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[PVE] L1-L3 Guild Raid Guide

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New to guild raids? Want to learn how to do Lava Mountain? I've created a guide on my MapleStory 2 Fansite to help both new and existing players alike!
Original Guide:

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OBJECTIVE: Here you're going to have to split into designated groups and work together in order to fill up the central jars in the center of the map.
  • Split into recommended teams. See below for dedicated role guides.
  • Kill designated mobs. Each kill will award the player with a stack as shown on the left side of the Quickslot bar. Each group requires a different number of kills/stacks in order to complete the task.
  • When number criterion is met, a square buff will appear overhead. Return to base to hand it in in the corresponding jar of the same colour.
  • Swapping groups will cause existing stacks to be replaced by another stack. Hand in your current stack before helping others as you may lose the necessary "buff".
  • Easily return to the center using [Red Daisy]. Recommended to bring a stack to quickly return to the center. Just go kill yourself and boom, you'll respawn right in front of the jars. Alternatively, you can use the eagle elevators, but they require another person in the center island to trigger it.

40 stacks is needed to complete this section.
Recommended: Knight/RB and Class with Stun (ie. Wizard)

Click the image below to view the .gif

60 stacks is needed to complete this section.
Recommended: Melee Classes Only
  • Stick together as a group and kill together as a group. Do not stray from your group. Follow each other to each group of mobs. This is to ensure that you guys are getting the kill points as efficient and fast as possible. There's no point in splitting up as the kill points are not shared amongst the party.
  • Be sure to tag all the mobs. Focus on each cluster of mobs, but make sure you tag as many as possible before they are defeated. You will not receive a point if you did not contribute to the kill.
  • Ranged damage is useless. Vayars will only accept melee damage. Any attempted range damage will do like 1 point of damage. So any Wizards here are only useful as motivating cheerleaders.

50 stacks is needed to complete this section.
Recommended: Priest/Low DPS + High/Moderate DPS with AOE or Grouping Abilities
  • Priest or Low DPS to bind instrument to hotkey and bring music sheets. Your job is not to do damage but to play music for the cactuses.
  • Music person should jump on a pillar and begin to play music of any kind. Cactuses need music in order to die. Once music is playing, surrounding cactuses will then be vulnerable to attack.
  • DPS to attack once Music Person starts playing and cactuses start dancing. Draw the cactuses towards the music person, and begin to DPS as soon as the music starts and the plants start twerking.
  • Rinse and repeat by going around the designated area. Bind that instrument to a quickslot to make it easier.

5 stacks is needed to complete this section.
Recommended: Anyone with Guild Coins
  • BEFORE YOU BEGIN THE DUNGEON: Visit the Guild Merchant and purchase as many [Override Code: Singewing Transformation]. This item is necessary to complete the dungeon and you will die otherwise to the lava.
  • This part is all parkour. So just climb the mountain. See images below for recommended path.
    Click on the image to view the .gifs

  • Dodge Singewings. They will kill you. Do not enter their circles. Beware, their circles can still do damage if you jump and you are a block directly above or below it.
  • Once at top or before you begin, dismiss your pet or set to Passive. Your pet can sometimes attack the eggs and thus take away from a kill point/stack.
  • Use transformation item and enter the lava zone to break the eggs. Be patient and attack the eggs that are guarded. Each dragon rotates clockwise and will move three times before stopping. Patience is key.
    Click on the image to view the .gifs
  • You do not need to be directly on top nor directly beside the egg in order to break it. You need to be roughly a tile close to it, and it should still be within range to be destroyed.
  • If you die, wait for your pet to instarevive you. Then hurry and transform and break the nearby egg.
  • Once you get all 5 stacks, go kill yourself. Self explanatory.

