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[OTHER] Introduction to End Game Content

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Intro to MS2 End Game

Hey! I'm LLLusen on NA West. I'm not exactly "hardcore" but I've been playing since launch and one thing I've noticed is that there's just so much content that you unlock all at once at level 60 that it's hard to know where to even begin, and sometimes veteran players are so familiar with certain aspects of the game they don't even think to explain it to a new player. This guide is not going to go in depth on what stats you should focus, how to clear content, or strategies for the game - it is mostly to introduce you to the different concepts and important features in Maplestory 2, inform you of the tasks you should aim to do each week, and help provide a bridge from doing storyline quests alone for 6 hours to playing with other players and understanding what people are referencing.

Follow the main storyline until level 50. Some of the dungeons are harder to solo, you can ask a higher level player to help or try and find a party. There is not really any grinding spots, but if you get sick of it, you can try fishing, life skills, or music playing to level. The game doesn’t really begin until level 70.
Once you reach level 50, fight world bosses until level 60. At this point you should do your awakening story quest, accessed by an icon to the left of the premium club button in the bottom right of your screen. Once you reach the quest requiring you to do emerald prison, and do world bosses until level 70 (You will not be able to clear emerald prison for a while still). The two main things to focus on for end game are gear and gems. Gear is initially obtained through dungeons, and higher tier gear is from chaos raids and rerolled by doing special missions. Gems and gem dust are obtained through dungeons, and can be inserted into accessories.
You also want to open your trophy menu and figure out which skill and attributes you have not obtained yet. You can filter by these requirements and complete the trophies to make sure you have all possible stats.

Most of these only apply once you reach level 50. The daily reset is at 5PM PST each day, and the weekly reset is on Thursdays. This looks like a lot, but you can always skip what you don’t want to do.
  1. Lapenshards
    • Buy all 3 lapenshards from the merchant in Storm’s Eye every week
    • This merchant is unlocked through the awakening story quest
  2. Stellar Glass
    • Bought in Tria, provides 1k gem dust/week in exchange for 1m meso + 50 obsidian essence (bought through black market or dropped by high level enemies). Only necessary until you max the level of all your gems.
  3. Dungeons
    • 30 dungeons/week, max 15/day
    • View your remaining amount of dungeons by opening the dungeon menu (either with a semicolon or a colon, by default)
    • For most classes, you want to start with guardian of the sea, then do either icethorn ridge or malevolent manor, and then heart once you unlock it.
  4. Chaos Raids
    • 6 of each raid/week, max 3/day
    • Max out on Frostpillar, Spire, and Pink Bean every week that you can, the rest are optional.
  5. Lapenshard (RGB) Dungeons
    • 6 of each raid/week, max 3/day
    • Complete all of them every week if possible
  6. Guild Raid
    • Can be done once a week for rewards with a party of up to 10 guildmates
    • Rewards accessory locks (main way to obtain them outside of events)
  7. Dark Descent (DD)
    • 3 attempts each week
    • Special dungeon focused on survival and dodging, most things 1 shot you and once you die you have to restart.
    • Look up videos for your class before running it to learn the levels and techniques
  8. Sky Fortress (level 50)
    • Weekly missions
      1. Provide coins which can be used for crystal fragments, colored crystals, and cosmetics. Max out buying all crystals and fragments when you can
    • Weekly rumbles
      1. Provide level 50 legendary armor/weapon fragments and absolute accessory rerollers. Not extremely useful if you don’t already have absolute accessory fragments.
      2. Requires “trusted” rank
      3. Once past “trusted” rank, you unlock a new weekly mission to complete these which rewards 200 coins a faction.

