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[PVE] Normal Storyline Dungeons

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Hello! I'm Sogaard, and I decided to focus on preparing brand new Maplers when doing the storyline. While the game explains certain course of actions, knowing your boss makes for a smoother run, and will hopefully save some consumables in the process.
In this guide, all normal dungeon boss monsters will be explained in detail, such as Health, attack patterns and stages. The boss monsters will be elaborated in the order you encounter them. It is also important to note that your approach on the boss should vary depending on the class you’re playing; if you play a class with natural health sustain such as Berserker or Priest, you don’t need to worry as much about consumables like Potions and Herbs keeping you alive, but it is recommended to bind to a hotkey for later. All bosses only have the limited battlefield to move around on, meaning you can safely bail out temporarily to heal up before getting back in. Furthermore, a great way to think about thresholds mentioned is to count the ragged parts of the enemies’ health bar. There are 10 of them, where the tenth ragged bar is 100% health.
Cherry Blossom Forest: Stumpy
For being the first boss, Stumpy might sound deceptively simple, but it has various abilities to look out for. It will also augment its abilities when you bring it down in health, this goes for all boss monsters you’ll encounter.
Health: ~54 600HP
Slash: Stumpy swirls his left hand and slashes twice, dealing a small amount of damage. When his health goes down to around ~40%, he will perform this ability twice or thrice consecutively.
Blue Tile Thorns: Stumpy causes thorns to spring from the ground, and the tiles will blink blue a second before appearing. Deals little damage, but knocks you upwards and a small distance in a direction, stunning for 1 second. This ability will cover almost the entire platform when his health is brought down to around ~40%.
Red Tile Thorns: Same as the blue tiled, only that it deals a bit more damage but it doesn’t do any knockback.
Undead Breath: Stumpy charges up, then releases a breath that will deal damage as long as you stand in the same trajectory. Deals a fair amount of damage.
The breath has a visible indicator that can be seen and used as a signal to get out of the way.

Toxic Garden: Norcacias
Norcacias is the second boss that appears in a dungeon and is relatively simple. Like the other minions in the dungeon, it attacks indirectly with thorn plants from the ground. Note that the boss is stationary and cannot move from its spawn point, which makes it easier to run to the sides and replenish health with potions and herbs.
Health: ~60 000HP
Summon Plants: Norcacias summons two vine plants on the sides that are similar to the previous Chomp Blossoms in Cherry Blossom Forest.
Growth: At around ~40% health, Norcacias will grow in size, gain a slight attack buff and increases the AoE of its basic attacks.

Golden Tower 7F: Masked King Chao
Masked King Chao is a nimble boss that does minor but fast chip damage, and lunges towards you relatively often that makes it difficult to create proper space.
Health: ~95 700HP
Doomerang: Chao sends out a blade boomerang in front of him, dealing damage. At around ~30% health, he will send three boomerangs in a cone instead.
Flurry: Chao slashes twice in front of him.

Van Corta: Hemokan
Hemokan is the first of many Minotaur boss monsters you encounter, these bosses also have more health than the others. As this boss will repeat a lot of its basic abilities, being patient can save a lot of potions, as well as attacking from behind.
Health: ~303 000HP
Hammer Strike: Hemokan swings his hammer in front of him. Sometimes follows up with a fiery slash.
Hammer Down: Hemokan charges up, leaps into the air and slams his hammer down. Deals a fair amount of damage. There will be a clear indicator below his feet when he charges up.
Hammer Spin: Hemokan extends his hammer, and starts swinging. Deals moderate damage.
Warcry: Hemokan shouts fiercely, knocking his surroundings a distance away from him.
Roar: Hemokan lets out an intimidating roar that reduces strength, intelligence, dexterity and luck by 50%. Also reduces movement speed by 40%.
At around ~60% health, Hemokan’s abilities become empowered; Hammer Strike will repeat more frequently, Hammer Down leaves a mark on the ground that damages and slows you by 45% for 5 seconds, and starts using Roar.
A general note with all the Minotaurs you face is that the area right beside him is safe when he performs the hammer spin. Follow him around and use this to get some chip damage while he slowly moves around.

