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[LIFESTYLE] Housing guide

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Housing guide

In Maplestory 2, one aspect of the game which remains relevant as you progress is the customisation of your house. Not only can your home serve as an aesthetic hangout where you can chill with friends or simply AFK, but it can also provide resources which significantly improve your gameplay. All in all, it’s always a great idea to invest in a good house which caters to your own needs as you play the game.


  • Entering your home
  • House settings
  • Building and key furnishings
  • House contracts and visiting others
  • Assorted Meret Use
  • House Commands


Entering your home
Your home can be accessed via T (Arrow keys) N (WASD) or by pressing the home key and is shared collectively with all your characters in one account. There are several options provided when first creating it
If you are not certain of your direction in customising your house, using one of the default templates is a great and recommended way to provide initial inspiration, as all the blocks within the template design can eventually be replaced when you are sure of what you want to do.


House settings
Once you’ve entered your home, there are several buttons to help customise your home:

In order from left to right, each button represents the following option:
  • Build Mode: Click this or press “B” in order to toggle build mode so that you can place furnishings.
  • Enter/Exit Decor Planner: A clean workplace to try out furnishing at no extra cost. You can create a layout in the Decor Planner and implement it later in your house. Any unsaved layouts will be lost upon exiting the Decor Planner.
  • Enter/Exit Blueprint Designer: Design home layouts which can be saved as blueprints and sold to other players in the Design Shop.
  • Save: Save your current home layout as a floor plan. There are 5 available slots where you can save a plan
  • Load: Load a previously saved floor plan and apply it to your home
  • Home Permissions: Adjust the permissions of players who visit your home
  • Interior Settings: Adjust settings affecting the interior of your home, such as lighting, background, and camera angle.
  • Clear Interior: Remove all furnishings placed in your home and return them to the furnishings list.
  • Toggle Free Camera: Enter or exit free camera mode. You cannot use free camera mode while placing furnishings.
  • Take Screenshot: Take a screenshot of the current state of your screen and save it to the screenshot folder. The UI will be hidden in the screenshot taken.
  • Shop for Blueprints: View blueprints for sale in the design shop.

If you forget any of these, you can simply hover your mouse over the specific button to remind yourself of its function. Furthermore, the settings available for Home Permissions and Interior Settings are as follows:

Home Permissions: These permissions are handy to tweak if you are planning on creating a jump quest in your house (where you can toggle off the use of mounts or combat skills) or if you simply wish to make your house private

Interior Settings: There are a set of 8 backgrounds which can be used, as well as 3 set camera angles and 5 lighting options.

You can also change the greeting message and name of your home from the top right screen under the Options gear button. Visitors will be able to view these and identify your house name underneath any of your account characters on their character profiles. Through this screen, you are also able to access a doctor and bank from anywhere within your home, both with a 30 second cooldown once used. If you decide to leave your house, you can press the exit button and return to your previous overworld map location.
When in build mode, your character stays still and wears a hard helmet while a grid-like pattern appears to help guide where you place blocks.
In build mode, all available furnishings are listed in the menu, where blacked out furnishings require specific requirements in order to place, eg a trophy. As most trophies are character based, you may be able to place a specific item on one character but not another
Furnishings can be filtered to look for specific types through the checkbox and dropdown menus on the top of the build menu. This is particularly useful when maximising the Decoration Score, which should be achieved for at least one of your floor plan layouts in order to both increase your Interior Design Rank and obtain the highest tier Decoration Gift which can be collected daily.
To change the size of your home, the area and height can be freely altered on the Decoration Score interface screen using the arrows, with a minimum of 5 x 5 block area and 5 block height and a maximum of 25 x 25 block area and 15 block height.


Building and key furnishings:
So now it's time to start building! Placing furnishings gives EXP to the character which caps at a certain point each day. When in the Decor Planner, you can experiment with housing designs without needing to worry about Meret costs, however it is important to save the layout everytime as the Decor Planner space begins blank every time you use it. In contrast, any blocks you place directly in your home will remain there even if you leave so if you aren't too worried about keeping your build a surprise, you can slowly add onto your home as time passes.
The interface available can help guide you on how to control moving in build mode.

If you have trouble in creating your home, you are also able to delegate a trusted builder or friend to help create your home by right-clicking their name and granting them Furnishing Rights. They will only be allowed to build when you are present in your home, and you are also able to adjust the number of funds they have access to.

