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Hello, this is DEX who is Heavy Gunner Main in NAE. I was thinking what to write for guide and I saw lots of people posting their guide and all of them are awesome.
I realize lots of people are doing Life skills, but don't know how to gather faster without xml
1. What is Life skills
2. Where could you do Life skills
3. Which items lots of people are using for Life skills
4. Tips: How to gather faster!
1. Life skills make you clear dungeons easily. You could get extra stats to buff.
You could check bottom right to check Life skills.
2.There is specific places you could gather materials
These are the place you could gather materials.
1. Go to Lith Harbor
Those are the portal you could teleport to gathering maps.
You also need to gather materials in your house

press 'B' > go to 'Life Skill items' to place > Gather materials.
3. These are the items most people are using from Life Skills
4.This is the normal way lots of people are doing.

This is the time it takes to gather Normal way [tier 8 stone gathering]

This is the faster way to gather materials


This is the way you should gather 3 left and 3 right.

This is the time to use faster way even i gather 1 higher tier materials still faster [tier 9 stone]

The reason why I keep clicking insta gathering button is I could check how many times to gathering to be impossible.
High means gathering success rate is over 60%
Average means 40~59%
Low means lower than 39%
If you keep gathering the success rate is keep getting lower and lower which means if you want to gather until impossible it will take your time a lot.
So I suggest when you click insta gathering and click the 'max' and it says 1~2, I would recommend to use it.
HxabETI.png you could get this while fishing or events.
If someone think this is boring you just want to afk gathering, you could buy gathering badge in meret market

nfWdGja.png 360 meret for 30days which is not bad

Thanks for reading guide I hope this guide/ tips would help others!

Have fun :D