Twinkling Path: Casse Mu
Casse Mu the Inakimo is a rather weak boss, with few abilities. On the other hand, you need to protect the children from the beasts coming from all sides, but when it’s only him left, you can face him in another direction, so his attacks won’t hit any of the children.
Health: ~159 500HP
Thunder Jolt: Casse Mu fires a series of small thunder jolts, dealing minor damage but it deals a fair amount of damage to the children, it is recommended to attack from behind to distract his attention.
Hurricane: At around 85% health, Casse Mu will start to randomly hurl you in the air. It can be avoided by taking a distance, but it is easily remedied with potions.

Shadow Altar: Devorak
Devorak marks the beginning of the more brutal dungeon bosses and requires some patience to complete. The dungeon has three battlegrounds, and once all the imps have been cleared, Devorak will appear on the starting ground.
Health: ~225 700HP
Shadowflame: Devorak sends out slow moving projectiles that lights some tiles yellow before exploding. Deals moderate damage.
Ground Slam: Devorak charges his fist, and slams the ground. The slam creates a Spirit Seal mark on the ground that completely empties your spirit gauge when standing on it.
Dark Vortex Devorak sucks nearby vicinity towards him as he charges his fist, and slams into the ground. If the slam hits you, you become stunned for 7 seconds. The aftermath also stuns him for 3 seconds.
Earthquake: Devorak sends shockwaves similar to Hemokan’s Warcry in that it knocks you back a distance. Deals minor damage.
Dark Laser: Devorak charges a beam from the gem on his chest, and fires while slowly going around 220 degrees both sides. Deals significant damage. You cannot hold onto Devorak while the beam is active.
After using Dark Vortex, or is at 60% HP, Devorak will teleport to the upper right platform. It is possible to hold on to Devorak to teleport with him; this helps save time, which is crucial when he summons Junior Devoraks after teleporting to both heal him and grant him invincibility. The Junior Devoraks heals Devorak for 500HP each, after that Devorak gains a regen buff for 1 000HP per Junior Devorak alive.
After having killed the Junior Devoraks and bringing his health further down, he will enter the initial battleground that he spawned at. In this stage he will not use any other skills than the Dark Laser.

Last of the Vayar: Lost Vayar Guardian
Last of the Vayar is a dungeon that requires both patience and choices. Once you reach the Lost Vayar Guardian, he will hop between the existing platforms regardless of health threshold, and it is important that you hold on to the Vayar when he does. Patience is needed as each of his attacks hits devastatingly hard, it is recommended to have potions from quests stocked to upkeep stable health while fighting him.
Health: ~520 000HP
Heavy Punch: The Lost Vayar Guardian charges, then propels a bit forward with a punch. Deals a fair amount damage.
Fist Slam: Raises both fists, then slams them in the ground. Deals a moderate damage.
Ground Slap: Slams the ground with one hand at a time, creating a shockwave that deals moderate damage and slows movement speed by 40% for 2 seconds.
Fissure: Concentrates his fists into the ground, creating circular fissures where you stand. Deals moderate damage.
Vayar’s Offensive/Defensive Command: Focuses on the ground, creating a field around him with various effects.
Body Slam: After charging, leaps into the sky, then plummets on the ground with tremendous force. Deals massive damage. Stuns both you and the Vayar.
Regardless of the class you are playing, kiting and being patient is vital to survive this dungeon. The punches grow faster and slightly more powerful as you cross health thresholds, and the other unique attacks will occur more frequently as well. This stage is special in that it gives you the opportunity to buff your offensive stats – strength, dexterity, intelligence and luck by 50% - sacrificing 50% defense on the red tiles, and vice versa on the blue tiles. When Vayar is about to use Body Slam, hold onto him until he lands to prevent the stun and the massive damage on your part. Use the aftermath as an opportunity to deal free damage to him while he’s stunned.
Also note that other platforms will have a swirling tornado that deals constant damage over time, so consider jumping off the platform if you missed holding onto the Vayar.