  1. Gathering
    • There are 4 “gathering” based life skills, 2 of which are done from your house (ranching, farming) and 2 of which you travel for (mining, foraging).
    • You can focus on only gathering the top 3 items for each skill to save time as you level it.
    • The skills are good for mesos, most commonly sold are tin/platinum whetstones and lavender/yarrow candles but there are other items worth crafting. Try to gather the
    • required materials for those each day for extra mesos.
  2. Pet Fusion
    • Only important if you don’t have a lvl 50 epic pet
    • Fuse 24 pets a day from the pet menu to level up your pet
    • Blue/purple pets are the best fodder if you can afford the fusion costs
  3. Premium Dungeon
    • Only available if you have premium
    • 200k/day in 3 min, pick archer
  4. Prestige
    • You can level your prestige up once a day easily, after that the exp is greatly decreased
    • When you level up prestige for the first, second, and fourth time each week you get special boxes with upgrading materials in them

  1. Treva Farming
    • Enter portals spawned when you defeat elite monsters on PVP maps and complete mini-challenges to gain Treva currency.
    • Not many materials but rewards mounts, trophies, and cosmetics
  2. Trophy Hunting
    • Unlocks dyes, emotes, mounts, and is good for completionists.
  3. Fishing
    • Part of trophy hunting
    • Can catch weapon skins for your class
    • Accept the maple guide tutorial for fishing to begin learning it, then just filter your map by current fishing level to look for good spots to fish, or check your trophy menu to pick places to fish

Once you reach level 50, you unlock hard dungeons which have gear score requirements and give you a limited number of lives to clear them. Gear score (GS) can be viewed by opening your characters profile, it is on the right side above most of the other stats. Don’t bother with hard dungeons until you are level 60, because you will get a box of gear that gives you enough gear score to current relevant hard dungeons.
Hard Dungeons (that people usually run):
  1. Guardian (of the seas) (GS: 9300)
    • Drops helmet, gloves, shoes, and siren’s necklace
  2. Icethorn (ridge) or Manor (GS: 9900)
    • Drops top, bottoms, and blizzard belt
  3. Madrakan’s Ramparts or Heart (GS: 10000)
    • Drops weapon and Madrakan’s earrings
Honorary Lvl 50 Mentions
People typically run these on alts because they are fast and can still have profitable drops
  1. Tris - Beyondlink Tris
    • Drops Kandura’s Pendant
  2. Rog - Temple of Immortals
    • Drops rog earrings and rog wings
Normal dungeons are not worth running for the most part, if you want trophies from them cap out your dungeon runs first so you maximize your rewards.
The main difference between the level 60 hard dungeons, besides their drop types, is the lapenshard they give. Look up a guide for your class to determine which dungeons you need to prioritize - for most classes, this is Heart, Guardian, and/or Manor.
All of the gear set types are equivalent, just pick one type and stick with it! You should run guardian until you get gloves/hat/shoes to +10, then run icethorn or manor until you get a top/bottom you can upgrade to +10, and then run 1 Madrakan’s Rampart, and focus on running Heart until you can get your weapon to +13. After that, do whichever dungeon you need for lapenshards.

Chaos Raids
Chaos Raids are boss fights with full parties of 10 that allow 15 minutes to complete, and only allow you 3 revives. These can be done for rewards 6 times a week.
To get enough gear score for them, you need to +10 all of your epic armor and +13 your weapon, and as you unlock each raid you should upgrade the legendary equipment you get to +10. To get into pink bean, you need a +13 epic weapon, +10 all legendary armor, and every lvl 60 epic accessory.
The current relevant ones are Frostpillar Temple (12500 GS), Madrakan Spire (15100 GS), and Pink Bean (19300 GS)
For these raids, the gear you pick as a reward DOES matter and each class has a preferred type. If you pick the wrong one though its ok, because you need to complete all 3 sets in order to do the RGB dungeons, which is the next goal. You should pick one set to focus on though, because you need to get +13 on it’s weapon in order to get into the final raid, Blackshard Nexus.

