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[LIFESTYLE] Music for your soul :)

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Heya! :D
I tend to afk quite a bit and as such have gotten stuck into the music feature. Here’s a guide to help new players understand how the music feature works and how it can be used!

Here's what will be covered-
  • How music works
  • Instruments and scores
  • Consumables
  • Prestige music
  • Trophies
  • Guild raid
  • Altstory

First - How to Music :0
You can complete the music quest through the navigator, unlocked at level 20. You will be given a practice digital piano and a music score, as well as an hour-long music voucher bound to character. This gives you a rundown of how the music feature works – but you do not need to complete this to be able to play music.

To play music, click on an instrument in the Fishing/Music tab of your inventory. Make sure you are standing on a surface or it won’t let you summon the instrument. You can also bind an instrument to a key to avoid this process. Next, drag a music score from your inventory to the blank box in the play score tab of the window that appears and press play. Music!

The music is loudest when right next to the instrument and fades the further you move away. In popular maps like Tria, you might hear a cacophony of scores overlapping. To avoid this, simply move a safe distance away until you can no longer hear the other score. The exception to this is Queenstown, where the music can only be played on the stage and is echoed through the entire map. There can only be one group of performers on stage at a time. You can talk to the NPC to enter the stage when it is free, and there is a time limit of 10 minutes before exit.

Ways to play music
Once you open an instrument, you will see two tabs, ‘Improvise’ and ‘Play Score’. Improvise lets you play music manually using your keyboard. It’s a fun feature to play around with but takes a bit of practice to get used to.

In the ‘Play Score’ tab, there are two options ‘Solo’ and ‘Ensemble’. Solo is relatively simple – plays the score you choose. Ensemble is a little tricker to handle. You will need to be in a party with people you are planning the ensemble with. You may need to do a little coordination with who is playing which score on which instrument. Every other player must put in the score and click ‘Join Ensemble’ before the party leader starts the ensemble using their ‘Join Ensemble’ button. A little blue bubble will appear above the players who have pressed join. If the party leader starts the ensemble without all party members readying up, then the music will start without the ready players.

Instuments and Scores

You can buy practice instruments from the NPC Stephan in Tria for 100k meso each. He is located in the right square just under the central spawn point. Stephan also sells an assortment of music scores with various BGMs from MS, MS2, and Mabinogi, as well as other assorted pieces. Whilst they’re called ‘practice’ instruments, it is simply a name for the simpler design of the instrument and its functions, the exp gain is still the same as the other instruments.

You can also buy instruments from both the red and blue meret markets for either 450 or 600 merets. The biggest advantage of these is that these allow 3 scores to be played in succession, without having to drag a new score every time. This means that after one score has finished, it will automatically start the next score to allow for more variety without having to continually drag new scores in. These also play with the auto-perform vouchers. Keep in mind that if the voucher runs out of time with a score, it will continue to play the remaining scores lined up and will reduce the play count of these.

You will also be able to obtain alliance instruments from style shop for 4 style coins each. Additional themed instruments are available from time to time from the style coin shop. These instruments allow for 3 scores like the meret instruments.

If you double click on the instruments in market, you can preview how the instrument sounds playing a simple score of ‘Happy Birthday’. However, please note that the preview won’t always demonstrate the full capacity of the instrument. Personally, I have encountered instances where the notes were too low for a comprehensive sound to be played, others where the notes were too high and seedy to sound good. There are also some instruments where the notes and harmonies won’t blend together well and sound particularly messy. You won’t have these problems with the simpler NPC bought scores, so it is up to you to mix and match what instrument will sound good for which score.

In addition to selling the ready- made scores, Stephan sells blank music scores which can hold 3k, 5k and 10k notes respectively. The 10k notes score requires the Maestro title. You can also craft 5k scores with 20 plays from the Handicrafts window using pigskin. The blank scores allows you to make your own scores and introduces some customisation and variety into the music feature. A good source for these files is Musical Nexus, which stores already converted scores from other players.

You can listen to the scores on the website and download them if you like them. If you click on a score, it will open an editor and you can open the file in the bottom right and select the score you want from the window that pops up. You can try the score out on a number of instruments before saving it.

If you’d like to make additional changes, you can open the help function in the music editor and it will tell you all the functions available. You can alter elements such as tempo and animation. Make sure that the changes you make to notes are added to each of the harmonies to avoid one set of notes being off tempo from the rest of the score.


Auto-Performance vouchers
The most prominent music consumable that you will encounter are the auto-performance vouchers. The vouchers come in 30mins and 1 hr long versions. These are acquired with a variety of methods, with most of the vouchers being account bound, meaning that they can be transferred between characters. The vouchers obtained from completing quests, on the other hand, are character bound. Prestige boxes obtained from levelling prestige rank have a chance to give 30 min account- bound vouchers. Levelling from 60 to 70 will give a total of 18 hour-long vouchers that are account bound. Events can also be a good source for these vouchers; most events with shops will generally have auto-performance vouchers for sale, and other events will give them as prizes. Please note vouchers given as reward in events will often have an expiry, generally at the end of the next month. For premium club members, 3hr vouchers are obtainable from the premium wheel in Queenstown.

