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[MECHANIC] Life Skills 101: What you need to know

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Hi! My name Matots (SA) and I'm here to explain to you why Gathering and Crafting are important, and you should do it. I will not cover pet taming in this guide, as its a separate mechanic in it of itself, and basically explaining the leisure tab would go something along the lines of "level your traps. Use lv.3". And there you have it OwO

If you’re aware of what the gathering system is, or is already a veteran looking just for the visual guide, feel free to skip to item number “4”, as all else you probably already know, since it’s a basic explanation on how you level up, how to unlock alkimi islands, etc.

Maplestory 2 features a farming mechanic based around gathering mundane resources in order to do produce potions, equipment and food. Why that’s important? Because, once you get to the end of the road, it could give you up to 14% extra damage. Well, technically a little more then that depending on class and setup, but I digress. It’s important my man, do your gathering.

Should you not want the full read, skip to item 7 – TL;DR
Here’s the table of contents, with each respective subject contained in a separate spoiler tag:

1. How do I level up my Gathering/Crafting level?
Before I get into WHERE you level your stuff up, you need to get HOW you level your stuff up. Its simple, but still a necessary part of this guide.

There are two sets of life skills – GATHERING and CRAFTING. You use the stuff you’ve gathered in order to craft stuff.

You only get GATHERING experience from the last 3 levels of gathering “stuff” unlocked. So, a lv. 10 gatherer only gets exp from nodes unlocked at levels 8-10. They all have a color coding, being Blue your latest level, Green the one prior, and Yellow the one prior to that. This applies to all four gathering aspects – mining, foraging, ranching and farming.

Now, you only get CRAFTING experience from, well… Crafting. All items give you craft have a base Experience gain.

All that said, onto WHERE you level your stuff.

        1.1. Where do I do it?
There’s no place you need to be in order to raise you crafting level – anywhere is fine.

Now, when GATHERING stuff, there is a division among its subtypes:
        - The ones you collect in the open world.
        - The ones you collect in your house.

By going to your house, opening the construction mode (either by pressing the first symbol from right to left on top of your screen, or pressing “B” by default), and entering the “Life Skill Items” tab, you’ll be able to place both RANCHING and FARMING items. You can only gather from 4 nodes of any stuff from any of the gathering items, so no point in making a rice farm or competing with Col. Sanders.

Additionally, you can also go to any of your friend´s house (or that one random dude in chat spamming UwU), and gather their stuff. Don´t worry, IT DOES NOT diminish the amount of stuff they can get. You can only harvest stuff this way once per day.

On the other hand, in order to gather the items on the overworld, made up of FORAGING and MINING items, you must get to where the stuff you want is, so that then you can actually gather it. Until mastery level lv.5, but I’ll get to that in a minute.

So, as an example. If you want to gather Copper ore (lv.1 mining) or Marjorie (lv.1 foraging), you must go to Evansville and gather there. At lv.2, the place is Queenstown for both, lv.3 is Middleton, lv. 4 is Silverstone Bridge, lv. 5 is NOT IMPORTANT.

Reason for that is that when you hit lv.5 you’ll unlock two quests, which lead you to Alkimi and Berg Islands. Do these quests (This is very important). Said island contains all gatherable nodes of Foraging and Mining, respectively.

All that being said, the last thing about levelling you should know is that, for the CRAFTING tab, you can craft mastery booster items (named Smithing Slates, Handicraft Slates, Crystals and Seasonings) for each respective CRAFTING tab. Said boosters raise the amount of experience gained by X% for 2 min.

You should craft these, but they’re not mandatory – one tab won’t lag behind a lot because you didn’t do it. In fact, its easier to get the Crafting tab more advanced then the gathering one if you maximize your item usage.

2. What’s useful for endgame?
Answering the question - basically, what gives you damage. Dead things don’t kill you. Defensive items are also useful, but more often than not, not mandatory.

