have the lowest opporunity cost sparing their time when compared to other classes. I will provide a full tier list at a later date.

3) Forget everything else you know about this game, because...


Which one of the two platforms falls is, indeed, not tied to RNG. I know this sounds illogical, but please hear me out. At first, like everyone else, I thought the text popping up at the top of the screen every now and then was just to give you something to think about while you wait on whether you got lucky or not. That was a pretty big part for my enjoyment at first, and back then I also made a suggestion to the developers adding the same feature to sole survivor.

But then it dawned on me.

As it turns out, the name OX Quiz has a secondary meaning other than what you would assume to be a game created for mammals with horns. It is in fact a symbolism where the O represents "correct" and the X, accordingly, "incorrect".

If you tie the text that pops up and the information I just gave you together, you may be able to parse the solution for yourself.

But how do you answer the questions correctly?

Oh I was getting worried you would never ask.

1) Don't get into a situation where you don't know the answer! This may be achieved by educating yourself.

2) For non-maple related answers, there is a website called bing, where you can type in anything and sometimes even get an answer in your language. It's a pretty neat and unique service, you should check it out sometimes regardless.

If you are still having trouble clearing it, I recommend upgrading your gear a little further, or catch a veil ox for obvious reasons.
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