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[OTHER] MS2: Acronyms

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Maplestory 2: Acronyms by kk
A list of all acronyms and abbreviations relating to Maplestory 2 along with some common gaming lingo


HDs - Hard Dungeons
CRAIDs - Chaos Raids

Hard Dungeons

Lvl 50 Hard dungeons
FD - Fire Dragon Hard Dungeon (Pyrros Fard)
Labs - Labyrinthine Halls Hard Dungeon (Kabo)
Lube - Lubelisk Hard Dungeon (Varrekant)
Rog/Balrog - Temple of Immortals Hard Dungeon (Balrog)
Tris/ BL/ BLT - Beyondlink Tris Hard Dungeon (Kandura)

Lvl 60 Hard dungeons
Oracle - Songs of Oracle (Piris & Celine)
GOS/Guardian/Whale - Guardian of the Seas (Alvanos)
Icehorn/Ridge - Icethorn Ridge (Erda)
Manor - Malevolent Manor (Venom)
Ramparts - Madrakans Ramparts (Spatoy)
Heart - Madrakan’s Heart (Deimos & Phobos)

Chaos Raids

Lvl 50 Chaos Raids
CDEV - Hard Shadow Altar (Devorak)
N CDEV/ Normal CDEV - Normal Chaos Shadow Altar (Devorak)
CMOC - Hard Moonlight Fortress (Captain Moc)
N CMOC/ Normal CMOC - Normal Chaos Moonlight Fortress (Captain Moc)
CPAP - Hard Ludibrium Clock Tower (Papulatus)
Nog - Wrath of Infernog Chaos Raid

Lvl 60 Chaos Raids
Bjorn/FP/Frost/Pillar - Hard Frostpillar Temple (Bjorn)
Spire/Madria/Luka - Hard Madrakan’s Spire (Lukarax)
PB/Temple of Time - Hard Rock ‘n’ Rollin’ Pink Bean (Pink Bean)

Eye of Lapenta
Also known as RGB dungeons
EP/Emerald - Emerald Prison (Green)
Azure - Azure Flux (Blue)
ToT/Terminus - Terminus of Time (Red)
BSN - Blackshard Nexus

People rarely run Normal Chaos Dungeons, so these abbreviations most likely will never pop up in Party Finder or in regular chat.

*New dungeons that have been released do not have concrete acronyms. Meaning the current acronyms will most likely change overtime.

Party Finder (PF)
WB - World Boss
Coco - Coco Island (a location in the world where many people afk fish)
Cathy - Cathy Mart (a fun dungeon)

S> means selling
B> means buying
R> means recruiting
LF> means looking for
T> means trading

R> cdev Knight/Priest
LF> cmoc K/P

Sometimes you see Ghost, Milk, or random words in Party Finder. Don’t worry, some guilds that like to put guild dailies/weeklies up or form parties specifically for themselves.

Ch # - Channel
Ch 17 Coco

Selling and buying dungeons

Selling and buying dungeons are for players that are in need of runs with their character, either for their main or alt(s). There are sellers who are usually able to clear the dungeon within 2-3 minutes or under. On the other hand, there are buyers who are willing to buy runs for any price.

# chaos onyx/# runs
# meso / #runs

S> rog 20/15
B> tris 1.5mil/10

Trading runs (dungeons)

2:2 - two mains : two alts
Two mains carry someone else’s two alts through dungeons and rotate until all hard dungeons are completed. 30 dungeons in total.
1:3 - one main : three alts
One main carries someone else’s three alts through dungeons and rotate until all hard dungeons are completed. 45 dungeons in total.

Commonly used in dungeons & in raids

SE - Sharp eyes (Archer’s skill)
Increase critical rate and accuracy
FS - Focus seal (Wizard’s skill)
Increases magical and physical attack
HR - Honing rune (Runeblade’s skill)
Increase critical damage
HS - Holy symbol (Priest’s skill)
Restores and increase physical damage, magic damage. As well as increases attack speed and accuracy
SF - Static Flash (Soulbinder’s skill)
Deals damage, reduces both defense and movement speed to enemies

Sp - Spirit

RC - Ready check

Ads/ Adds - Any mob that is not the boss
Hadds - Healing adds, usually taken care of by one person (particularly in CDEV)
Aggro - Aggravate enemies either to lead them away from weaker players or get them to point b
Noods - Spicy Noodles (consumables)
Chicken - Fried Chicken (consumables)
Noods and Chicken are party buffs

Saying "S" while raiding means stunned
Saying “cd” or “0” while raiding means cooldown
Saying "1" means stack
(Mostly seen in hard dungeons and in chaos dungeons. Knights are the ones that usually say “1”, “2”, or “0” indicating a shield is going to be up in chat)
Saying “cheese your gear” while in dungeon lobby or at the entrance of the dungeon, means

Red daisy/ Daisy - An item. Used to suiciding your character for various reasons in a dungeon or raid.