RGB Dungeons
RGB dungeons are found under the “Eye of Lapenta” tab in your dungeon directory. Each one has a specific armor type and lapenshard that is required to clear it, and they can be cleared for rewards 3x a day, for up to 6x a week. To get the first lapenshard for each type, you need to complete the storyline quest up until the quest to clear Emerald Prison. After this point you can also buy one of each lapenshard a week in Storm’s Eye.
The easiest to clear is Azure, requiring Dark Vanguard armor/weapon and Eupheria’s lapenshard. The next easiest is Emerald Prison which uses the Behemoth set and the Sword of Time lapenshard, and the hardest is Terminus of Time requiring the Enigma set and Space Rift lapenshard.
If you want to clear Blackshard Nexus (BSN), the current hardest raid, capping RGBs every week is #1 priority. You need to level up each of these 3 lapenshards to be able to challenge BSN, and it takes about 5 weeks of capping them to be able to enter.

Sky Fortress
Start doing sky fortress missions as soon as you reach level 50. It takes about a month and a half to unlock all of the factions if you do all of the weekly quests.
Once a faction is “Trusted”, you can challenge the leader (this is under the “Sky Fortress” tab in the dungeon menu). Depending on how well you do, you can get fragments for armor and value rerollers for accessories.
The coins can be used to buy crystal fragments, colored crystals, and various cosmetics. Go to your currency tab and double click a coin to see what you can buy!

To upgrade your gear, open your inventory and look for the “enchant” button near the bottom. Upgrading requires onyx, chaos onyx, and crystal fragments, and at higher tiers, item copies. Onyx and chaos onyx come from running dungeons and dismantling gear (the dismantle option is near the enchant button), and crystal fragments are bought for 1k a piece from supply shops. Once you reach +10, it starts costing weapon/armor copies to upgrade, so save anything you get for your class if you plan to upgrade higher than that (not super necessary for armor but very necessary for weapons)
Both choices pretty equal - if you don’t want to risk RNG you can use Peachy at the cost of more materials on average, but if you want to test your luck ophelia is still viable (just remember to cut your losses at some point).
Don’t NPC equipment unless it is not possible to dismantle it.
Ophelia lets you RNG your upgrades for a much lower cost per attempt than it costs to use Peachy. Every time you fail, you get fail stacks - do not use them until you have enough to guarantee +15 (or +13 in the case of epic weapons), and after that only use enough to keep you at that amount. For example, with legendary weapons, once you have 95 fail stacks, if you fail again you can use the extra fail stacks on your next attempt, but always try to keep 95. Once you reach +14, you can use them all to immediately get +15. For epic weapons, save 70 fail stacks instead and use extra weapons to get to 100%.
Peachy provides upgrades with a 100% chance, but requires a lot more materials than Ophelia on average. Her menu is a little misleading, the material costs listed are how much it costs to fill one of the bars to upgrade, and you need to repeat it [x] number of times. In this example, to get the staff from +7 to +8, peachy requires 3688 onyx, 16 chaos onyx, and 96 crystal fragments because the upgrade must be done 4 times to fill the meter.

For weapon, the ideal for most people is going to be high pierce + (magic/physical) pierce. I would not upgrade a legendary weapon past +10 without these stats, you can save up and buy a good legendary weapon and save weapon copies until then. Some other stats people go for are boss damage, total damage, or magic/physical attack, or (elemental) % damage. These are all acceptable in place of piercing.
For epic weapons, I would upgrade with any 2 good stats because it won’t be used for long.
When you upgrade weapons, you need to use copies of the weapon you are upgrading so don’t dismantle weapons that are the same as whatever you are upgrading.

For armor (excluding accessories), the goal stats are boss damage, your main stat, or magic/physical attack. For gloves, you want to get magic/physical piercing as well. Gear can only have one offensive stat so don’t worry too much about the 2nd stat.

