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[CLASS] In-Depth Berserker Guide

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In-Depth Berserker Guide

If you have any comments/questions/suggestions feel free to reach me on discord @Remitar#1320. Written by Remitar(NAW).

Table of Contents
  1. Introduction
  2. Skills
    1. Rank 1 Skills
    2. Rank 2 Skills
  3. Skill Builds
    1. Rank 1 Build
    2. Rank 2 Build
  4. Attributes and Stats
    1. Attributes
    2. Stat Lines
    3. Gems
  5. Lapenshards
  6. Pets
  7. Rotations
  8. Tips and Tricks

I. Introduction
The berserker is a physical-based melee class that deals high damage. It’s a simple class to play and is very beginner friendly because:

  • Relatively less active skills
  • Simple skill rotations
  • No need for Spirit management
  • Only class with an immortality skill
  • Three skills that can regenerate HP
  • Easy to maintain uptime with
  • Mobile

This is an in-depth guide on how to build and play the Berserker effectively. It will not cover pre-Awakening builds nor will it cover much on the left side of the Rank 2 tree. What I say is optimal may differ from others. I do not and will never claim that the same methods that work best for me will also work best for you so I encourage everyone to do further testing on your own to see what is most effective for you. This guide is written on the assumption that the reader already has a basic understanding of the game. Accuracy of information is based on the time of this post and is subject to change in future updates.

This guide is up to date as of the Skilled Ally Update - v15.

II. Skills
This section goes over the all of the skills that are used. Any unlisted skills are most likely unused or just prerequisites for other skills.
The bold red numbers are stats at MAX level. The notes I added are effects that aren’t explicitly stated in the skill description or just misc. information.

i. Rank 1 Skills

plbI4j5.png Dark Aura (Passive)
Regenerate 10 Spirit per second. Gain 1 Dark Aura stack per hit, up to a maximum of 10 stacks. Increases Spirit regeneration by an extra 1 Spirit per second per stack. Dark Aura stacks have a duration of 7s and is refreshed on hit. Some skills can only be activated with 10 Dark Aura stacks. Enhanced by Infinite Darkness.

Note: You can only gain 1 Dark Aura stack per second regardless of how fast you hit.

c86jAl9.png X Slash (Active, Utility)
The movement skill that costs Stamina. Grants knockback immunity during the animation and deals a small amount of damage to enemies passed through. Hits twice. Can cancel any actions/animations.

Note: If you use this skill at a certain angle to the enemy, it will sometimes lock onto the enemy and dash through them instead.

mLYP2yF.png Dark Might (Active, Buff)
Consume 10 Dark Aura stacks to increase Attack Speed and Physical Attack by 34% for 10s. Regenerates 1 Spirit per hit while effect is active. Cooldown of 30s. Enhances Squall. Automatically activates Whirlwind’s effects without the movement speed penalty for the duration of Dark Might.

Xnrck5p.png Void Slash (Active, Utility)
An attack skill that teleports you on the first strike. Grants knockback immunity. This skill is used for movement, not damage.

Note: The first strike can teleport you across certain gaps and past projectile attacks.

ilQkZSe.png Warrior’s Instinct (Passive)
Grants 6.4% Pierce and 60 Physical Resistance.

Note: Pierce has a cap of 30%.

5SvKPAF.png Bloodlust (Active, Utility)
An attack consisting of two parts, both parts dealing 210% damage each. The first part is a stab that is a guaranteed critical hit. The second part is the unstab, which will heal 43% HP. Cooldown of 8s. Enhanced by Blood Fury.

Note: The second part has to deal damage (can’t miss or get blocked) to heal.

t495aNy.png Blood Price (Active, Buff)
Increases damage by 14% at the cost of 1% HP per hit for 30s. The health drain will stop when you reach 25% HP. Cooldown of 60s.

Note: The health drain is a constant 1% HP per hit for all levels meaning that this skill is less valuable at lower levels. This skill does not have any casting animation so you can cast it during the animation of another action.

dSP0QPq.png Greatsword Mastery (Passive)
Increases Weapon Attack by 6.4%.

96EK2wz.png Deep Wounds (Passive)
Inflicts the enemy with a DoT that deals 31% damage per second for 10s when hit by a critical hit. Duration is refreshed for subsequent critical hits. Enhanced by Rend Wound.

