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[MECHANIC] Gemstones & Socketing Guide

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Gemstone & Socketing Guide

Hi everyone! I’m Synkido from NA-West server and I’ve been playing this game since April 2019 - a couple of days before Project New Leaf happened. Anyways, I decided to make a gemstone and socketing guide because it’s super important to know about them! You can embed gemstones on your accessories and it will boost your character’s attributes.

Gemstones are accessory sockets and they simply provide certain bonus attributes. When equipped, they increase your character’s damage or stats. There are a variety of gemstones you can choose from.

There are 7 different types of gemstones (and their stat bonuses).
Wisdom (Intelligence)
Life (Health)
Power (Strength)
Offense (Bonus Attack)

Gemstones can be obtained through hard dungeons from the Gemstone/Gem Dust Selection Boxes. The boxes will allow you to choose the gemstone of your choice. Also, the gems are account bound, which means you can transfer gems through the bank to your other characters.



The gemstones from these selection boxes are always tier 1.

Once you select your gemstone, they will be stored in the Gemstone tab.


You can upgrade your gemstones to higher tiers and increase the stat bonuses. Each gemstone has 10 different tiers, the lowest is tier 1 and the highest is tier 10. The table below lists the various bonuses granted by each tier of each type of gemstone.


Each class benefit from certain gemstones, such as their main stat.

Strength: Knights, Berserkers, and Runeblades
Dexterity: Archers, Heavy Gunners, and Strikers
Intelligence: Wizards, Priests, and Soul Binders
Luck: Thieves and Assassins

Recommended gemstone combination: (2) accuracy and (7) main stat.

Some people utilize other gemstones, like bonus attack, if their weapon enchant is low..
For example: (2) accuracy, (5) main stat, and (2) bonus attack.

Tip: Main stat gemstones are better to upgrade in the long run because you'll be enchanting your weapon (which already gives attack). Compared to main stat, bonus attack gives more damage if your weapon enchant is typically lower than +10.

You can equip up to 9 gemstones by opening up accessory sockets.

Accessory Socket Opening
In order to utilize gemstones, you’ll need to unlock the sockets from your accessories. Sockets are spaces where you can embed your gem slots and they can be found by hovering your cursor over the accessories. Blue (exceptional) accessories can hold up to (1) gemstone, while epic and legendary accessories can hold up to (3). You can unlock sockets from necklaces, earrings, and rings.




Unlocking Sockets

How to unlock sockets:

1. Press “i” to bring up your inventory and click the sockets / gemstones button.


2. Go to the 3rd tab (Unlock Sockets), select the accessory you want to unlock a slot on and pick two catalysts (or “fodders”).


Note: your catalysts must have the same name & amount of slots opened.
For example, an Absolute Earring (level 50 with zero slots opened) will need (2) other Absolute Earrings (level 50 with zero slots opened) as catalysts in order to unlock a socket.

- The bonus stats do not need to be the same, they can be anything!
- Be aware that your catalysts will be sacrificed every time you unlock.
- Success rate is always 100%!
- You can reduce the number of crystal fragments required once you reach prestige rank 60. More information can be found in your prestige tab.

3. You’ll also need crystal fragments to unlock sockets, which can be obtained from Sky Fortress faction leaders, supply merchants from various towns, and opening up treasure boxes from around the world.


1. In order to unlock (1) socket, you’ll only need (3) of the same accessories (must have the same name & zero slots opened, however the bonus attributes from the accessories don’t matter). 3 accessories = 1 main one to keep + 2 catalysts to sacrifice.

2. To unlock (2) sockets, you’ll need (3) accessories each with 1 unlocked socket (this can be done by doing step 1 a total of three times).


3. To unlock (3) sockets, you’ll need (3) accessories with 2 unlocked sockets (this can be done by doing step 2 a total of three times).


In the end, you’ll need 27 copies of the accessory to fully unlock all (3) sockets (1 main one to keep and 26 catalysts to sacrifice). Accessory fragments are rewarded from dungeons so it might take several weeks to fully unlock them. The fragments can be found in the fragments tab.

Alternatively, some people choose to buy accessories from the Black Market to expedite the process.

Embedding Gemstones

Once you’ve unlocked sockets, you can embed your gemstones onto them.

1. Press “i” to bring up your inventory and hit the sockets / gemstones button.


Go to the 2nd tab (Equip), select the accessory you want and then select the gem you want to embed into the empty socket.


