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[PvE] The Insane Person's Compendium of Knowledge

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The Insane Person's Compendium of Knowledge

Hello and welcome to a guide intended to give information on a number of topics regarding classes, dungeons, raids, and in some ways progression.
It has been over 6 months since the "Insane" guide series last appeared, and as such the old guides are entirely outdated.
To help navigate this guide, the information shall be split up in a number of labeled chapters for ease of access.

Chapter I: I'm new, what is Maplestory 2?
Maplestory 2 is the highly anticipated sequel prequel alternate universe of the original Maplestory MMO.
Known for having a identity crisis and not knowing if it wants to be casual or hardcore, Maplestory 2 stands out next to the original game.
To help avoid confusion, please keep in mind that both games are entirely different despite sharing location and lore.

In Maplestory 2, you choose one of 11 classes and level up to take part in the main core of the game: Dungeons and raids.
While the game appears very casual from the graphics, the content is never exactly easy, and a new player might be lost on how to progress.
Thankfully, with a patient mind and some good help, you too can join your other questionable warriors of something take on tasks like pestering a giant bean.

Chapter II: Where do I begin?
At the start of the game, you get a choice of 11 classes. All of them go through the same story, outside of their prologue and awakening quests.
Choose a class based on the playstyle, as each and every class has a different role in groups.

For the opening 50 levels of the game, everything is straightforward and story heavy. Most dungeons are easy, and some players will even help you if you ask.
Upon reaching level 50, consider gaining experience outside of the story. This is done by fighting world bosses.
World bosses always give a massive amount of experience and are generally not difficult to defeat.
To locate a world boss, open your world map and check various locations for a monster labeled "Spawns at (time)".
The time listed is server time, which you can read at the top left of the screen.
If you are unsure of where to find bosses, the daily green quests in Queenstown are a wonderful place to start.
Upon reaching level 60, you will awaken your class and receive a basic set of level 60 gear.
Use this gear and continue leveling to 70 via story and world bosses, and you will unlock most of your respective class.

Chapter III: Classes and You!
For the most part, every class in this game is unique and has a unique playstyle, or even a special role in raids!
While a more detailed guide for your class is wise to read, this chapter shall give a brief overview of every class and their roles.

Beserker "Spin or slam? SPIN OR SLAM???"
Your go to damage dealer. Always existing in raids to deal massive damage, and an all around flexible class in general.
The Beserker has been a favorite of many since the start, and continue to shine in all content today.

As the Beserker, make sure you know the difference between spinning and slamming.
You can have fun in the arena.
Your best friends are the Priest, Knight, and Soul Binder.
Remember that even though you have a life steal, you are not invincible.
Might not shut up about darkness.

Knight "My shield is also everyone's shield!"
The Tank everyone wants. As the knight, you have both damage and survivability, and are all around a great class.
While not as absurdly required as pre awakening, the Knight is still extremely favored in raids.

As a Knight, take advantage of shielding your teammates from danger. Timing is key, and can increase party damage if done right!
You will spin like a madman in the arena.
Your best friend is the Priest.
Remember to keep near the party so you can buff and protect them.
Literally the most honorable of the Maple Heroes.

Priest "No, me healing you doesn't mean you can stop dodging."
The Healer, and overall god of the team. As the Priest, you have the power to allow the party to soak up damage and prevent deaths.
You will be desired by literally every party, and be loved by all if you can heal and do damage.

As a Priest, keep an eye on who is injured in a raid. Staying near the group is important, but so is keeping people alive.
Always heal classes that lack a self heal. Potions only go so far while on fire.
Your best friends are literally every other class. Everyone loves the Priest.
Remember to balance healing and attacking for the best use in raids.
Might secretly be a sadist behind that do-good personality.

Wizard "Nobody talks about how my teeth can apparently pierce hard crystal."
The damage dealing enigma. A good Wizard can deal great damage and is always welcome in a party.
Known for their bizarre love of flame wave and even more questionable choice of crystal diet, the Wizard stands out among the classes.

As the Wizard, keeping a healthy momentum of movement and spell usage will increase your damage upkeep.
As nice as your flame wave and meteor are, remember that other options exist if you don't like fire.
Your best friends are the Priest, Knight, and Soul Binder.
Remember that the Meteor can miss.
Hope you like hearing about making ice cream with ice magic.

Archer "I know I'm not flashy, but you'll be asking for that accuracy buff!"
The least flashy class in the game. Despite this, Archers remain a desired class in a party.
Known mostly for their buff, Archers can increase the overall damage of the party by making them less likely to miss attacks.