Note: Critical hits from sources of damage other than directly from your weapon (Earthquake, Lapentiers, Lapenshards, weird Kay bomb things) will not proc Deep Wounds.

yoc35pM.png Earthquake (Active, Attack)
Set a cross shaped DoT 17 tiles large on the ground that deals 487% damage per second for 5s. Cooldown of 60s. Enhanced by Raging Soul.

Note: Grants knockback immunity during animation. Size starts at 9 tiles and increases by 4 every 4 levels.

ii. Rank 2 Skills

jC2XHqJ.png Infinite Darkness (Passive)
Increases Strength by 40. Increases duration of Dark Aura stacks from 7s to 10s. When consuming Dark Aura stacks, there is a 20% chance to gain 10 stacks of Dark Aura.

beaEcip.png Squall (Active, Attack)
Spin your weapon to hit all enemies within melee range for 130% damage per hit. Movement is possible while channeling the attack. Attacking while standing still will grant 1 stack of Gale. Each stack of Gale increases Attack Speed by 4%. At 3 stacks of Gale, it is replaced by Whirlwind.
Whirlwind grants knockback immunity, decreases Movement Speed to 30%, decreases damage dealt to 75%, increases the amount of hits per spin, and deals 50% additional damage to enemies affected by Heavy Bleeding. Whirlwind is automatically activated without the movement speed penalty when under the effects of Dark Might.

Note: You do not have to hit anything to gain stacks of Gale. Gale lasts 5s and is not removed on movement while channeling. Ending Squall will reset Gale and Whirlwind. Whirlwind does not increase the Attack Speed stat, it just makes Squall hit faster. Whirlwind has a duration of 5s. At the end of Whirlwind’s duration, the skill ends. Whirlwind creates a vacuum effect, similar to Knight’s Typhoon Slash. Whirlwind does not consume any Spirit, allowing you to regenerate Spirit while active.

aDyc6UN.png Rend Wound (Passive)
Increases the damage of Deep Wounds by 100%. Landing a critical hit 2 times within 4s will inflict Heavy Bleeding for 12s.
Heavy Bleeding deals 70% damage per second and can stack up to 5 times.

Note: The damage increase to Deep Wounds is multiplicative. To build 5 stacks of Heavy Bleeding you only need to land a minimum of 6 critical hits all within 4s of each other. Unlike Deep Wounds, you can proc Heavy Bleeding with critical hits from any source. Heavy Bleeding stacks with Deep Wounds.

OnS4Vvt.png Raging Soul (Active, Buff)
Increases Attack Speed by 30% and Physical and Dark Attack by 20% for 8s. While the effect is active, HP cannot drop below 1. At the end of the duration, recover 48% HP. Resets Earthquake’s cooldown. While the effect is active, standing on Earthquake will generate 2 Dark Aura stacks per second and increase movement speed by 100. Cooldown of 40s. Enhances Blood Slash.

Note: Can cancel any action/animations. The only Dark-attribute attack we use is Blood Slash and Bloodlust. Dark Aura stack generation is per Earthquake.

pMxWoTr.png Blood Slash (Active, Attack)
Consumes 10 stacks of Dark Aura. Unleashes 4 attacks that deal 350% damage each and heal up to 6% HP per hit. The 4th attack deals an additional 50% damage. Deals an extra 133%-855% damage on enemies depending on the number of Heavy Bleeding stacks. Grants knockback immunity. While Raging Soul is active, Blood Slash becomes Dark Blood Slash.
Dark Blood Slash does not consume Dark Aura stacks and can be continuously used, dealing 280% damage per hit.

Note: Blood Slash removes all Heavy Bleeding stacks from enemies hit. The combo of Dark Blood Slash as you hold down the skill is a double swipe (280% each) > double swipe (280% each) > normal Blood Slash (350%*4 with last hit being +50%). The first 2 double swipes do not remove Heavy Bleeding. The last normal Blood Slash does.

taSyJya.png Blood Fury (Passive)
Attacking an enemy that has less than 50% HP will grant the Blood Fury effect for 4s. At level 2, Blood Fury increases Physical Attack by 6.5% and Bloodlust’s damage by 166%. While Blood Fury is active, using Bloodlust has a 30% chance to reset its cooldown.

