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[OTHER] Simian Sea Game Guide

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Simian Sea is an Arcade game where your hand-eye coordination skills are put to the test, all the while having your favourite fruit salad tossed towards you!
In this guide, I hope to help those who are either new to the arcade game or just want to improve their skills, to execute it to the best of their ability!

Simian Sea can be accessed by clicking the Arcade in the list of options via World Map, and then can be selected in the Maple Arcade screen pop up.




In Simian Sea, the aim of the game is to survive for as long as possible while gathering points and avoiding the wrath of the Olympic-grade fruit throwing monkies!

The scoring system is based on the amount of time you are in the game for:




Your points may be found in the top right corner of your screen.

Your health cubes may be found at the bottom of your screen, above your character experience. You have a total of five health cubes.

Each time your character is hit by any object(with the exception of all cannonballs) your health cube is reduced by 1/2. This means if you plan on taking 10 carrots in a row to the face, you die. :)

Here are the objects that you would need to avoid, and the time in which they start appearing at:




Mystery cubes are boxes that spawn every 5~ seconds randomly around the map.

When picked up, you will receive:

▪ 1000 pts
▪ Healing for 1/4 of your health cube
▪ Possibility of a random effect applied to your character

There can be only be a maximum of eight boxes that exist simultaneously on the map,
with the location of it being either one of these:


There are four random effects that you may be blessed(or cursed) with when you pick up the mystery cube.
There are two buffs and two debuffs.




With skill and luck, you've finally made it to the late game!

After 290 seconds, your screen will be covered in a moving fog which basically denies your ability to see where almost anything is.


However, one trick is to turn off your HDR and lowering your Simple Settings in your Graphics Options tab.
This will allow the fog to become a bit more sparse so you will be able to see a bit more of where everything is.


The late game after 290 seconds until the 10 minutes is up, would consist of carrots, apples, onions, eggs,
red cannonballs, diagonal waves, as well as a fog rotation.

The fog rotation would appear throughout this duration:

▪ 290 - 315 seconds
▪ 345 - 370 seconds
▪ 400 - 425 seconds
▪ 455 - 480 seconds
▪ 510 - 535 seconds
▪ 565 - 590 seconds



1. SAFE ZONE from Red Cannonballs
The area instead the red rectangles is the area where the red cannonballs cannot land at.
Take caution to move around this zone during the late game.


2. Defective Mystery Cube
There is one particular Mystery Cube located in the top left which may be a bit difficult to pick up as sometimes you may just pass through it.
The trick is come around diagonally from the right towards the top and make a curve down.


3. Staying around the middle
Before the late game starts at 290 seconds, try maintaining around the middle of the board as
it may help with dodging out of the way from objects.

4. Points VS Health
If you are aiming to achieve more points, try picking up as many Mystery Cubes as possible.
If you are playing the long game, save the Mystery Cubes are for only when you truly need them to heal, otherwise just walk around them.

5. Wave Jumps
Waves can get tricky to time during the late game. Always jump as soon as you see it coming in your half of the board,
otherwise often at times it may be too late.


Thank you for checking out my guide! Feel free to leave any questions and I'd be happy to help! :) (More tips coming soon!)


  • XtonyXtony
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    That's a really detailled guide for such a small mini-game. I enjoyed reading it though!

    One thing that I noticed is that you mention oversize as a debuff, but it also halves the damage you take for the duration of the effect, so it's not as bad as it sounds :p