As the Archer, remember to properly aim your shots, even more than the Wizard.
Always place your buff tiles near the party. Everyone needs them.
Your best friend is other archers.
Remember to always work on keeping your damage up, as some archers have trouble with this.
Has a super sweet bird companion.

Heavy Gunner "Lasers or explosives? Science calls for both!"
You will often hear the pride of Heavy Gunners. They are an all around powerful ranged damage dealer.
With high damage, damage over time, and even a healing skill, Heavy Gunners have won the love of many.

As the Heavy Gunner, maximizing your damage output is key.
Make good use of your awakening skill tree to skyrocket your potential.
Your best friends are Knights, Priests, and Soul Binders.
Remember that you can use both lasers and explosives.
The class might have a god complex.

Thief "Nobody knew who I was until I grabbed the Lapenshard."
Often known as the hardest class to play, Thieves at high levels deserve a sense of pride with what they do.
Capable of the highest damage, but requiring extreme skill to play, Thieves stand out among the classes.

As the Thief, understanding your skill rotation is massively important.
Be careful as your close range often puts you in danger.
Your soul mates are Knights and Soul Binders, as they can shield you from danger.
If you find success as a Thief, you will be very loved in parties.
Despite the rude nature of the class personality, most Thieves are amazing people.

Assassin "You need a damage dealer? How about another?"
The standard damage dealer. Able to fill in damage roles in parties with ease, Assassins are a common sight.
Capable of consistent damage and slight debuff, expect a few of these star throwers in your raids.

As the Assassin, SP management is key. You need your damage up-time.
Be careful in raids, as you can die very quickly if not careful.
Your best friends are the Rune Blade and Soul Binder.
Mastering high speed movement and attacks will work wonders.
Class personality is very edgy, but an acceptable kind of edge.

Rune blade "Its just like one of my japanese animes!"
The token anime sword wielder. Once an odd class choice, and now one of the strongest classes around.
Rune Blades are a very common sight among damage dealers, capable of dealing damage and buffing the party.

As the Rune Blade, you will often be called a one-button class. This isn't entirely incorrect.
You should be capable of high damage with great ease, just be mindful of your skill build.
Your best friend is the Assassin, as they want your buff.
Your attacks are flashier than they are strong.
Class personality desires to compete with Heavy Gunner for god complex label.

Soul Binder "There are things that are birds, and things that are not birds."
The best Support class in the game. Soul Binders have an overwhelming skill set that makes them fit in any party.
Capable of damage, healing, and debuffing, a Soul Binder is always your best friend, second only to the Priest.

As the Soul Binder, remember to always pick the birds instead of your explosives.
Your birds are the meat of your skill set, dealing damage and massively debuffing enemies.
Your best friend is just about everyone. Your mere existence makes raids clear faster.
Remember to handle your mantra cooldowns for maximum damage.
The most calm of class personalities, but arguably the most insane. Claims to see a ghost.

Striker "Kick, Punch, its all in the binds!"
The newest class. Striker is a damage dealer capable of mobile attacks.
The path of the Striker is not as clear as other, older classes. This does not stop the Striker from being a good class.

As the Striker, you must choose between punching or kicking.
Knowing how to handle your skill rotation makes all the difference.
Your best friends are the Knight and Priest.
Remember to attack wisely, as your attack range is almost as small as the Thief.
Has the most fitting class personality, and might love hitting things a bit too much.

Chapter IV: Growing stronger!
Upon reaching level 60-70, you will be capable of entering hard dungeons for your first taste of gear progression.
While these dungeons will seem difficult, they are a centerpiece of character growth.

Most of these dungeons are simple, with one exception.
Mandraken Heart. This dungeon is much harder than the other 5 level 60 dungeons.
It is recommended you wait before completing this, at least until you get geared up beforehand.

When looking at your character sheet, you will see a Gear Score and Attack Score.
Gear Score decides if you can enter a dungeon, and has no other use.
Attack Score is your main symbol of growth.

Things that raise your attack score, besides gear itself, are:
Attributes such as Pierce, Boss damage, and accuracy.
Gemstones, which can be equipped by unlocking accessory sockets.

Gemstones are the most important to obtain.
As soon as possible, obtain Stones related to your main character stat.
You can get Gem Dust to upgrade these stones from Hard Dungeons and by buying Stellar Glass from Cheri Ring in Tria.
While Gear Score is often listed for dungeons, this compendium will use Attack Score when recommending gear for raids.