Note: Somewhat useful in dungeons that spawn multiple adds in the boss room as you can gain the Blood Fury effect for 4s by hitting anything under 50% HP.

wZLKr1Z.png Parry the Moon (Active, Attack, Utility)
At level 2, it deals 1240%+242% damage and creates a linear DoT on the ground that deals 182% damage per second for 5s. During the animation of the attack, you block all attacks. If a block is triggered you gain 10 stacks of Dark Aura. Permanently increases Physical Attack by 3%. Cooldown of 30s.

Note: Can cancel any current actions. Pressing a directional key while casting this skill will dash in that direction. Using it while stationary will cast the skill in place. Hits a total of 7 times. If the attack misses, you will not gain 10 stacks of Dark Aura. You do not need to block to trigger the increase in Physical Attack; it is always active. Has weird targeting similar to X Slash where you dash one direction but the DoT will go a different direction (towards the nearest enemy).

III. Skill Builds
i. Rank 1 Build
There are multiple ways to build the Rank 1 tree. The main priority is maxing out Dark Might and Warrior’s Instinct (if Pierce is not capped). The rest comes down to preference. There are 3 main ways to allocate points:

Max Warrior’s Instinct/No Blood Price
A lazy/cheap build. Not recommended if you’re aiming for maximum damage output as not taking Blood Price is a lot of lost damage. This build caters to the people who want to save potions.

+ Saves Potions (max Bloodlust, no Blood Price)
+ Less HP management
+ Retains the largest Earthquake size

- Big loss of damage with 0 points in Blood Price

No Warrior’s Instinct/Max Blood Price
This build is also not recommended as dropping 6.4% Pierce for an average of 7% increased damage is basically about the same, except now you’re losing 1% HP per hit every other 30s and you lose even more damage if you don’t have 100% uptime during Blood Price. The only time this build is strong is if you’re close to the Pierce cap (30%) without the Pierce passive or inside the Pink Bean Raid/Blackshard Nexus.

+ Strongest build if you reach Pierce cap with gear alone
+ Effective in Pink Bean Raid and Blackshard Nexus
+ 35% HP heal on an 8s cooldown

+/- Lose 6.4% Pierce (inconsequential if you already have 30% Pierce from gear)

- Lose 60 Physical Resistance

This is a combination of the above builds and the most versatile one. It maxes Warrior’s Instinct and Blood Price. You can move the points in Warrior’s Instinct, Blood Price, Deep Wounds and Earthquake around for whatever you feel is the best. This build only has 1 point in Earthquake because it is used more as utility to gain Dark Aura stacks. Remember that the Rend Wound passive on the 2nd Tree doubles the damage of Deep Wounds so each % damage you lose/gain on Deep Wounds is doubled.

+ Versatile
+ High damage
+ 27% HP heal on an 8s cooldown

- Smol Earthquake

ii.Rank 2 Build
Rank 2 tree is a lot more simplified and straightforward. The main priority is maxing out Squall and Rend Wound.

Blood Slash/Full Right Side
Squall hits multiple times per second and can hit even faster when Whirlwind is active. It is the best way to apply Heavy Bleeding, which is a big source of our damage. Squall can deal a lot of damage on enemies affected by Heavy Bleeding, so Squall, Rend Wound and Dark Might synergize well together.
Raging Soul is a big buff that can increase our damage output, reset Earthquake’s cooldown, generate Dark Aura stacks and prevent death.
Blood Slash is a huge burst that can dish out a ton of damage. The downside is that it removes all Heavy Bleeding stacks, so timing is important.

This build also maxes out Squall and Rend Wound, but it only takes 1 point in Raging Soul and drops Blood Slash completely. Instead, we take 2 points in Blood Fury and 2 points in Parry the Moon.

We lose 15% Physical Attack going from level 4 > level 1 Raging Soul (increase in Attack Speed is static throughout all levels). Raging Soul has a 20% uptime, so the average Physical Attack lost is 3%.
We gain 6.5% Physical Attack from level 2 Blood Fury (+boosted Bloodlust). If we assume Blood Fury's effect to have an approximate uptime of 50%, the average Physical Attack gained is 3.25%.
We gain 3% Physical Attack from level 2 Parry the Moon (+block and decent burst). This increase has a 100% uptime, so the average Physical Attack gained is 3%.