There are 5 accessories - belts, capes, earrings, pendants, and rings. For most classes, your goal is attack speed/boss damage on all accessories. This is not an in-depth gear guide so I’d search builds for your class, check out the class channels for the discord subreddit, and figure out what the best stats to aim for are. Focus on discussion from the end of June on, because piercing is not as strong of a focus anymore for most classes.
Belts and capes do not need to have anything extra done to them, other than getting desired stats, but the rest all have sockets. Sockets allow you to put gems in your accessories, which increase damage significantly. To unlock sockets, you need 27 of one type of accessory (432 accessory fragments in total), so even once you have legendary gear running hard dungeons is still important. This menu is accessed from the bottom of your inventory
Improving your accessories comes from reroll scrolls from getting S/S+ on chaos raids and from lock scrolls from guild raids. Save these until you get an accessory with 2 good stats and then reroll. Don’t lock until stats are pretty high - like 3.5%+ piercing, 5%+ boss damage/att speed.

Gems and dust are from running dungeons (1.8k dust/week/char, or 30 gems/week/char - though you only really need 9) and stellar glass (1k/week). Most gems are account bound, so you can transfer them to alts to upgrade them if they have dust. For most classes, you will want to start with 6 offense gems, 2 main stat gems, and 1 accuracy gem. Once your legendary weapon is past +12, most classes switch to 6 main stat gems, 2 offense gems, and 1 accuracy gem, but int-based classes use 4-5 main, 3-4 offense, and 1 accuracy
The option to upgrade gems is in the same menu as unsocketing accessories and socketing gems.
Making Mesos
Premium Dungeon
If you have premium, you can run the premium dungeon for 200k mesos/day and 5 premium coins. My strategy is to pick Oska (the archer) and stand in the middle on the left or right side and just hold down attacks. The dungeon takes about 3 minutes. Premium coins can be used to spin a wheel in Queenstown that can give you music/fishing vouchers or 30 day outfit items/mounts.

Life Skills
Gather the materials required to make these items. Lavender Candles/Tin Whetstones can be crafted from a very early level, which can hold you over until you can craft the others. To level up gathering, gather from the 3 highest level items you have unlocked so far every day. Ranching and farming is done in your house, you can place the items for free (they are under “Life Skills”).
  • Lavender Candle
  • Yarrow Candle
  • Special Mage/Warrior Tonic
  • Tin Whetstone
  • Platinum Whetstone
  • Caprese Salad
  • Fruit Tart
  • Maple Cheesecake with Pears
There are also items you can craft that double your gathering drop rates and effectively double your profits, try to find ones that do not overlap with these items because they will lower how many sellable items you can craft. This can net anywhere from 1-3m per day.

If you run out of things to do on your main, start leveling as many alts as you can! You get around 1m from the storyline, and once level 50, you can run hard dungeons with them for extra meso. Each 30 runs gives at least 4m and 43 account-bound chaos onyx. You also get around 45 tradable chaos onyx and 8.9k normal onyx from dismantling and potentially more mesos from rare drops.
You can buy runs if you don’t want to gear up your alt/do tons of runs each week. Rog costs 1.5-2k onyx/15 runs, and tris costs 3-4k onyx/15 runs, but you almost always make back everything. Depending on how geared your main is, you can trade runs where 1 person fights boss on their main and 3 people leech, and then you alternate after 15 runs until everyone has carried once. For trade runs most people expect around 30 second rogs at most.
I recommend making different classes for each alt so that you unlock the account-wide trophies for each class.
You can also buy metacell using the red and blue stars you obtained (found in currency tab, open shop by double clicking them). Metacells are about 700 mesos each right now but it adds up over time. I wouldn’t recommend buying them on your main until you have all the shop mounts, unless you don’t care about them.

Run Selling
This is more relevant if you are already very geared up, and you probably wouldn’t be reading this guide. You can be the run seller and sell rog/tris and make 6k/10k onyx for every 15 runs. Most people expect 20-30 second rog runs and 1 minute tris runs.

Final Notes
I hope this guide helped you! My last suggestions are to find a guild and join the MS2 discord to find people who can help you with other questions. Also, take the time to look through all of the UI menus in the bottom right corner - some features are hidden away and its helpful to learn how to access everything!
If you need any help or have any questions, reach out to me in game through either a friend request or mail!