Chapter V: Raids and you!
Upon obtaining enough gear from level 60 hard dungeons, you will be capable of entering your first raid!
Don't just rush into these raids though, you must be very mindful of your stats! Raids have a 15 minute time limit unlike Hard Dungeons.
To help you enter raids, here is some basic information about the main 3.

Frostpillar temple, home of Bjorn and his personal statue collection
Gearscore requirement: 12500
Recommended Attack Score: 200k+

Pretty much a tutorial raid, Bjorn doesn't have much in the way of gimmicks.
The party splits in groups of 3, 4, and 3 at the start to handle the 3 different stair paths.
Upon reaching the top, Bjorn will begin the true fight.
The number one rule with Bjorn is to always attack with the following priority:
Mirror Images > Stone Soldiers > Bjorn
Bjorn's minions will shield him if alive, and defeating his Mirror Images removes a massive chunk of his HP.
If your group's damage is fine and everyone does their best, expect Bjorn to be beaten in no time!

Madrakan Spire, where you fight evil evan some girl you forgot about and her dragon.
Gearscore Requirement: 15100
Recommended Attack Score: 225k+

The first true raid. Madria and Luka aren't going to let you have it easy.
The raid begins with a group rush to destroy large gargoyles to open the path up the Spire.
Upon reaching the top, the fight begins.
This raid's gimmick is that Madria is always helping the boss, Lukarex.
One person minimum must stay with Madria when the party grabs on to join Luka in the skies.
This raid is the far more chaotic than Bjorn, and is your first true test of adaptability.
Move fast and strike hard!

Temple of Time, home of everyone's favorite Bean.
Gearscore Requirement: 19300
Recommended Attack Score: 250k+ 300k+ often desired.

The hardest, yet also most enjoyable raid of the trio.
Pink Bean's amazing boss theme is matched by his well thought out gimmicks.
This raid has many things to remember for success:
Keep an eye on your debuffs, as the pink bomb debuff makes you stunlock party members near you!
The pink bomb does not harm other party members also experiencing it. Because of this, the debuff is a sudden party split in many cases.
Breaking the statues is often important. Old man is simple, but be careful with the bird statue! If you get too close, it activates Damage Reflection!!
The most important statue to attack is always Ariel, also known as Pink Bean's chair.
Pink Bean can reverse your controls via debuff!
One player must be on Pogo Duty. When Pink Bean summons speakers, everyone gets away and the Pogo Duty player lures Bean on top of a speaker.
Never give up hope, as completing this raid rewards you with your legendary weapon!

Chapter VI: Pets, your best friend
As you complete dungeons or wander the world, you will come across pets.
These adorable little creatures come in the same rarity as gear, up to Epic.
It is very desired to obtain some form of epic tier pet, but blue tier pets still work just fine.
Fighting field enemies with your pet or feeding it its own kin will level it up.

Raising a pet will cause you to receive a damage boost, alongside the following benefits:
The pet attacks alongside you, counting as your own damage!
The pet can revive you when you die, with full HP to boot!
Pets can receive attributes like equipment! Get that perfect pet!
They just look dang cute, why wouldn't you want one following you?

Chapter VII: General Tips
This chapter lists a number of smaller tips that can help you in the game.

Always at least do Sky Fortress weekly quests, as you can use the badges to buy crystals for upgrades.
You can get a number of free cosmetics in the world, such as from Treva farming in the dark realm.
Trophy count does not help with progression, but helps guilds! You are more likely to find a nice guild with high trophy count.
Helping players instead of selling runs, alongside teaching them, means more people to raid with in the future. Do your part.
Lapenshards are important, but unlike Gems, Lapenshards are different among the classes. Choose the 6 right for you!
Finding someone that owns a house training dummy, or buying one yourself, is very helpful with testing your damage.
The green daily quests at Queenstown give the Rue currency. This can be used to buy Noodles, an item that raises the entire raid party's damage!
Remember to pace yourself. Attempting to rush progression is a recipe for frustration and rage. Blackshard isn't going anywhere anytime soon.
If you cannot find a party for something, always host it! Remember to use the Party Finder!
While you need all 3 legendary sets for Lapenshard dungeons, you only need to focus one set.
Remember that Joddy's death wasn't your fault, you have to move on.

And that is all for this Compendium.
As information changes, this guide may receive updates in the future.
Current version 1.01 (Awakening/Level 60 content)
Update: Added Chapter on Pets.