So, once again, before explaining to you what are the items themselves, I´ll explain to you the three item buff categories Maplestory has, but doesn’t tell you.

First, we have the consumable 1life buffs.
These last for 10 minutes, and are lost when you die (You can reapply these buffs). Said category contain items such as whetstones (from the smithing tab), candles (from the alchemy tab), and some foods, like Caprese Salad (from the cooking tab).

Offensive buffs stack with defensive buffs, but they don’t stack with themselves, overriding previous effects. They do stack with all other buffs from second and third category. The one exception is the ORICHALCUM WHETSTONE, a lv. 15 smithing item. This one DOES STACK with other 1life buffs, the second kind items, but DOES NOT stack with any offensive option on the third genre. Do mind yourself, this WILL BE OVERWRITTEN by itens from the THIRD CATEGORY the rest of you party lays down. So, if you’re going to use it, stand away from them, or wait for the party buff to disappear from screen.

Second, the persistent 10-minute buffs.
These DO NOT end on death, such as Special warrior/mage tonic and Special Health/Defense tonics, and their enhanced counterpart, with 15 min duration, also persisting after death. Offensive buffs stack with defensive buffs, but they don’t stack with themselves, overriding previous effects. All items from this category stack with items from both the first and third kind.

The third are “natural” 15 minute items.
These may or may not be shared with the party, such as ANY of the MOON SHAPED tonics (like critical tonic rate, all affecting only you), and (for groups effects) crispy fried chicken, mega veil burger, and Elliniam Mega Blueberry (basically food that has a range in its description). All persist after death. As previous ones, offensive buffs stack with defensive buffs (accuracy being offensive), but they don’t stack with themselves, overriding previous effects (if other people place one around you). They do stack with all other buffs, ASIDE FROM ORICHALCUM WHETSTONES, as previously noted. The last of the two buffs used, remain, but once again, remember that while the party item is active, it WILL override your whetstone effect.

So, as a quick reference sheet, here’s a list of the main enhancing items everyone uses. Each line/item is preceded by a (1), (2) or (3), denoting to which category they pertain:
        • (1)Tin Whetstones/(1)Lavender Candle – for a 3% phys./mag. Attack increase
        • (1)Platinum Whetstones/(1)Yarrow Candle – for a 4% phys./mag. Attack increase
        • (3)Critical rate Tonic/(*1)Orichalcum Whetstones – for a 130/150 crit rate increase
        • (2)Special Warrior/(2)Mage Tonics – for another for a 3% phys./mag. Attack increase
        • (3)Unstable Damage Boost Tonic – for a 6% damage increase/30%max health reduction
        • (2)ENHANCED special Warrior/(2)Mage Tonics – for another for a 4% phys./mag. Attack increase
        • Crispy Fried Chicken – for a 6% damage PARTY increase
        • Mega Veil Burger – for a +7 acc PARTY increase
        • Ellinian Mega Blueberry – for a 6% defense PARTY increase
*again, Orichalcum stones DO NOT stack with any item from category 3, but does so with category 1.

        2.1. What should I actually use?
This is probably the easier bit of the guide, but nonetheless – Are you a crit.damage based character? Use the crit rate enhancing items, plus whatever else boosts damage. Are you not? Use the things that buff your damage instead. Most people tend to use the Critical rate tonic rather then the 6% tonic, but that’s up to you to decide.

At any rate, item 4.1 and 4.2 has two base setups you can run if they tickle your fancy.

I also should point out that it is costumery to have the people being carried in any sort of raid, to put up the party buffs, if they have it (mostly chickens). They are, after all, being carried.

3. What’s useful for having FUN?
Aside from stat enhancers, there are a number of cosmetic vouchers and mounts that can be obtained via gathering. All are located on the Alchemy tab.

Vouchers available cover Skin tone, Hairstyle, Face Cosmetics and Face Changes.