The sky's the limit when it comes to whatever you decide to build, but often there are a few key furnishings which players keep in at least one of their build templates which can help improve your gameplay and quality of life
  • Entry portal [Misc]: Place these at the desired location you wish to spawn in when you enter your home
  • Portals [Misc]: When placing these down, press “C” to access portal options. You can use these to travel to overworld maps that have been explored, a friend’s house or to another portal in your home for convenience.
  • Souvenirs: While also a great way to show off bosses you’ve slain, some souvenirs are also interactive and will trigger 1-hour buffs. For example, one common souvenir is the Scion of Light which increases piercing by 4%. Some souvenirs require unlocking a specific trophy in order to place down.
  • Lifeskills: You can place Ranching and Farming plots which can be harvested daily. The drops can be used to craft items which can help your progression in the game, such as tonics or whetstones which increase your damage for a short period of time.
  • Trigger Controllers: These can be used to control interactive equipment within your home. A comprehensive guide on how to use Trigger Controllers can be found by Shimaeko here

If you do not have Premium Club, portals are a great alternative way to travel easily without needing to spend Rotor Air Taxis. The overworld maps that you can access are dependent on character, so it is a good idea to keep some portals linked to prominent maps such as the town maps like Ellinia or Perion so that entering these maps on lower levelled characters are easier. More detail on the portal options can be seen below:


House contracts and visiting others:
If you have a comfortable amount of funds, you can purchase a house plot in the overworld and decorate it. An entrance can be placed from under [Structures] which allows others to easily enter your home. Prices vary based on the plot’s map and block area, where it is more expensive to purchase a house within a town map like Tria. A list of the specific maps and their prices can be found here in this spreadsheet (credit to u/Rhythmico on reddit)

When purchasing a contract, 90% of the payment needs to be supplied every month in order to extend it by 30 days and thus maintain the house plot. If not provided or you decide to cancel the contract, the house will instantly be removed and a waiting period of 24 hours occurs before the plot becomes available again to other people. The contract can be accessed anytime by the icon next to your character portrait

Another way you can access someone else’s house is by right clicking their character and clicking “Visit House” or, if they are on the Star Architect Rankings, by clicking their house icon on the leaderboard. You can nominate one house daily with the Thumbs Up button to show your appreciation, bringing up their Architect Score. Your Architect Score represents the number of people who have nominated your house to show their appreciation, where the first number represents the nominations received in the month and the second represents the total amount of nominations received. Your Architect Score determines your Star Architect ranking for the month


Assorted Meret usage:
Most of the guide so far has been designed to focus on the free-to-play aspects of housing, but there are also a variety of cool and interactive items you can place down with Merets! For example, you can make UGC Custom rotating blocks in the workshop which can be located under the Designs tab and are a great way to show off moving pieces of art. A few notable and popular furnishings are listed below which addresses other handy features:
  • Assistants: Up to two assistants can be hired to craft desired items (beverages, cooking, rings or necklaces) and need Merets monthly to maintain. Each item takes a period of time to create where the resources needed to craft the items can usually be bought at major town maps. Assistants can be levelled up with use to create more items and can be customised to have a different name or greet you with a certain nickname.
  • Dummy [Trap]: A dummy can be employed in your house where you can test your damage, similar to the ones present in the Chaos Raid lobby. It is worth noting that the presence of a dummy will trigger the setting of hiding other characters if "Hide in the presence of a boss monster" is selected under the Graphics options
  • PVP Console [Misc]: Activates PVP in your house. Several options can be chosen, such as One-on-One or Party duels. No pets are used when PVP is activated, and specific PVP respawn points can be placed down.


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    House commands
    As a host, you are also able to use a set of commands within your house to play around with. A list of them can be seen below (Words written inside square brackets [ ] describes what to write, eg. /hostball 10) :
    • /hostgravity [number] : Alters the house gravity, where normal gravity is at 1.0, eg. gravity at 2.0 will make you fall twice as fast
    • /hostball [number] : Creates an orange ball of variable size, with size 10 as the largest. The ball is also affected by house gravity and can be removed by typing the command again
    • /hostalarm [message] : Broadcasts a house message
    • /roll [number] : Rolls a random number between 1 to 100. If a number is specified, the range will go from 1 to said number

    • /hosttombstone [name(s)] : Kill the player(s). If killing more than one person, separate each name with a comma (can also right click the character to Tombstone the player)
    • /hostrevive [name(s)] : Revives the player(s). If reviving more than one person, separate each name with a comma
    • /hostkick [name] : Kicks the player from your house
    • /randomuser : Chooses a random person in your house
    • /randomgroup [number] : Sorts people into groups based on the number provided.

    Polls/surveys (either word can be used for the following commands):
    • /poll open/secret [question] : Creates a public or private poll
    • /poll add [item] : Adds an answer option for the poll
    • /poll start/end : Starts or ends the poll
    • /card add [card name] [number] Adds specified card name to deck. [number] represents the amount of copies.

    • /card add [card name] [number]: Adds said amount of cards with the name to the deck
    • /card deal [name] : Deals a random card to the player. If dealing a random card to all players, don’t write a name
    • /card: Shows what cards are in your hand and how many cards are left in the deck
    • /card open_all: Reveals all cards in each player’s hand and which cards remain in the deck
    • /card open: Show your cards to other players
    • /card open [card name]: Show the noted card to other players
    • /card discard [card name]: Discards the named card in your hand
    • /card handover [card name] [name]: Gives the named card in your hand to the player
    • /card reset: Clears everyone's hands and empties the deck


    Hopefully this helps cover an updated version of housing and house commands. Feel free to let me know if any edits are needed!

    Guide by Keisol (Oceania)