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[OTHER] Ludibrium Escape Speedrun Guide

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Welcome to my in-depth guide to complete Ludibrium Escape as fast as possible. If you're anything like me and enjoy Ludibrium Escape and similar parkours/jump quests then you've been trying to complete Ludibrium Escape in the shortest time possible! I’m working towards the 1000 clear trophy and still have a long way to go, plenty of clears to get that super fast run.

I. Basics
If you're simply looking to complete Ludibrium Escape within the given time limit then you’ll need to know the basics.
Pink blocks: The map is always the same except for the numbered pink blocks, for each pair of pink blocks only one will spawn randomly, an example could be: left 1, right 2, left 3, left 4. You will never have both the pink blocks with a 1 on it.
Breakable blocks: The first obstacle you’ll face is a breakable block. You can break these using your basic attack (default keyboard key = x or ctrl).
Easy path: My suggestion for an easy path is to follow the red line on this diagram. Follow the blue line depending on the pink block that has spawned. Zoom out so that you can see which block has spawned from the point where the path splits.

II. Gear
The first step to being fast is gearing up. Movement speed to be precise, you can equip any movement speed item you have and it will make you run faster inside every mini-game. You can obtain movement speed on shoes and capes through the black market. Movement speed specifically for Ludibrium Escape can also be obtained on other accessories through Kay's wheel.
Next up is buffs:
* Premium buff gives you 5% movement speed.
* Being in a club party can give you 5% movement speed.
* Guild movement speed buff 3%+ (personal and guild).
* Thief haste 22% 60sec (can be cast before entering)
* Archer passive 10%

III. Settings
Make sure to zoom out as far as possible, this will allow you to see the pink blocks faster which is useful for the last set at the top. You can also see the position of moving blocks faster and make decisions based on this. You can also turn off all other characters, this is optional and won't make you go faster.

IV. Starting line
At the start make sure you've got the right gear equipped and start running into the pink starting wall. The first obstacle are three breakable blocks, the fastest way to destroy them is to jump cast basic attack. This way you can destroy the block without stopping. However, it is even faster to let someone else destroy the blocks for you. This usually works out fine for the first three but not so much after that. After the first three breakable blocks you'll hit four more and with all that movement speed you have you are leading the pack and will be the first to run into them, either pray or destroy them yourself.

V. Jumping gaps
Yes, as it turns out, Ludibrium Escape also requires you to jump every now and then. If you've got a lot of movement speed this actually gets a lot easier. However we don't care about easy, we care about fast! A lot of the jumps have a block right above you and a block above the block you're landing on. If you jump to early you'll fall down, but if you jump to late you'll hit the block above the block you want to land on and stop moving for a bit. The more movement speed you have the earlier you'll have to jump to stay moving at all times.

VI. Climbing ladders, fast!
Ludibrium Escape also has a lot of ladders, climbing them fast will be essential to your time. There are three ways to climb them, hold up, hold up and spam jump, hold up+left and spam jump. Turns out that holding left (or right) will make you re-grab the ladder faster and allow you to jump again faster. Using this speed ladder climbing trick makes a huge difference.

VII. Momentum
Another small thing to make use of is that sideways moving blocks will give you more momentum when jumping off when they move (or less speed if jumping the opposite way). This is very noticeable on the final jump where the block moves very fast, it will send you flying when you jump off.

VIII. Fast Route
The red line is one of if not the fastest route. Follow the blue line if the necessary pink block is not there or if the purple moving blocks are on a bad timing.

At this point it is time to bring you back to reality. The game you’re playing is still Maplestory and that means you’ll have to deal with randomness. Things that vary:
* Moving purple block timing is random
* Pink block spawn is random
* Yellow/Orange moving block timing is random
* Connection to the game might be unstable
The biggest factor is the pink block spawn, the first three sets of pink blocks have to spawn on the right side of the map for the fastest route to open up. Assuming that left or right both have a 50% chance this means only 1 in every 8 attempts will have this path available. When the 2nd pink block doesn’t spawn on the right side you can do a skip from the ladder to the block if you have sufficient movement speed. The second biggest factor that influences your time by a lot are the purple moving blocks. Especially the moving purple block just before the first pink block. The pink block might be there but if the purple block is too high you’ll have to go around or wait which both lose you time. Whether or not the other moving blocks line up will usually make a difference of 1 or 2 seconds.

That concludes all the tips and tricks I use to get fast times. Try a lot, don’t fall and getting lucky are key to a fast time. My personal best so far is 51 seconds. I’d love to hear of any tricks that you guys use to get faster times and what your records are. Good luck!

If you enjoy jumping check out my house in EU which usually has something to jump around on

TL;DR: Go fast, jump, don’t fall and get lucky.