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[DUNGEON] Song of the Oracle

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Song of the Oracle

A simple guide to your first hard dungeon, post Awakening.

I. Introduction
II. Story-Mode
III. Actual Dungeon
IV. Trophies
V. Rewards
VI. Outro


I. Introduction

First off, welcome or welcome back to MapleStory 2!

With the introduction of Awakening, we also got new dungeons, new raids and new skills to boot. All of this is overwhelming, and understanding the mechanics of these new things, all the more daunting. So let’s look through the first hard dungeon you will run into, story-wise and dungeon-wise.


II. Story-Mode

To get to the story mode dungeon, you had to have done your Awakening quest and gotten all your new, fancy-smancy skills.

* Side-Note * : You don't need to do story dungeon to get to the hard dungeon, but you can use it to get a flow of how things go before you get to the real one.

The first time you will enter this dungeon is on the quest “In Search of Sirens”.

The portal to enter the story mode dungeon is on the dock, next to Chorrie’s house (the guy you helped earlier). Exit his house and run, or walk, top-right.

Once you’re inside, you’ll start here:

a. Part One

You can kill everything or just run to Croc and kill him (he’s at the far end, just run/swim straight).

★IMPORTANT NOTE★: The mobs in the story dungeon have their damage and health SIGNIFICANTLY SCALED DOWN. You should have no problem getting through story dungeon. The real dungeon, however, is another story… more on that later.

Croc will die in one or two hits…
[Seriously, he died in one hit… I didn’t have time to screencap it…]

The camera will zoom in on the harp with an indication that you should, maybe touch it. Do it.

Once you do, the water in the middle pond will empty. Another indication will tell you to walk into the clam shell at the bottom of the pond. It’s an instant teleport once you walk into it.

b. Part Two

Now you’re in the Oracle’s Cave. Kill the trash mobs along the way.
Dat 126 crit tho... much scared

Fight Celine. After you damage her enough, her sister Piris appears.
All the damage that they do is trivial at this point. Like Croc, they are easy to kill in the story dungeon.

After you kill both, a short cutscene will play where you talk to them about the world ending.

The exit of the story dungeon will also be available to you. Or you can use the nifty teleport button on the quest to go straight to Chorrie’s house.

Hooray! You finished the easy AF story dungeon for Song of the Oracle.


III. The Actual Dungeon

Now, the real dungeon follows the same path as the story dungeon and generally, the same mechanics but, everything HITS MUCH, MUCH HARDER and has MORE HEALTH.

It’s recommended that you equip your freebie Elite Adventuring gear that you get from Awakening, or at least some decent Legendary gear (Panic, Extreme, or Rage).

Here are the requirements to get in:

a. Part One

The beginning starts the same. You start here:

Remember, everything hits harder.

There are a couple ways to getting through the first part:

Strategy #1: You kill everything.

This isn’t the most popular option since everything has such a wide aggro range, you may end up pulling over half the map. This is a surefire way to getting the whole party wiped. Do this method if you want, but it’s highly not recommended.

Strategy #2: Suicide mission (Recommended)

This is the strategy often used for this first part.
The party waits at the ship while one person goes on a suicide run to the boss.
The person dies at the boss and chooses to revive at a safe place, at the ship. Tip: Dismiss your pet for this part unless you’ve disabled the pet-revive.
Now everyone waits until the boss waddles over from the far end. This may take a minute or two, he’s not very fast.
Here he comes! :D

This method is most efficient since you only need to kill the boss and you don’t have to kill every sea creature on the map.

Croc’s Moves:
1. Normal attack. He just swings his anchor, nothing fancy.
2. 3x Leap Slams. He will leap-slam 3 times and each slam, interrupts. Fun fact: if you stand perfectly under his slams, he will leap right over you!
3. Spin attack. He will spin (I think, also 3 times), and each spin will stun/interrupt you. Just move out of the way for this one.
4. He has a constant attack damage, speed and regen buff for all of his friends. It’s the red circle around him. Nothing you can do about it and if you followed Strat #2, his buff means nothing.

After you kill Croc, the whole map clears itself and you can proceed as usual.

Touch the harp to go to the next stage.

b. Part Two

Kill the monsters along the way to Celine & Piris.

Strategy #1: You take on both sisters, face to face.