Whilst the voucher is in use, score usage will not be counted. For instance, if you have a score with 3 plays left, there will remain 3 plays until the voucher ends and the music stops. If a score is in the middle of being played, then it will finish the score. Experience gain and performance mastery gain will be the same as usual- I will go into these later.

AUTO PERFORM VOUCHERS DO NOT EXTEND AUTOMATICALLY. This is important to note especially for free to play (f2p) players. When the voucher is used up, the extend function will use merets instead of existing vouchers. This means that if you wish to play scores continually using vouchers, you will need to return after the old voucher expires to pop the new one.

Other music buffs and consumables
The club performance buff gives bonus exp when performing in a party. If you do not know what clubs are, they are groups of 10 players who will receive buffs if in a party together. You do not have to be in the same map for the buff to work. The club leader will choose which buff to use out of movement speed, bonus fishing exp and bonus music exp. You are allowed a maximum of 3 different clubs, so it is entirely possible to party up with the same people and run all 3 buffs at the same time. This will count on at least one person being online and in a party with you at all times.

Rest exp, obtained from being offline or logged in at home, gives a bonus 100% exp. This applies to performance and is relatively easy to obtain if you are performing whilst afk. There is nothing in particular you need to do to obtain this, so it is an easy exp boost to your character.

From the rue shop in Queenstown, you can buy ‘Newly Traded’ capes or belts for 400 rue that can provide bonus exp for performance. There are two types of lines, ‘Music Performance Exp + %’ and ‘% chance to gain 100% extra Performance Mastery’. However, you will be unable to reroll the lines since they are exceptional equips and the lines are not guaranteed both be on the same equip, so you might have to wait and check back every restock to find an appropriate equip.

The rue shop also contains ‘Performer’s Tip Pot’. It costs 50 rue and gives an extra 50% exp for party members within 3m when performing. It lasts for 30 mins and has a 30 min cooldown, so it can be used repeatedly after the current buff runs out.

Crafting consumables, like Pine Mushroom Stew (+50%), Medicinal Mushroom Tea (+100%) and Agaric Mushroom Kebab (+200%) are generic exp boosters that will also boost exp gain from performance. They have a 22-hour cooldown and 60-minute duration, so they are not able to be used repeatedly over a short period of time.

Prestige Music

Prestige music means afk with a single long-time score to gain prestige exp. This lets you gain more prestige ranks for better buffs whilst you are afk. In a blank score, type ‘T32l1’, and fill the rest with ‘r’. If you have an instrument that allows for 3 scores, you can loop 3 of these at a time for even longer. Do not use a performance voucher as it will run out before the score is finished! With a 3k score, you can create a score that lasts for over 6 hours.


There are 5 tiers of trophies in the Lifestyle for most types of instruments. These give 2 different titles at 30k and 100k performance mastery, the 3rd and 5th tiers respectively. Afk prestige music will not help with reaching these tiers since performance mastery is tied to number of scores played.

There is a trophy named ‘Musician with a Dream’, consisting of 9 tiers. The final tier, with 1 mil performance mastery, gives the title ‘Maestro’. You can also obtain the pink music icon above your head from this quest stream with 300k mastery and the 'Virtuoso' title.

Guild Raid

If you run guild raid, you might know that in L1: Lapuella Outback, there is a segment that needs music. You may be assigned to music at cactus if you are the weakest member of the party or if other roles are filled and you do not have a good mobbing class. How music works here is you simply play music on one of the podiums to debuff the cacti and allow your party members to damage. If you know you are likely to be on music, make sure you have a spare scores available, such as cheap scores from Stephan.

To make things run faster, it is easier to replace one of your hotkeys with an instrument. Unfortunately, you will still have to drag the music score to the area. The most effective way to do this that I have found is to open invent as soon as you enter the map. Move the window to the edges so it doesn’t block your view and you can see when it is time to move on. The mobs will have to be grouped up beneath the podium for debuff, which pops in a purple ring every 5 seconds.

Be aware that you cannot summon the instrument if you’re on a mount, so make sure you dismount before summoning.


Using afk music is a minimum effort method to level your alts. Pop the voucher, set up the instrument, and let the exp roll in. If you continue using the vouchers, you will have to come back every time the voucher runs out to pop the next one. It is possible to extend the performance using merets and leaving it running overnight, but I wouldn’t recommend it since there are better uses for merets especially if you already have a collection of auto performance vouchers already. Keep in mind that levelling 60-70 will give 18 transferrable hours of music.

Personally, it took me approximately 11 hours of vouchers to reach level 60 with almost no other buffs. No, it is not the fastest levelling method, but it is less effort than completing the epic questline or following world boss trains. It’s a way of levelling if you have other things to do but can afford to run MS2 in the background and can hop back on whenever you’re free.

So, what are the easiest ways to boost exp gain using music? The easiest boost will come from performing at a private residence for the extra rest exp. Another easy buff is the club buff. It does rely on people being online to be in the party, and not needing to leave the party for things such as dungeons. However, if you manage to party up with multiple club members who will be online then it isn’t a big issue. Of course, make sure that they won’t mind the club buff is set to performance.
If you have a main that has high level cooking, then you can transfer the exp boosts from crafting to the alt. These do have a very long cooldown though, so make sure you plan it’s use properly so you don’t waste it. Eg don’t pop a 30 min voucher with the consumable and forget about it.

That's all I have! Enjoy music-ing ♪♪~