30 stacks is needed to complete this section.
Recommended: Range DPS Only
  • Use blue tiles to spawn the bridges. To activate bridges, a player must be standing on each side in order for it to spawn.
  • Alternatively, mount and jump or teleport or dash over any gaps. Mount jump, or have a Wizard teleport to the other side to open up the bridges.
  • Use range DPS only and attack from outside the vultures' surrounding circles. Whatever you do, do not enter the circles unless necessary. Once you enter the circles, you'll "scare" the vultures and shoo them away. Then you lose a potential kill point/stack.
  • Stick together in your groups. Don't split as the kill points are not shared among the party and are unique to each player.

OBJECTIVE: Lead coloured slimes to their death in the firey pit until the bars in the lower level indicate that each colour has equally reached the desire level.
  • Have at least two people in the bottom floor to delegate. These people will be the only ones able to see the progress of the raid and will have to refill slime capsules.
  • Rest of the party should be up top with at least one person near each coloured lever. There should at least be once person at each coloured area, with any extra people on "floater" duty to kill toxic slimes.
  • Recommended strategy is to flood the levels to max (red zone) and either let it decay naturally to the required level or send in one toxic to bring down the level and adjust accordingly. It's a lot faster than to just try to micromanage each colour and coordinate them to reaching the perfect level at the same time.

  • One person should be at each coloured lever and in charge of it. Pull the lever to release slimes. Pull lever again to stop it from spawning more slimes.
  • Lure coloured slimes to lava pit, and kill any toxic slimes. Prioritize the deaths of toxic slimes as they will impede the progress bar downstairs. Any toxic slimes that enter the pit will remove bars off the progress bar below.
  • Extra people that are unassigned to a colour should roam on mounts and assist in the killing and luring of toxic slimes. Some toxics will absorb other slimes and grow bigger and become tankier. Help may be required. Don't be too surprised if you end up killing coloured slimes. It's okay and normal as the priority anyways is making sure no toxics go into the lava pit.

  • Voice chat recommended, or use /guildalert or scream in chat. You guys will be in charge of letting the top floor players what colours are needed/lacking.
  • Only bottom floor people are able to see the progress bar. Unless someone up top dies and uses the spectate camera.
  • Refill colours as needed. While you monitor the levels, be sure that you refill the colours by picking up the ink cans and dropping them to their places. Beware, once you pick up a colour you can't put it back down until you place it in its spot.
  • Pull the lever to stop and end the raid. To begin the raid, pull the lever/console. To end, pull again.
  • Objective is to pull lever when the bars are just before the red line. You want every colour to reach this line, trying to be no more or no less. You can still successfully complete the dungeon if one or two colours are one bar above or one bar below the required level. Strive for perfection, but don't go too crazy over it.

OBJECTIVE: Survive the boss waves, and kill things.
  • Stand on the orange platform for a random chance to be sent into the arena. One person will be sent each round. This can be ignored by having players use two player mounts. When the driver is chosen, the passenger is automatically entered along with them.
  • You can specifically choose who goes by having that person stand on the orange platform alone. If you want a certain order, have them stand on the platform alone in the desired order. (It is recommended that highest DPSers go first.)
  • Recommended to put a priest in round three. Just because potions and healing laps can be expensive, and I'm too lazy to dodge and use potions.
  • DO NOT FALL OFF THE EDGES. Whatever you do, don't fall off. If you fall off, you can't return. I mean, you technically can, but you'll end up preventing someone else from entering (unless you use the two player mount trick). You'll also be the laughing stock of the guild for that run. So don't fall.
  • Round 10 summons Amadon who has a strong knockback that can push you off the edge. Either have a Knight block the attack (whenever he tucks his chin down, use your shield) or stack as much as possible by his stomach on the side that has the farthest distance to the edge. Or simply dash back to the center after the second push (dodging early on the first charge may make you teleport to the other side of his body and potentially getting pushed off that side of the map).
  • Honestly, with the new Awakening skills and weapons, this should be a breeze. Just kill and facetank, a lot of you should be strong now. If not, it's okay. I believe in you.