The reason we do not take level 4 Blood Fury is because the difference from level 2 to level 4 is 5% Physical Attack. At a ~50% uptime, this translates to only 2.5% increased Physical Attack (vs. 3%).
Note that the calculation for Blood Fury is an estimate at best. It does not factor in procs from hitting adds while the boss is above 50% HP, nor does it factor in the difference between the time it takes to damage the boss from 100% to 50%, and from 50% to 0%. Most likely the latter will be faster than the former.

+ ~3% increased Physical Attack on average
+ Stronger Bloodlust
+ Chance for Bloodlust cooldown to reset (while Blood Fury is active)
+ Perfect Guard
+ Decent burst from Parry the Moon
+ No need to manage Heavy Bleeding Stacks

+/- No Blood Slash (some people like it, some people don't)

- Weaker damage boost during Raging Soul
- Slightly weaker heal when coming off Raging Soul
- Weaker burst without Blood Slash


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    IV. Attributes and Stats
    i. Attributes
    Strength and Critical Rate are important for Berserkers. Attribute points should be split 60 points into Critical Rate and 40 into Strength.
    For more info on how to obtain all attribute and skill points, check out this guide.

    ii. Stat Lines
    First, I’d like to clarify the interactions of certain stats with certain skills.

    • Pierce
      • Affects ALL sources of damage
      • Affects ALL types of enemies
      • Capped at 30%
    • Physical Pierce
      • Does affect Deep Wounds and Rend Wound
      • Does affect Earthquake
      • Does affect Parry the Moon
      • Does NOT affect Lapenshards
      • Affects ALL types of enemies
      • Capped at 15%
    • Boss Damage
      • Does affect Deep Wounds and Rend Wound
      • Does affect Earthquake
      • Does affect Parry the Moon
      • Does affect Lapenshards
      • Affects ONLY boss-type enemies
      • No cap
    • Melee Damage
      • Does NOT affect Deep Wounds or Rend Wound
      • Does NOT affect Earthquake
      • Only affects Parry the Moon's INITIAL hit (not the DoT)
      • Does NOT affect Lapenshards
      • Affects ALL types of enemies
      • No cap
    • Critical Rate/Damage
      • Does NOT affect Deep Wounds or Rend Wound
      • Does affect Earthquake
      • Does affect Parry the Moon
      • Only affects SPECIFIC Lapenshards
      • Affects ALL types of enemies
      • Capped 40% Critical Chance, no cap on critical Damage
    • Attack Speed
      • Does NOT affect Deep Wounds or Rend Wound
      • Only affects Earthquake animation speed (not the DoT)
      • Only affects Parry the Moon's animation speed (not the DoT)
      • Only affects SPECIFIC lapenshards
      • Affects ALL types of enemies
      • Capped at 150%

    The balance between the stats is up to personal preference.

    Pierce is strong and we get 6.4% just from one of our passives. Can be rolled on weapons and accessories. It is one of the BiS stat on weapons and accessories. If you get 30% Pierce from gear alone, then you can spec out of Warrior’s Instinct and invest the points elsewhere.

    Physical Pierce is also strong. Can be rolled on weapon, gloves and pendants. It is one of the BiS stat for weapons and is the BiS stat on gloves. Getting Physical Pierce on weapon and gloves should be enough to hit the cap with guild buff.

    Boss Damage is another strong stat. Can be rolled on weapons, accessories and armors, excluding gloves. It is one of the BiS stat for weapons/accessories and is the BiS stat on armor. Try to get it on all pieces of armor.

    Melee Damage is pretty close to Boss Damage. Can be rolled on accessories (excluding cape and pendant). Some people recommend building Melee Damage on accessories because level 60 content is full of adds. While true, I don't think the adds really matter. Not building Melee Damage is inconsequential because the hardest content in the game are focused on bosses with minimal add spawns.