Mounts can be either ground or air, depending on the summoning stone crafted. No, these are not epic mounts (they run faster than rare mounts), but DAMN DUDE YOU CAN CRAFT A TANK, A UFO AND SPACE ROCKET. Screw mount speed. Well, technically you don’t choose what you get, since the item gained is random, but they’re all cool, really. Considering that this will most likely be a niche case for most players interested, I will not feature visual aids on what to farm – they would only make understanding the rest of it all simply harder. Just keep in mind that all of the cosmetics and mounts, in some way or another, share resources with all of the normal tonics you craft (not their enhanced counterparts).

4. Visual guides – how to maximize your effort and minimize time spent.
Essentially, this section of the guide is composed of two parts: One being a visual aid of items that aid phys./mag. Classes, and the second, a recommended setup, of what you should mine. Of these setups, the first will be the optimized one, while the second will be a time-budget one, so you don’t spend as much time, but still get a pretty good bang for your buck.

Please note that you may receive a smaller amount of items on the try-hard version, as the production costs are bigger then low grade stuff, meaning that if you die a lot, you should start gathering the replacement stuff from the time-budget version.

        4.1. For Phys.damage based classes
Useful items: All whetstones + Normal/Enhanced Warrior Tonic + Kentucky crispy chicken

Full-on tryhard setup:
        • Platinum Whetstones + Enhanced Warrior Tonics + the chicken.
        • Recommended gathering enhancers: Unicorn/Griffin Pouch for whetstones, Tomato/Durian chips for Tonics + Bergamot Supplement
        • Total gathered types of nodes: 15
Add Orichalcum Whetstones and remove chicken. AND REMEMBER, these two overlap each other. Meaning you either WAIT for the party chicken to vanish from screen to use the whetstone, or you stay away from it.
Gathered types of nodes: 12

Time budget setup:
        • Tin whetstones + Normal warrior Tonics + Critical/Unstable Damage Boost Tonics
        • Recommended gathering enhancers: doesn’t matter for Whetstones, any of them is fine, tin doesn’t have that much stuff in itself anyway,         while it does have a low production material cost, so the higher length ones are just wasted, Tomato/Durian Chips for Tonics         + Patchouli supplement.
        • Total gathered types of nodes:9
Here’s a visual representation of the important gatherable items!

        4.2. For Mag.damage based classes
Useful items: All candles + Normal/Enhanced Mage Tonic + Kentucky crispy chicken/Orichalcum Whetstone

Full-on tryhard setup:
        • Yarrow Candles + Enhanced Mage Tonics + the chicken.
        • Recommended gathering enhancers: Tomato/Durian chips for Tonics + Bergamot Supplement.
        • Total gathered types of nodes: 14
Add Orichalcum Whetstones and remove chicken. AND REMEMBER, these two overlap each other. Meaning you either WAIT for the party chicken to vanish from screen to use the whetstone, or you stay away from it. For where this whetstone is, please refer to the phys. damage classes images above.
Gathered types of nodes: Just 10.
Yeah… up yours, mag. Classes.

Time budget setup:
        • Lavender whetstones + Normal warrior Tonics + Critical/Unstable Damage Boost Tonics
        • Recommended gathering enhancers: Tomato/Durian Chips for Tonics + Patchouli supplement.
        • Total gathered types of nodes:9
Here’s a visual representation of the important gatherable items!
For a visual representation on where to get the orichalcum whetstones, please refer to the phys. class section above.

5. Producing your own auto-gathering badge
With the awakening update, alongside all lv.14-15 goodies came in a very special treat – you can now craft your own gathering badges, meaning you no longer depend on spending real money to get one.

Now, if you look at the requirements to build one, you’ll see it uses Yarrow essence. HA-HA, up yours, mag.based classes.

Now, in all seriousness… That IS a setback for mag.classes but not by much. I won’t bother you with numbers, but essentially, if you use the badge twice to gather its own crafting stuff, it only uses about 3/5 of the material gathered. It’s considerable, but much better then paying X dolla-dolla-bills-y’all every month for a 30-day badge.

