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[LIFESTYLE] The Fashionista’s Guide

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Whether you’re a new or old player, everybody wants to make their character look unique and special. This guide will introduce different ways of acquiring outfits so you can flaunt your style! #DressUpStory2

Table of Contents
1. Character Creation
2 Meret Market
3. Style Coin Shop
4. Events
5. Life Skills
6. Exploration and Prestige
7. Drop Rewards
8. Special Currency Shops
9. Customize Your Items
10. Last Words

Character Creation
Maplestory 2 actually gives you a free costume of your choice each time you create a character. These items cannot be traded to your other characters or other players. So choose wisely! You can customize your costume’s color, and best of all, the costume pieces are permanent.

Upon completing the first few story quests, you also receive a cute pair of angel wings. These do expire. You can also purchase the permanent version from the Meret Market.


Meret Market
This is the most straightforward way of acquiring a costume. This is the cash shop in Maplestory 2, but it is a bit different from other games because of the different cash currencies and options.

Blue Merets
You can buy blue merets with real world cash, or, you can sell mesos through the black market. The game limits you to selling 20 million mesos each month, but it can net you enough blue merets to buy something from the shop. Alternatively, you can create User Generated Content (UGC) and sell it for blue merets. This will be discussed later.


Sales and Packages
With its monthly cash shop update, the game also promotes exclusive sales through its blue meret shop. Examples are the month long Daily Wonders, founder’s packs and the Black Friday sales. The game also gives out free Daily Wonders occasionally.

User Generated Content (UGC)
The last category in the meret shop is the “Design Shop” tab. This place is filled with outfits and things created by other players. You can favorite artists and sort by categories. There are some limits in the style of clothes and weapons, but it is a good place to find unique items for an affordable price. It costs blue merets to buy or sell UGCs. If you are good at creating UGCs, you could potentially earn a lot of blue merets.


If you don’t want to spend blue merets, you can still make UGCs for free. By completing the story quests in the Ellinia arc, you will receive 3 template vouchers per character. These can be traded over to your other characters and used to create any costume piece from the list of templates.

You can learn how to create UGCs through the Maple Guide quests, which also rewards you with a template voucher for creating your first UGC. You can also pay 100,000 mesos to create a custom short cape! Just be careful with having the voucher box checked or unchecked to make sure you don’t accidentally use up merets or a voucher.

Style Coin Shop
This is the premium cash shop. You can access it via the small icon on the bottom right corner of the screen. This shop only accepts “style coins” as the currency. How do you obtain style coins? You must purchase style crates from the blue meret shop. Style crates are loot boxes that contain a random costume piece. Each month, new items are added to the style coin shop and style crates. Check the Maplestory 2 website for the current list of available costumes.

In order to get style coins to spend, you must dismantle (i.e. sacrifice) the pieces you acquired from the style crates. The random items from the style crates have different rarities. This will determine how many coins you get if you dismantle a costume. Ordinary pieces will give you 1 coin while the rarest will give you 3 coins.

Skinning Items
Some regular gear items actually look nice but their stats suck. You can turn a gear piece into an outfit piece by purchasing the Glamour Anvil from the style coin shop. Keep in mind that not all gear can be turned into outfits. You can tell if a gear can be anviled if it says it has "Glamour Forges Left" in its item description.


Featured Costume of the Month
Costumes don’t give you any stats, but each month there will be a premium costume set you can purchase for a hefty amount of style coins. Yes, this costume can only be purchased with style coins. You can just buy separate pieces that you fancy, or other exclusive items from the style coin shop that includes weapon skins, badges, and 2 person mounts. These are all special items and a way to support the game (if you’d like).

Some premium costumes are extra special because not only are they very flashy, some sets come with a custom idle and walking motion, such as the Halloween or Christmas set. Do keep in mind that if you want a set, it will probably cost you over $100 USD.

If you’re too poor to afford style coin costumes, that’s perfectly okay! You can still acquire unique costumes! Maplestory 2 has had tons of events where they gave away free costumes. Be sure to participate and you too can amass a collection. The costumes from events cannot be acquired after the event is over, so it’s a good idea to collect them while the event is running. Here are some costumes given out since the official launch of the game, but there are a lot more.