Not recommended for this reason: Celine is an *expletive*. You’ll see why. Just don’t do this method. (If you want the Trophy "The Brave Sisters" then you have to kill her alongside Piris. My condolences. See section "IV. Trophies".)

Strategy #2: You fight them one at a time. (Recommended)

How this works is, someone goes and aggros Piris. They pull her back to the tiny path you walked up on (where the monsters were at).
You kill Piris first since she is the easiest of the two.

Piris’ Moves:
1. Normal Attacks. She does a small move with her spear or launches a bubble at you. Nothing important, just tank it or move out of the way.
2. Lunges with spear. She charges at you with her spear and displaces you a bit. Not too much damage, just heal up and continue. Later on in the fight, she will do more of these in succession (one after the other).
3. Slam and cyclone. She slams her spear down on the ground and a small cyclone will begin sucking you in. Make sure you’re topped off in health before this happens as your healer can’t heal you since this attack interrupts every second. Moderate damage 3 times, kind of like Rog’s “I will feast on your blood” moment. Healers should have big heals after the cyclone ends (piggy or spam Prayer since everyone is stacked).
4. Constant health regen buff. Again, ignore this. If she were with Celine, this would cause more problems but because she’s by herself, nothing to deal with.

Now for Celine…

Unlike Piris, Celine has a few annoying things to her kit.

Annoying Thing #1: She can “charm/confuse” your party into attacking one another. If you see hearts above your head, that’s your cue to stop doing anything. This lasts for a few seconds.

Annoying Thing #2: She summons waves. There’s is one big one that is pretty much an insta-kill if you don’t avoid it. The smaller waves also do some damage and interrupt but keep your eye out for the big one and keep your dash ready.

Her other moves are:
1. 3 Music Note attack. Getting his by one of these takes a huge chunk off your health. Try to avoid these if possible. Definitely don’t get hit by 2 notes…
2. Heal… Yes… she heals. At around 40 million health, she starts healing more frequently. If you’re lucky, she only does it once. If you’re unlucky, she can do it 3 times in a row. Each time she heals, she restores around 2-3 million health.
3. Teleport. She teleports every 4-5 moves she does. There’s no pattern to her teleport but she only goes to certain parts of the island. I’ve seen her teleport to these spots:

4. Outrage buff. Because you killed her sister, she mad. She hits slightly harder. I have no reference point since I never killed Celine first.

The other really annoying part about Celine is, her attack frequency is random. I’ve had some fights where she mostly confuses and only summons 1 huge wave throughout the whole thing. Many other fights, it was constant big wave after big wave; like we couldn’t catch a break. It’s super annoying when she sends a huge wave towards the path that we have to walk up to get back to the fight...

IV. Trophies

There are four trophies related to this dungeon.

First two are self-explanatory. Just do the dungeon X number of times.

The Considerate Sibling is also self explanatory. If you follow Strategy #2 for the second part, you should have no problem with it.

The Brave Sisters is the trickier one. You have to kill both at the same time, or within seconds of each other (?). Piris has a passive heal buff, while Celine has a heal skill. I expect you would need enough DPS to counter the heals, but also coordinate when both sisters will die, while also contending with waves & whatnot. If anyone has a recommended strategy for this, please share it below. Would love to hear thoughts.


V. Rewards

If you complete the dungeon, you can get the following gear, accessory fragments, Celine’s Lapenshard, pet, etc:

● A box with your choice of: Frontier, Tidemaster or Demonwing gear
    Each type has your choice of Hats, Gloves or Shoes
● Siren Necklace (lvl 60 Epic Necklace)
● Antique Earrings of the Wayword Soul fragments (lvl 60 Epic Earrings)
● Old Blanket of the Wayword Soul fragments (lvl 60 Epic Cape)
● Celine’s Heart Red Lapenshard Tier 1 Fragment
● Red Star
● Gemstone/Gem Dust Selection Box
● Special Red Potion (*laughs in Priest*)
● Celine, Combat Pet


VI. Outro

I hope this guide helps you through the first hard dungeon after Awakening, Song of the Oracle.

I know it’s a lot of words but I wanted to get every detail in.

I remember my first struggles completing it and how I wished I had some guides (or hard carries xD) for this. Now, I’m able to solo this dungeon myself and always looking to help new players or vets [that are new to the dungeon].

Credits to the knight & archer that taught me the strategies above. I've forgotten your names but not what you showed me. Thank you!

Happy Mapling!


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