How to use it twice if it only lasts 4hrs? Silly you, use the badge at 22hrs pre-daily reset in-game time, farm, then farm again until 02 Maple-time before it expires. It all goes a lot smoother if you have an alt dedicated to farming the badge, but I digress.

Well… You could always just level a character up to lv.60, get its lv.60 box, transfer the badge you get at lv.60, delete the character, rinse and repeat once it expires. Up to you.

6. General Tips!
        • You can place portals in your house for places you’ve discovered and another person’s house. Go into construction mode, Furnishing, look for “portal”, place it and press your configuration key over it in order to set it the way you want – including for the places you need to gather stuff from until you hit lv.5, and Alkimi/Berg islands.
        • You can transfer BOUND onyx from one character to another by enchanting rare gloves and shoes (+6 is the ideal number), which can be obtained via crafting, in the smithing tab. Enhance these itens, place them on your bank, then take them back on the character you want them the onyx to go to. All other items (top, bottom, headgear) are not cost-effective to build and dismantle.
        • As said in the previous item, but just in case you skipped it, you can always just level up an alt, get their 7-day badge, transfer it to another character, and always get a free badge every week too. Up to you to see which is worth more.

7. TL;DR – Damn dude, gimme the short version
In true TL;DR fashion, here are the main pointers of everything on the other topics:

        • You gain exp differently in gathering and crafting. In gathering, only the last 3 levels yield you exp, as denoted by a color symbol above its head (gray means no exp). In crafting, each item gives a flat amount of exp, which can be increased by its respective mastery gain craftable items, found in each tab.
While the gathering tab does not have such items, there are craftable items that double your gathering rewards. Smithing creates the one for Ranching, Alchemy makes Farming, Cooking makes Foraging, and last, Handicraft makes mining.
        • For the gathering tab, both Ranching and Farming are done at home. Place 4x nodes of each stuff, as you can’t gather from more then that. You can “steal” once per day from friends farms and ranches, without diminishing their daily quota, so steal away some extra exp.
        • Once you hit rank 5 in Mining and Foraging (you should hit both at the same time as exp requirements for level are the same across all categories), do the quest unlocked above your head with a “!” symbol, so you’ll unlock berg/alkimi islands, where all of mining and foraging can be done.
        • There are 3 types of consumables in game, as follows – Offensive items from the same category DO NOT stack with other offensive items from THE SAME CATEGORY, but do so with other categories and with defensive buffs (and vice-versa):
            o First, 1 life 10-minute buffs, made up of whetstones, candles and some foods for defensive purposes which everyone ignores. Orichalcum whetstone is a special case, as it does stack with other whetstones, but do not stack with the third genre.
            o Second, persistent 10-minute buffs that don’t go away with death, and their enhanced counterparts, such as (enhanced)warrior/mage tonics, and the defense tonic.
            o Third, persistent 15-minute buffs, which may or may not be party buffs. Enter all MOON SHAPED tonics, such as critical rate tonic, and the higher level foods like Crispy Fried Chicken and Mega Veil Burger (Accuracy is an offensive buff).
        • Most used items are: whetstones/candles, warrior/mage tonics and sometimes Crispy Fried Chicken. Check visual aid for a quick reference to how to set up your stuff, specially the “time-budget” scenario. Figure it suits you the most :v.
        • You can place portals inside your house to places you have visited yet. Check item “6.”
        • You can (and should) craft your own auto-gathering badge once you hit level 14, or level an alt till lv.60, take the 7-day badge you get at said level, transfer it, rinse and repeat once its over. Pick your poison.

And that concludes Gathering and Crafting OwO

Should you have any questions or corrections, feel free to DM me here or, preferably, at reddit, since i'm way more active over the MS2 community @ u/matots

Sweet dreams.