Life Skills
Doing life skills is the next easiest way to earn free costumes. By levelling up your farming, ranching, foraging, mining, etc, you can get useful rewards and costume pieces.
Here’s a list of all the costumes you can get for free from life skills.
Milkid Set
Milkids Apple Earring - Rank 5 Ranching
Milkids Cow Hat - Rank 9 Ranching
Milkids White Shirt - Rank 13 Ranching
Milkids Cow Tail - Rank 5 Handicrafts
Milkids Wellington Boots - Rank 9 Handicrafts
Milkids Denim Bottoms - Rank 13 Handicrafts

Berg Set
Berg Drill Earring - Rank 5 Mining
Berg Mole Cap - Rank 9 Mining
Berg Turtleneck Vest - Rank 13 Mining
Berg Hand Brake Gloves - Rank 5 Smithing
Berg Wool Boots - Rank 9 Smithing
Berg Short Pants - Rank 13 Smithing

Alkimi Set
Alkimi Clover Earring - Rank 5 Foraging
Alkimi Herb Beret - Rank 9 Foraging
Alkimi Baroque Shirt - Rank 13 Foraging
Alkimi Clover Ring - Rank 5 Alchemy
Alkimi Button Boots - Rank 9 Alchemy
Alkimi Cotton Bottoms - Rank 13 Alchemy

Leatherbow Set
Leatherbow Pig Earring - Rank 5 Farming
Leatherbow Onion Hat - Rank 9 Farming
Leatherbow Ribbon Shirt - Rank 13 Farming
Leatherbow Carrot Backpack - Rank 5 Cooking
Leatherbow Work Boots - Rank 9 Cooking
Leatherbow’s Hide Bottoms - Rank 13 Cooking

You can get your first fishing rod from the Maple Guide quest. You can open the fishing shop UI while fishing or by talking to Pesca in Evansville, Pesce in Ludari City, or Yuska on Coco Island. Once you level up your fishing skill high enough, you unlock the fisherman’s outfit from the fishing shop. This only costs mesos and it’s permanent.
Fisher Top
Requirement: catch 150 different types of fish
Cost: 1.5 million mesos

Fisherman’s Pants
Requirement: catch 150 different types of fish
Cost: 1.5 million mesos

Fisherman’s Rain Boots
Requirement: catch 150 different types of fish
Cost: 1 million mesos

There is also a very, very, very rare chance for you to fish up a weapon skin or the Mackerel hat. Most people like to fish at Coco Island, but I’m unsure if your fishing needs to be max level to get them. Because the weapon skin and hat are tradeable, you can buy it from other players.

Similarly to fishing, there are costumes you can buy from the music shop. Your music level needs to be high enough in order to unlock the rights to purchase them, but it only costs mesos to buy and it’s permanent. The music shop is located in Tria.
Musician Wig
Requirement: intermediate musician level
Cost: 4 million mesos

Starry Guitar Case
Requirement: advanced musician level
Cost: 4 million mesos

Exploration Goals
When you open up your world map, you’ll see that you can acquire rewards by collecting stars. You collect a star each time you finish an exploration goal. Each map will have 3-4 goals for you to complete and it ranges from travelling on a mount to opening a gold chest. You can collect the Expert Adventurer set when you get 500 stars. This is what the set looks like.
Expert Adventurer Hat - 100 Stars
Expert Adventurer Top - 300 Stars
Expert Adventurer Bottom - 400 Stars
Expert Adventurer Gloves - 500 Stars

Once you reach level 50 and unlock prestige levels, you receive perks and rewards each time you hit a new prestige level milestone.

Meister Laurel Crown - Prestige level 40
Meister Light Wings - Prestige level 80

Dungeon Fragments
If you run 20 of the same normal dungeon, you can collect costume fragments and create a costume piece. Open up the Dungeon Directory and in the loot section, it will display the costume fragments. These are usually items associated with a boss monster, like Horus Wings or Devorak’s Horns. There is also a slim chance that the dungeon will drop the costume instead of a fragment of it. You can buy or sell the costume to other players.


Rare Drops
If you enjoy grinding for rare loot, rest assured that it exists in this game. Like how fishing contains a chance to get some rare items, there are other ways to get rare costumes.
Silver Crown
This is the most popular rare hat. King Slime in Godspring drops it. It sells for quite a bit.

Mushroom Hat
Mushmom in Stranger’s House drops it.

Kindly Snail
Mano in Greenia Falls drops it.

Prison Uniforms
The common orange outfit can be gained by visiting Alikar. The blue and red outfits can be found by digging through the trash cans in Alikar.

Noble Exemplar Crown
A random drop reward from clearing L4 guild raid.