Palace Undercroft: Devilina
Devilina is a dungeon boss that appears after having ran through the undercroft, which is in a straight line for the most part. In order to get to her, you have to run through the undercroft defeating the minions there on the way.
Health: ~297 000HP
Doomerang: Devilina sends out a bladed boomerang that does a small amount of damage on impact.
Lunge Strike: After a short moment, she lunges forward dealing damage.
Double Slash: Slashes, and propels forward with a front flip slash.
Smokescreen: Throws out several smokescreens that reduces accuracy while standing in the cloud.
Blade Fury: Spins rapidly dealing damage to everything close to her.
Devilina has rapid attack patterns, so efficient use of any mobility skill or sustain ability is rewarded in this dungeon. An important note is that she gets a 100% critical rate at around ~60% health; combined with Blade Fury, she can deal an extreme amount of damage. Make sure to dodge the blade spin. Bella will also be using spells in the background, such as damaging flames from the ground or three slow moving projectiles.

Forest of Chaos: Chaotic Baphomet
The Chaotic Baphomet is among the stronger Minotaurs and damage over time boss monsters you encounter, where merely standing on the dark blue tiles will reduce your health by a percentage every second. Due to the huge area of effect it deals its damage ticks in, it is recommended to have plenty of consumables ready. Herbs are especially powerful in this dungeon.
Health: ~775 000HP
Ground slam: A simple, powerful forward strike. Deals a fair amount of damage on hit.
Blade Swing: Swings his sword in front of him back and forth, dealing damage.
Blade Lunge: Charges up, then lungs forward with a strike. Deals moderate damage.
Chaos Spirit: A trait among the Minotaur bosses, Chaotic Baphomets attack patterns are faster and more devastating. Also receives an attack bonus based on enemies nearby, starting at 40% at below ~50% health. Chaos Spirit places a debuff to nearby players that deals dark damage over time, and stacks up to 3 times.
Dark Blades: Sends forth boomerang-like purple blades that deals damage on hit. Deals more damage if you’re affected by the debuff from Chaos Spirit.

Cusp of Life
The Cusp of Life is among the more difficult dungeons to do alone, as you are to defend three different sides three times, two minutes on each round. Having mobility skills such as Blink, Teleport and Heavenly Light is your most useful asset as you must maintain each side while defending. High damage classes such as Wizard and Berserker can also do the dungeon relatively easy. If you find yourself stuck, looking for teammates is also optional.

Ignicore: Pamokan
Pamokan is another Minotaur boss monster that has two phases after wearing his health down. It be one of the easier Minotaurs you fight again due to the given conditions; if you ride the Armorhog all the way to him, you can get in some really powerful headbutt attacks before the hog expires.
Health: ~1 115 000HP
Hammer Strike: Pamokan has similar abilities to the other Minotaurs. Swings his hammer back and forth, dealing moderate damage.
Hammer Down: Enlarges his hammer, leaps to the air then smashes his hammer down. Deals massive damage on hit, and leaves a burning mark on the ground that inflicts burn damage for 10 seconds on contact.
Hammer Swing: Pamokan extends his hammer, and starts swinging. Swings up to 12 seconds but is stunned for 4 seconds when the spin ends.
Charge Attack: Pamokan tramples his hooves, and fixes his sights on you. After a delay, he will charge to deal a fair amount of damage on hit. If he hits a pillar, he is stunned for 4 seconds.
When you reach the second phase around 40% health, or ~250 000HP, Pamokan will jump to the smaller battleground below. In this phase, you can hear that he tramples his hooves before charging. If you have a mobility skill, you can count 6 tramples before getting out of the way of the pillar for a free stun, significant damage and getting rid of his defense buff. Count 5 if you have no mobility skill.

Horus’s Nest: Horus
Horus is a unique boss monster in that it has a wider array of abilities to look out for, while making choices at the same time.
Health: ~769 000HP
Wind Blast: Flaps its wings to shove you back and deal minor damage.
Charging Slash: Propels itself forward and slashes, dealing damage.
Wind Blast and Fireballs: Creates a strong wind with slow moving fireballs. These fireballs inflict minor damage but reduces defense by 35% for 30 seconds. Starts around ~75% health.
Paw Slam: Raises its paw, slamming down to deal damage in a long line.
At around ~35% health, Horus will gain 35% attack bonus. When you’ve brought Horus down to around ~60% health, it will charge to rise into the skies, letting you decide. You can hold onto it through the entire flight until it comes down, where you’ll be inflicted by Horus’s Curse – a curse that reduces physical and magical attack by 25% and reduces movement speed by 45% for 30 seconds, or you can stay on the ground and dodge the fireballs it launches towards the battlefield. When it plummets to the ground, it will be stunned for 4 seconds.