    Building Melee Damage over Boss Damage will decrease the damage of Heavy Bleeding (a big source of damage) by a lot when it comes to fighting bosses. While both stats can roll on accessories, you can't roll both stats on one piece. Capes cannot roll Melee Damage, but the unique cape Balrog's Wings has static lines of Pierce + Melee Damage. Ultimately, it's up to you to decide how you want to balance these stats.

    Critical Rate and Critical Damage rely on each other to be effective. Both can be rolled on weapons and accessories. Critical Rate doesn’t scale well, so it is recommended to increase crit chance via Critical Rate Tonic or Orihalcum Whetstone. Stacking Critical Damage will not increase damage from DoTs.

    Attack Speed is strong and can make animations and transitions smoother. Can be rolled on accessories. It’s also the weakness of the bosses in Blackshard Nexus. I’d recommend against overstacking on Attack Speed as our two main buffs give 30% and 34% Attack Speed.

    Keep in mind that the application speed and uptime of Deep Wounds and Rend Wound stacks are affected by Critical Rate and Attack Speed.

    iii. Gems
    The optimal setup is 1-2 Accuracy gems with the rest being Power (STR) gems.
    Make sure to cap your Hard Dungeons weekly if you need more gems/dust. If that’s not enough, you can also buy Stellar Glass from the vendor in Tria for up to 1k dust per week and Gem Dust boxes from the vendor in Guild House for up to 300 dust per week. Remember that gems are transferable within your account, so feel free to utilize alts to upgrade gems.

    V. Lapenshards
    Lapenshards are new items that you can equip and fuse in your Skills window. There are 3 colors (Red, Green, Blue) of Lapenshards, and you can equip 2 Lapenshards per color. Red Lapenshards are active skills, Green Lapenshards are passive skills, and Blue Lapenshards are passive procs.
    Below are the main Lapenshards that Berserkers use. The bold red numbers are stats at level 1, and will increase upon leveling up. The notes I added are effects that aren’t explicitly stated in the skill description or just misc. information.

    Red Lapenshards

    PLpkJ0X.png Lumarigon’s Pride (Buff)
    Increases Physical/Magical Attack by 36 and decreases Defense by 50% for 10s. Cooldown of 60s. Acquired from Madrakan Spire Chaos Raid.

    Note: Synergizes well with Raging Soul.

    pFZ7u2k.png Pride Bolt (Attack)
    Fires a bolt that deals 158% damage on hit. Inflicts them with a DoT that deals an additional 158% damage per second for 20s. Cooldown of 60s. Acquired from Madrakan’s Heart Hard Dungeon.

    Note: Hits 21 times in total. The initial hit can crit, but the DoT can not.

    v8LdtSI.png Sword of Time (Attack)
    Launches a sword at an enemy. The sword will attack 3 times in a 1.5m radius, dealing 162%, 243%, and 408% damage, in that order. Also increases Attack Speed and Movement Speed by 2% for 3s. This secondary effect can stack up to 10 times. Can hold up to 20 charges. Cooldown of 18s per charge. Acquired from the main questline, the vendor in Storm’s Eye and Terminus of Time Eye of Lapenta Dungeon.

    Note: Secondary effect activates instantly. Required for the skill break in Emerald Prison and Blackshard Nexus. Level 6+ required to enter Blackshard Nexus.

    Green Lapenshards

    MW84iIa.png Guardian’s Rage
    Increases Physical/Magical Damage by 1% and decreases Defense by 1%. Acquired from Guardians of the Seas Hard Dungeon.

    8pnNdHV.png Eupheria’s Protection
    Increases Physical/Magical Damage by 1% and HP by 220. If health drops below 20%, inflicts a DoT on yourself that deals 1.5% HP per second for 20s. Acquired from the main questline, the vendor in Storm’s Eye and Emerald Prison Eye of Lapenta Dungeon.

    Note: Duration of the DoT is refreshed while your health remains or falls under 20%. Required for the skill break in Azure Flux and Blackshard Nexus. Level 6+ required to enter Blackshard Nexus.

    yCkKr3s.png Haunting Power
    Increases Physical/Magical Damage by 1%. Acquired from main questline.

    Note: Cannot be leveled up. Only use if you don’t want to deal with the DoT from Eupheria’s Protection.