Capped - There are dungeon limits where you can get loot. After doing 15 daily dungeons and 30 weekly dungeons in total, no more loot.

Runs - Another word to call dungeons.

X - means a party is formed when doing World Bosses

Too long to type out

cfrags - Crystal Fragments
conyx/ Chaos - Chaos Onyx Crystals
onyx - Onyx crystals
Gems - Gems, not gem dust
6/2/1 - for gemstone configurations
6 main/ 2 offense/ 1 accuracy
RGB - Red, Green, Blue lapenshards
Pots - Potions (consumables)

PF - Party Finder
GS - Gear score
CC - Change channels
FF - Fairfight
BM - Blackmarket

Rumbes - Fortress Rumbles (solo dungeons)
DD - Dark Descent (a solo dungeon)
GR/ G Raid - Guild Raid
GQ - Guild quest

KMS 2 - Korean Maplestory 2
CMS 2 - China Maplestory 2
GMS 2 - Global Maplestory 2
JMS 2 - Japan Maplestory 2


SB - Soul Binder
P - Priest
K/ K9 - Knight
HG - Heavy Gunner
RB - Runeblade
Zerk - Berserker
Arch - Archer
Wiz - Wizard
Sin - Assassin
Thief - Thief
Striker - Striker

Qcut - Quintuple cut (Runeblade’s skill)
Stacks - Berserkers have a passive skill (Dark Aura) which increases Ground breaker (active skill) attack by stacking 10+ as well as spirit regeneration
Cubes - Soul Shield (Soul Binder’s skill)

Tank - Can do a large amount of damage and take hits
Support - Classes that are able to buff up players
Squishy - Classes that have low defense

Weapons and armours
Wep - Weapon
Leg - Legendary
+(any number, eg. 10) Leg - +10 Legendary Weapon

Stars - Thrown Weapon (Assassin)
GS - Greatsword (Berzerker)

Acc - Accessory

Failed stacks/ stacks - Failed stacks are fail enchantments when leveling up your weapon and armour with Ophelia

Fodder - Extra armours and weapons that are either needed for enchantment or be dismantled for catalysts

Mats - Materials for enchanting, crafting, etc.

General acronyms

Common abbreviations in MS2

stats - Bonus attributes
str - Strength
int - Intelligence
as/ atkspd - Attack speed
crit - Critical
cd/ crit dmg - Critical damage
cr - Critical rate
mp/ m pierce - Magic piercing
pp/ p pierce - Physical piecing
p/ pierce - Piercing
td - Total damage
phys/ mag atk - Physical/ magical attack
bd/ boss dmg- Damage to boss enemies
eva - Evasion

uwu - Too much cuteness or overwhelming of happiness
owo - Perplexed reaction
young frog - An item for good rng when enchanting
o/ - Waving hand to say hello
o7 - Salute

In every mmorpg abbreviations

Ping - The higher ping average time in milisecond, the more lag. Less ping equals less lag
dps - Damage per second
dpm - Damage per minute
Parse - Another word referring to dpm, most people want to parse 50 mil dpm in Maplestory 2
aoe/ ae - Area of effect zone by the mobs, bosses, and characters
exp - Experience
rng - Random number generator
proc - Programmed random occurrence, may it be an item activates or an event occurs
afk - Away from keyboard
mia - Missing in action
tyfp - Thank you for the party
wb - Welcome back
dc - Disconnect
wts - Want to sell
wtb - Want to buy
lfg - Looking for group

Main - a player’s main character
Alts - a player’s not main character they play as
Bots - Illegal and discouraged gameplay by performing actions solely to level up, gain experience, and obtaining certain items without helping other people
Pubgs - Pickup group, a party made out of random people

Thank you for reading, I shall continue to update this list as time goes on! If there is something wrong, please notify me! Either on Reddit u/fullofkk or through Discord 「kk」#5529. I am always updating the original google document, link here and doing my very best to keep this updated as well. Thank you again and have a great day!