Ludibrium Clock Tower: Papulatus
Papulatus is a boss where positioning is important. Consumables are advisable in this dungeon, as the boss deals constant area damage for around 15 seconds after its health has been worn down a bit. Keep moving around the arms to not be struck by the laser and kill the Dark Stars that otherwise will explode to deal damage and stun its nearby areas for 1 second.
Health: ~1 010 000HP
Two-sided Laser: Papulatus stretches the hands on each side, and fires a laser while rotating slowly. Deals a fair amount of damage but can easily be walked around.
Time Dilation: marks the ground with the clock, dealing damage if you step on them.
Overclock: Alarms sound, and mutts and screws comes falling down from the sky. Deals constant area damage.
Focused Laser: Fires lasers from both hands in one direction.
Smellingsalt: Claps its palms together, dealing moderate damage.

Moonlight Fortress: Captain Moc
Captain Moc is an easy boss if you manage to kill him fast after his health goes below ~20%. With powerful abilities that compensates for the slow attacks, kiting this boss until said threshold makes the dungeon go relatively fast.
Health: ~1 000 000HP
Glowing Sword: Charged basic attack. Deals moderate damage.
Body Slam: Like the Vayar, Moc charges, leaps up then plummets to the ground dealing a fair amount of area damage and ministun for 0.5 seconds.
Seafarer’s Tactics: Gains new attack patterns and stuns the vicinity for 10 seconds.
Lure Light: At around ~20%, Captain Moc’s light will glow and he performs another area stun similar to the one at 40% health.
At this stage, Captain Moc will release poisonous gases in the area from the ship that deals continuous damage until you kill him. Potions and especially herbs are quite useful in this dungeon.

Katramus Depths: Pekauros
Katramus Depths is split into three rooms: the mine, the forge and the arena. Like in Cherry Blossom Forest, there’s a miniboss at the forge along with several minions. In the arena, the boss is the final Minotaur that grows stronger as its weakened.
Health: 505 000HP
Axe Slam: leaps and slams the ground, dealing a fair amount of damage.
Axe Swing: Swings his axe back and forth.
Hoof Stomp: Stomps the ground, dealing area damage and slowing movement speed by 60% for 5 seconds.
Charge Attack: Fixes his sights on you, charging forward after three tramples.
At 80% health, the boss gains a buff in attack speed and damage. This buff grows stronger at 30% health.

Katramus Heights: Mambrina
Mambrina is a boss monster that has the exact same moveset as Devilina, only stronger.
Health: ~635 000HP
Doomerang: Mambrina sends out a bladed boomerang that does a small amount of damage on impact.
Lunge Strike: After a short moment, she lunges forward dealing damage.
Double Slash: Slashes, and propels forward with a front flip slash.
Smokescreen: Throws out several smokescreens that reduces accuracy while standing in the cloud.
Blade Fury: Spins rapidly dealing damage to everything close to her.
At around 30% health, she gains a 100% critical hit rate for 13 seconds, which can shred your health rapidly. It is recommended to wait out the buff.

Root of darkness: Katvan
Despite being the last boss of the normal dungeons, Katvan is easy compared to other boss monsters. Note that the shadow poison surrounding the battlefield buffs your offensive attributes but deals damage to you on hit. Proceed with care.
Health: ~373 000HP
Lunge Slash: Springs forward and slashes, dealing damage.
Reaper’s Scythe: Slashes the scythe down to the ground. Deals a fair amount of damage.
Sow the Seeds: Katvan rises from the ground, driving the battlefield dark and scattering Shadow Seeds and dark magic, dealing damage. Destroy the Shadow Seeds planted in each corner to return to normal combat.