    Blue Lapenshards

    5lHDec1.png Pink Bean’s Prank
    Squall has a chance to increase Physical/Magic attack by 5% and increases body size by 30% for 8s. Acquired from Rock ‘n’ Rollin’ Pink Bean Chaos Raid.

    Note: Even though the increased body size makes attacks looks larger, the actual range does not increase. Internal cooldown of 45s.

    oXqRqxD.png Bjorn’s Artistry
    Blood Slash has a chance to increase Attack Speed by 3% for 20s. Acquired from Frostpillar Temple Raid.

    Note: Internal cooldown of 60s.

    7WjwRL4.png Space Rift
    Skull Splitter and Raging Soul has a chance to deal 281% damage to each enemy it procs on. Acquired from the main questline, the vendor in Storm’s Eye and Azure Flux Eye of Lapenta Dungeon

    Note: Any attack during Raging Soul has a chance to proc damage. Internal cooldown of 20s per individual enemy. Required for the skill break in Terminus of Time and Blackshard Nexus. You do not need to activate Raging Souls in order to skill break. Level 6+ required to enter Blackshard Nexus.

    VI. Pets
    Pets contribute a lot to our damage as 40% of the pet’s Attack is converted into Bonus Attack for the player. Exceptional (blue) pets roll 2 bonus talents and Epic (purple) pets roll 3. Named pets have unique pet tricks.

    • Level 50 Exceptional pets have a max Attack of 1050, granting 420 Bonus Attack to the player at max level.
    • Level 50 Epic pets have a max Attack of 1700, granting 680 Bonus Attack to the player at max level.
    • Level 60 Exceptional pets have a max Attack of 1246, granting ~498 Bonus Attack to the player at max level.
    • Level 60 Epic pets have a max Attack of 1994, granting ~798 Bonus Attack to the player at max level.

    Don’t catch pets in the open world with candy and snares because they’re all Level 50 pets that don’t have any pet tricks. Run Hard Dungeons, Raids, and Eye of Lapentas for pets.
    The best pets are the 3 pets that drop from the Eye of Lapenta dungeons (RGB). Their pet trick grants 150 Bonus Attack and a stat bonus while summoned and they also have a chance to proc their unique effect. Until you find one of these 3 pets, just level up whatever you can with the 24 daily fusion bonuses. Keep in mind that feeding an old pet with experience to a new pet will transfer 80% of the accumulated experience from the old pet to the new pet.

    Useful pet bonus talents are (in no particular order):
    • Pierce
    • Total Damage
    • Melee Damage
    • Physical Pierce
    • Critical Damage
    • Physical Attack
    • Accuracy
    • Attack Speed

    VII. Rotations
    The rotation for a berserker is for the most part, pretty simple. Here are a few examples of basic starting rotations:

    With Blood Slash
    1. Earthquake
    2. Blood Price
    3. Raging Soul
    4. Earthquake
    5. Blood Slash (until Raging Soul is about to end)
    6. Dark Might
    7. Squall
    8. Blood Slash (when Dark Might is about to end)

    Without Blood Slash
    1. Earthquake
    2. Blood Price
    3. Raging Soul
    4. Earthquake
    5. Squall > Whirlwind
    6. Dark Might (when Whirlwind is about to end)
    7. Squall

    With Lapenshards
    1. Pride Bolt
    2. Earthquake
    3. Blood Price
    4. Lumarigon’s Pride
    5. Raging Soul
    6. Earthquake
    7. Etc.

    If you wish to incorporate Parry the Moon into your rotation instead of using it as utility, you can add it after the first or second Earthquake. Adding it after the first Earthquake allows you to cancel the end animation of Earthquake as well as cancelling PtM's somewhat long end animation with Raging Soul. Adding it after the second Earthquake allows you to cancel the end animation of Earthquake as well as allowing you to reposition before casting Squall.

    After these rotations just cast Squall and build Gale stacks to Whirlwind whenever you can. Use Blood Slash whenever most appropriate. Use your cooldowns when you think you’ll get the most out of them, but don’t hold onto them for too long.

    Be careful with the timing of casting Raging Soul and Parry the Moon. Casting them too early will cancel the skill used before them.

