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[CLASS] Striker Awakening Guide Part 1

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Striker Awakening Guide
Written by Eustella (NAE)

Table of Contents
I.Class Introduction
II.Attribute Points, Skills, Builds
IV.Gems and Lapenshards

I. Class Introduction

Striker is a brand new class that was introduced with the Maplestory 2: Awakening expansion. They are a DEX based class that uses two-handed knuckles as their main hand weapon and offer high damage to any raid. They are one of the strongest classes currently and have good ways of avoiding damage as well as surviving many devastating attacks. Strikers have one of, if not the best mobility out of all classes allowing them to chase bosses as they jump and move around. They unfortunately do not bring any buffs to the raid that increases the group's damage but if played well, can easily be at the top of the damage charts.

I will be splitting this guide into two parts. Part 1 will consist of Attribute Points, Skills, and Builds. Part 2 will consist of Rotation, Gems and Lapenshards, Gear and Pets.

Since Striker is a new class, we will be going through all the important skills in both pre-awakening and awakening. We will also go in-depth with builds, rotation, gear, gems and what pet to go.

II. Attribute Points, Skills, Builds

Attribute Points
Strikers are a DEX based class meaning that all of your attribute points go into DEX. You can put 60 points into critical rate and the rest into DEX, however Strikers base critical rate is on the low end, so unless you choose to go crit build Striker, putting all of your points into DEX is your best option. We will go further in-depth with stat builds in the gear section.


Strikers use passives and skills from both pre awakening and awakening. In this section, we will go over these various abilities.

Pre-Awakening Skills

Feinting Guard
Feinting Guard is your dash. It is 2 dashes where each dash travels 1.75m, a total of 3.5m. It increases your punch skills by 5% for 2 seconds after use and consumes 40 stamina. When you gain your awakening passive Raining Blows, you can use either Shockwave Punch or Setup Kick before dashing and empower it to Feinting guard EX. This changes it so it increases the damage of both your punch and kick skills by 10% instead of 5% and uses 20 stamina instead 40. Both versions grants knockback immunity.

Magnum Blow /Mega Blow
Magnum Blow is a pre-awakening charged based ability that gets changed into Mega Blow once you reach awakening and put at least one point into Shockwave Punch. This change makes the skill go from having 3 stages to 2 stages. It charges much faster but has a much longer cooldown, going from 4 seconds to 13 seconds. Note that that distance gain on Mega Blow maxes at 2.5m instead of the pre-awakening version which maxes at 4.5m. The final change is that it leaves a puddle that does damage 5 times over it's duration. This is one of your hardest hitting moves and should be used off cooldown.

Power Puncher
Power Puncher is a pre-awakening passive that increases the damage of Fist of Fury, Beatdown, Giant's Fist, and Magnum Blow. Note that the wording says Magnum Blow and not Mega Blow so this passive unfortunately does not increase the damage of Mega Blow. This means that you should only take the minimum required skill points until we gain more in later expansions.

Giant's Fist
Giant's Fist is large AoE ability that expands two times from 3m, to 3.75m, then to 5.25m. It can hit up to 8 enemies which makes this move great for mobbing, however, in a boss fight it should only be used as a filler or to reposition yourself because the damage is low.

Hurricane Cutter
Hurricane Cutter is another AoE that hits up to 8 enemies within 2.25m. The last hit of the attack lifts enemies into the air, which shows to be useless in dungeons where you cannot cc, and in raids. This ability should be used when you have absolutely nothing else to cast.

Kick Technician
Kick Technician is another pre-awakening passive like Power Puncher but instead of increasing punch skills, it increases kick abilities like Rising Kick, Guillotine, Hurricane Cutter, and Dragon Kick. Same as Power Puncher, read the wording carefully as it increases the damage of Dragon Kick, not Dragon Fury.

Dragon Kick/Dragon Fury
Dragon Kick/Dragon Fury is what makes Strikers so mobile. It travels 4.5m in the direction you are facing and on top of that, it allows you to pass through enemies. The upgraded version, Dragon Fury, gives you an additional dash when you hold down the key, giving you a total of 9m of distance on a 4 second cooldown. Damage is low so do not use this for damage, save it for when you have to chase down bosses or get from one place to another. You must put 1 point in Setup Kick for Dragon Kick to upgrade to Dragon Fury.

Centered Mind
A very powerful passive that increases your attack damage and movespeed based on how much spirit you have. All of Striker's active abilities cost 0 spirit aside from their self-buffs which cost 100 spirit so you will be at 100 spirit majority of the time.

Your strongest and only self-buff you will use. It gives you a flat 30% attack speed, movement speed and 28% physical and magical damage increase. It lasts for 20 seconds and has a 50 second cooldown while also taking 100 spirit on use.

Awakening Skills

Raining Blows
Raining Blows is your awakening passive. It permanently gives you 40 DEX and every time you use an awakening punch or kick skill, you gain 1% physical attack and spirit recovery by 1. This stacks up to 10 times. Note that this is not natural spirit recovery, this is spirit recovery on each move you do. This means that every time you use a move, you will gain 10 spirit back if you have 10 stacks, as well as the spirit recovery only applies to awakening moves. Raining Blow also allows you to empower Feinting Guard after using Shockwave Punch or Setup Kick.

Shockwave Punch
Shockwave Punch is your punch tree combo starter. It is use to enhance your other awakening punch abilities to add additional effects to them. This also has a bonus effect of changing Magnum Blow to Mega Blow as well as increases it's damage.