Special Currency Shops
Maplestory 2 has a ton of different game currencies that are special and allows you to use them to purchase special outfits. You can view how much of each currency you have in your wallet (top left icon) and in your inventory currency tab.

Guild Shop
The guild shop contains some outfits you can buy. You can access the shop through the guild hall and talk to Marianne. You can buy the Silver Knightly costume for guild coins or guild funds. The weapons have a 30 day duration but the armor is permanent.

Havi Fruit
You can get havi fruit from participating in Dark Descent; you get 3 runs per week. You can access the shop in Queenstown by talking to Lazy.

King Slime Gold Crown - 15,000 havi fruit
Searfrost Circlet - 18,000 havi fruit

Completing daily missions from Aliyar in Queenstown, and opening up your weekly prestige boxes will reward you with rue. You can buy the outfit from the Chest of Wonders.

Rubber Glove Hat - 190 Rue
Chopper Overalls - 250 Rue

Hunt monsters (the red ones on your mini-map) in PVP maps. There’s a chance they will open up a Twisted Pocket Realm where you must defeat more monsters to get rewards from Turka’s Caches. The currency you get from the caches is called treva. You can use treva to buy the Blood Cult outfit from Hibeck in Queenstown.
Blood Cult Hood
15,000 treva

Blood Cult Coat
15,000 treva

Blood Cult Boots
Random drop from Turka’s Cache

Blood Cult Gloves
Random drop from Turka’s Cache

Shadow Eye Earrings
Random drop from Turka’s Cache

Kay’s Event Wheel
Whenever you play Kay’s mini-games, you win Kay coins. Go to Queenstown to spin the event wheel and you get a chance to win some costumes.
Reindeer’s Red Nose

Mountain Man Beard

Premium Wheel
Similar to Kay’s Wheel, if you have a premium membership (purchasable with red or blue merets), you can run the premium dungeon. This dungeon gives you premium coins to use on the premium wheel in Queenstown. You can get the Beast King outfit, but it isn’t permanent though.


Chaos Dungeon Shop
This shop can be accessed via Beros in Queenstown, he is north of the Tria portal. In order to unlock the Golden Conqueror set for purchase, you must complete specific chaos raids a set number of times. The outfit items themselves cost mesos and are permanent.

Golden Conqueror’s Helm
6.5 million mesos

Golden Conqueror’s Cuirass
6.5 million mesos

Golden Conqueror’s Faulds
6.5 million mesos

Golden Conqueror’s Vambrace
5 million mesos

Golden Conqueror’s Greaves
5 million mesos

PVP Battle Gear Shop
You can talk to Rainbow Arc in Queenstown to find this shop. Valor tokens is the currency you earn from PVP to buy the costume from this shop.

Sanctity Headgear
13,800 valor tokens

Sanctity Top
13,800 valor tokens

Sanctity Bottoms
13,800 valor tokens

Sanctity Gloves
9,200 valor tokens

Sanctity Shoes
9,200 valor tokens

Evansville Shop
This shop doesn’t require a special currency, but it does require some grinding. You can unlock the Fluffy Wool Hat by killing 100 Alpha Wolves in Balmy Farm (normal dungeon) and buy it from Chacha in Evansville.


Storm’s Eye Shop
You can find this shop in Storm’s Eye, to your right side. It’s the same shop where you can purchase RGB lapenshards. You must land the final blow on the RGB bosses a number of times to unlock the outfits from this shop. The outfits cost mesos and are permanent.

Frontier Foundation Party Hat
Land final blow on Ishura 10 times in BSN
10 million mesos

Frontier Foundation Party Shoes
Land final blow on Landevian 5 times in BSN
5 million mesos

Frontier Foundation Party Dress/Coat
Land final blow on Eupheria 5 times in BSN
13 million mesos

Dye Shop
You can further customize your outfits by dying them. Enter the dye shop via the bottom right hand menu. Not all items are dyeable. You can pay mesos or use a dye voucher to change the color of your costume. You can unlock dyes by obtaining the trophy for it.

Beauty Salon
Aside from changing your hair here, you can also adjust your hat. Interact with the mirror, and if your hat is adjustable, you can move or rotate your hat for a fresh new look!


Thanks for checking out my outfit guide! I hope it gave you more ideas for putting together your own unique outfit. This has been your guide maker, Cynna, and I will see you in game!

Guide by Cynna (Na East)
Contact me via in-game mail if you have any questions or comments.