Embedded gemstones can be extracted from your accessories at any time, so you can remove them conveniently at the cost of some crystal fragments. The chart below shows the extraction costs.


Upgrading Gemstones
To upgrade gemstones to a higher tier:
1. Press “i’ to bring up your inventory and click the sockets / gemstones button.


2. Go to the 1st tab (Upgrade), select the gem you want to upgrade, and hit the yellow upgrade button.


Success chance is always 100% for every tier.

In order to upgrade gemstones, there are required materials you’ll need beforehand: gem dusts and crystal fragments.

Gem Dusts (colored powders)

Each gemstone require (3) different types of gem dusts in varying amounts.


Below is a table listing the amount of gem dust and crystal fragments required to upgrade from each tier. The cost of upgrading increases as you move up each tier.


How to obtain gem dusts:

1. The same Gemstone/Gem Dust Selection Boxes from hard dungeons. You get 60 dusts per box (totaling up to 1,800 dust a week).

2. Visit the Stellar Chest in the middle of Tria to craft gem dust boxes (which contains 200 dusts per box). In order to use the Stellar Chest, you’ll need to have 10 Obsidian Essences from hunting monsters and purchase a Stellar Glass from Cheri Ring (NPC). Stellar Glass costs 200,000 mesos each and you can buy up to 5 a week (which totals up to 1,000,000 mesos). You can get up to 1,000 gem dust a week, per account.


3. The Gemstone Shop in the Guild House. This only applies if the service is available or activated by the guild. They are bought with guild coins (obtained through checking in, completing guild raids and guild quests, and donating to your guild). You can get 15 dusts per box (up to 300 dust a week).


4. I also recently found out about dismantling gemstones! If you dismantle them, you can gain some gem dusts. I only suggest this if you don't plan to use those gemstones on your characters or for future content.


Crystal Fragments

How to obtain crystal fragments:

1. Board the Sky Fortress ship and purchase them from each faction leader. You can buy up to 500 fragments from each leader, assuming you gained currency from completing their missions. Since they have their own form of currency, you will save up a lot of mesos! You can receive up to 2500 fragments each week.


2. Purchase from supply merchants from various towns. They cost 1,000 mesos for each fragment - super costly! The merchant in the picture below is in Ellinia. Other towns include: Tria, Henesys, Perion, Kerning City, Minar, Taliskar, Ludari City, etc.


3. Opening hidden treasure boxes from around the Maple world (almost always it has 1 crystal fragment, but very rarely you might find more. One time I found 10 in a box!)


4. Visit the Dungeon Helper Shop in Queenstown and purchase up to 500 crystal fragments per week. The shop uses dungeon helper coins which can be gained by helping rookies in dungeons.


Extra tips:
1. You can upgrade gemstone even while they’re embedded in any accessory.
2. Gemstones are account-bound and are transferable in your bank, which means your other characters can equip and/or upgrade them.
3. You can receive discounts on socketing and upgrading gemstones once you reach a certain prestige level. At prestige rank 60, the number of crystal fragments required to unlock sockets is reduced by 5%. At rank 90, the number of catalysts for gemstone fusions (upgrades) is reduced by 4.5%. Discounts increase as you raise your prestige level. You can find more information and perks on your prestige menu.


Are there any other ways to earn more gemstones or gem dusts?
- You can earn gemstones by progressing through the storyline (however they are randomized). Sometimes special events in-game may have selection boxes so be sure to check out their shop! Some of the previous ways have been discontinued, such as treasure dungeons (abandoned mine b1/b4), daily missions, and treva farming.

I heard there were some changes to the gemstones and socketing system. What was that about?
- Yup you heard right! MapleStory 2 went through major changes thanks to Project New Leaf. A lot of the RNG was taken out and now the upgrading system has a 100% success rate.
You can check out the changes here: http://maplestory2.nexon.net/en/microsite/newLeaf/45716

I also just want to give a shout out to my guild Bravery. Thank you all for your support <3

If you have any questions please be sure to reach out to me at Synkido in NA-West or my discord hi#1847 !

Change Log
August 2nd, 2019
- Added note that gems are account-bound.
- Added dungeon helper shop under how to obtain crystal fragments.
- Minor tweaks to visuals and grammar.

October 27, 2019
- Added tips on gemstone combinations.


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    Might be worth it to add that gems you obtain from selection boxes are account bound, which means you can transfer the gem through the bank to your alts and use/level them there if the alts have gem dust.