Vulcan Punch
Vulcan Punch is your combo ender. It deals damage in front of you up to 12 times. The EX version increases the damage and adds an additional attack at the end of the skill. Both versions grants knockback immunity.

Double-Fist Smash/Fire Dragon Uppercut
Double-Fist Smash is a two part ability. The first part is an attack that does damage in an area. The EX version increases it's damage as well as turns into a new ability after use called Fire Dragon Uppercut. Fire Dragon Uppercut is the second part is the second part of this skill and it does damage 5 times around you. All three versions grants knockback Immunity.

Meridian Flow I/II/III/One-Inch Punch
Meridian Flow is a 4 part ability that is similar to Overcome. Instead of giving a flat amount of increases, it is broken up to 3 stages and the 4th stage does insane damage as a finisher. Meridian Flow I increases your physical attack by 15%, grants 10% attack speed, and increases physical and magic resistance by 75 for 30 seconds. It also restores 2 spirit per second. Once you reach 100 spirit, you can activate the ability again to upgrade it. Meridian Flow II adds 13% physical attack, 5% attack speed and 75 physical and magic resistance but only for 20 seconds instead of 30. Meridian Flow III adds an additional 17% physical attack, 5% attack speed and 75 physical and magic resistance. The spirit recovery increases from 2 spirit per second to 5 spirit per second in the 3rd stage, as well as the duration is lowered to 15 seconds. This adds up to a total of 45% physical attack, 20% attack speed and 225 physical and magic resistance. Activate the skill one more time and it turns into One-Inch Punch. One-Inch Punch is a 2 hit move that deal massive amounts of damage. The first attack hits one target, and the second attack hits nearby enemies behind the target. One-Inch Punch also removes the Meridian Flow effect. The first 3 stages can cancel skills as well as share the same cooldown as all your other self-buffs like Overcome. Just like Overcome, Meridian flow cost is 100 spirit and has a 50 second cooldown. The bonus effect of this ability is that if the buff expires naturally, so you will be unable to use any other self-buff skills including this one for 30 seconds.

Setup Kick

Setup Kick is your kick tree combo starter. It is used to enhance your other awakening kick abilities to add additional effects to them. This also has a bonus effect of changing Dragon Kick to Dragon Fury as well as increases its damage.

Spiral Cannon
Spiral Cannon is a drill move that hits 8 times while forcefully moving you in the direction you are facing. The EX version allows you to spin 2 additional times and each time you spin, you can move in any direction you wish. The EX version only hits 6 times per spin. The first two spins on the EX version move you 2m and the last one moves you 3m. Both versions grants knockback immunity.

Spin Kick
Spin Kick is 2 hit skill that can move you 2m in any direction you want as long as you hold down a directional key. The EX version hits up to 4 times. The last attack in both versions does the most damage.

Taunting Feint
Taunting Feint is a counter that when you successfully counter an attack, you get a buff called confidence that gives both 10% physical attack and 10% attack speed for 20 seconds. Where you are in relation to the boss during the counter will determine how many times you hit. If you are struck at range, Taunting Feint will deal damage one time. If you are struck in melee, Taunting Feint will hit twice. During the counter animation, you gain 1200 physical and magic resistance and you become immune to counter attacks. Taunting Feint also increases the damage of all your awakening kick skills by 3% per skill point added. Countering an attack does not negate any effects that it would originally give. If you were to get hit by a stun move, you can counter it but you still get stunned.

There are a few builds we will be talking about in this section. First off I will show you two pre-awakening skill trees, one for leveling and one at max level. I will also show you the awakening punch tree build and the awakening kick tree build.

Pre-Awakening Builds

This will be your leveling build. You may have fewer points upon reaching 60, but this is the core build for leveling.

- We have Centered Mind at 3 points because we have no way of recovery spirit quickly until awakening.
- Mach Punch and Fist of Fury at the minimum required points because they will get replaced with Rising Kick and Guillotine.
- Magnum Blow at the minimum required points because it is only good on single target and not mobbing/questing.

Max Level
This will be your max level pre-awakening skill tree. This build assumes you are an awakened Striker as well as have all the skill points through trophies and epic quests.

- Centered Mind at 10 because we gain spirit recovery through our awakening passive.
- Magnum Blow at 10 since it gets changed to Mega Blow in awakening.
- Dragon Fury Kick at 9 because there is no where else to put the points.

Awakening Builds

The next two skill builds will be on the awakening tree assuming you have cleared all three raids, Frost Pillar Temple, Madrakan Spire, and Rock 'n' Rollin Pink Bean, to get the extra awakening points. If you haven't, I have also provided a different build if you don't have the extra points.

Punch Tree
This is your core punch build. This build is weaker than kick build but still a viable option for any content.

- Meridian Flow takes too long to fully maximize the buff, can easily get two Overcomes before Meridian flow can be used a second time.
- Better off to put the rest of your points into Setup Kick.

If you have not cleared all the raids, you will want to put 1 point in Setup Kick, and 4 points in Shockwave Punch, Vulkan Punch, and Double-Fist Smash.

Kick Tree
This is your core kick build. This build parses and performs better than punch in all content.

- Taunting Feint is way too good to pass up so try and learn it as it increases your damage by a lot.
- 4 points in either Setup Kick or Taunting Feint does not really make a difference, pick either. I prefer having more points in Setup Kick.

If you did not clear all three raids you can put 1 point in Shockwave, either 3 or 4 points into Setup Kick (this will depend on whether or not you choose to use Taunting Feint), 4 points into Spiral Cannon and Spin Kick.