    If you specced Blood Slash, it is recommended to use Blood Slash during Raging Soul as not only is Blood Slash upgraded to Dark Blood Slash, but it also gets buffed twice by Raging Souls; once through increased Physical Attack and again through increased Dark Attack.

    Keep in mind that casting Dark Might and Raging Souls at the same time will bring you over the Attack Speed cap. It’s still a good combination if you need the burst damage.

    If you held onto Raging Soul too long but Earthquake only has like 5s left on the timer, you should wait for the rest of Earthquake’s cooldown to cast Earthquake before casting Raging Soul.

    Lumarigon’s Pride takes effect instantly, so you can immediately cancel all of the animation with Raging Soul. Try to cast Pride Bolt off cooldown.

    While spinning under the effects of Dark Might, we are not affected by the Movement Speed penalties of the Rooted Strength Lapentier. Consider lining up the durations of Dark Might and Rooted Strength.

    VIII. Tips and Tricks
    This section is a compilation of all the useful things I’ve discovered while playing Berserker. I didn’t expect the guide to be so long, so some points are just repeated from the other sections of the guide for the people who skimmed through. This is a list of important points (in my opinion) that may or may not be explicitly stated in the game.

    • Macroing Squall by itself can prevent the skill from locking up sometimes. The only downside is you have to let go of the macro key for a split second in order to use consumables or Blood Price.
    • Whirlwind has a vacuum effect. It is possible to cast Dark Might and gather mobs together for 10s (very useful for Mini Beans in the Pink Bean Raid).
    • Rooted Strength Lapentiers will not further reduce movement speed while under the effect of Whirlwind. Using Rooted Strength while spinning under the effects of Dark Might will allow you to move at normal speeds.
    • While Whirlwind is active, Squall does not consume Spirit. It is possible to cast Dark Might and use Squall even while affected by a 0 Spirit debuff.
    • Try to build Gale stacks whenever you can even if you might not be able to get Whirlwind. Each stack increases attack speed by 4%, every little bit helps!
    • Moving around with Gale stacks while channeling Squall does not remove them. Use this to your advantage to either stall Whirlwind or to reposition yourself before activating Whirlwind. Keep in mind that Gale stacks only last about 5s, and it takes about 1.5s of standing still to start gaining Gale stacks again.
    • Attack Speed has a cap of 150%. Casting Dark Might and Raging Soul simultaneously will bring you well over this cap.
    • Use X Slash or Void Slash to resist knockback.
    • Raging Soul, Parry the Moon and X Slash cancels any actions or animations. Use this to your advantage to get out of bad situations or cancel animations.
    • Lumarigon’s Pride synergizes well with Raging Soul. -50% defense means nothing if you can’t die.
    • Lumarigon’s Pride’s effect is active instantly, so cancelling the entire animation with Raging Soul can save some time.
    • Similarly, the secondary effect (+2% Attack Speed and Movement Speed for 3s) of Sword of Time also activates instantly. If you need to dash, you can cast Sword of Time and immediately cancel it with a dash and receive the bonus effects for 3s afterward.
    • It’s also an option to use Sword of Time in place of Lumarigon’s Pride in the rotation, as long as you cancel the last half of the animation (immediately after the sword appears) so you still get the damage from the sword.
    • Unlike our other skills, Blood Price does not have a casting animation so you can use it at the same time as another skill.
    • Raging Slash and Skull Splitter’s first attack are the only two attacks that don’t have a long windup. Use either of these skills to hit enemies that you can only hit with a jump attack.
    • Sword of Time can also hit enemies while jump attacking. A single sword hits 3 times and can deal critical hits so it’s a lot easier to stack Heavy Bleeding on enemies that are out of reach. Does not proc Deep Wounds though.
    • Berserkers have no ranged attacks. Sword of Time is our only source of reliable ranged damage. Can be useful in certain dungeons, especially Dark Descent.
    • Pride Bolt can also be useful in Dark Descent as it can deal continuous damage while kiting bosses.
    • Lumarigon’s Pride is also useful in Dark Descent because in later stages everything one shots you anyways.
    • Bleeds count as non-critical hits in the damage meter, so In order to gauge your Critical Rate on dummies properly you need to need to spec out of Deep Wounds and Rend Wound.
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