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[DUNGEON] Guild Raid Guide (L1: Apeullela Outback)

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Table of Contents
1. Apeullela Outback
1.i. The Basics
1.ii. Cactuses
1.iii. Dogs
1.iv. Golems
1.v. Vultures Mountain
1.vii. Conclusion



In this raid, your goal is to fill 5 large pots in the center of the map by completing various tasks. You have a tight time limit, so coordinating beforehand is important.
The party will need to split up into groups to tackle each section at the same time. The goal of each group is to obtain points that will eventually turn into a symbol above a player’s head (also referred to as “seasoned” by the game and henceforth in the guide). Both the points and the seasoned status are represented by buffs to your character. This allows the seasoned player to fill the pot with the corresponding colour by interacting with it.

While you can enter this raid with 4 people, it’s highly recommended to take it on with a larger party. Of course, the max of 10 makes it as efficient as possible.

I would suggest the following party:
2 Ranged DPS
2 Physical Melee DPS
2 DPS with stuns/freezes/hard crowd control (Gunner, Wizard, etc.)
1 Knight
3 of any Job (a self-healer will be useful)

With this party, you should have no difficulty clearing the raid in time.

1.i. The Basics

The map is split up into six sections, which I’ll refer to as follows:


I’ll explain each section one after the other, but before that it’s worth noting a few extra mechanics first.

In the west portion of the map, there are bridges which are activated by having a player stand on either end on a glowing blue floor tile. These are generally needed for players to get back to the center, but there are ways of going around them.

The golem section is the only section connected completely to the center. For all other sections, using a bird transporter is the main method to get back to the center. These are transporters which carry players across gaps, activated by a player in the center. Each section’s bird will be covered. You can also reach the center from the dog and vulture islands by climbing up a side wall - also covered later.

Before attempting the raid, it’s important to note that an external item is required for completion. It’s called Override Code: Singewing Transformation and you can obtain it from the general merchant in your guild house for guild coins. You can only purchase 3 a week, and they’re character bound on purchase. This item is used to complete the mountain section, so only the dedicated mountain player will need to buy it.

Only one player can fill a pot, and that requires the symbol to do. Stacks are given to everyone who participated in a kill - so splitting up to do a section is inefficient. Staying in your teams to defeat the enemies together will complete it much faster.

You can only have one buff at a time. This means if you start killing golems, then do cactuses halfway through, your counter will reset. Make sure your section is finished and your pot is filled before you go help other teams.

With all this acknowledged, let’s cover each section of the map.

1.ii. Cactuses

Yes, cactuses is a proper plural of cactus.

Recommended team: 1 high damage DPS and 1 player with an instrument.

For this section, you need to take down 50 cactuses. These mobs are usually nearly invincible, but become vulnerable by playing music.

Each segment of this area has wooden pillars to climb up. The player with the instrument should get atop the pillar while the DPS groups all the cactuses in the segment together underneath the pillar. When they’re all together, the player with the instrument should start playing - which debuffs the cactuses.

This debuff isn’t permanent, so it needs to be repeatedly applied with music while the DPS takes them down. Constantly playing music achieved this. When they’re all dead, rinse and repeat on the next segment. The debuff refreshes and applies kind of irregularly, but as long as the DPS is doing good damage it should still be feasible to complete in the time limit.

When you have your symbol, go to the northwest end of the cactus island and gather on the bird transporter - and ask someone to activate the bird on the bridge as seen below.

Transporter pictured at the bottom, bird on the bridge.

When doing this raid, usually Cactus will be finished late. I'd recommend sending another team over to help kill the cactuses faster after they've filled their own pot if it's slow.

1.iii. Dogs

Honestly, these are very clearly Hyenas but they're dog enough.

Recommended team: 1 Knight and 2 DPS with stuns/freezes.

These dogs take pretty normal damage, but the big issue is that they heal way too quickly. With enough burst, it’s potentially possible to finish them off without stuns but stuns will stop their healing for a moment. You need to kill 40 of these.

In each segment, the knight should gather together a large number of dogs at once. The DPS should be bursting them down, and a well timed stun should keep the healing at bay long enough for you to kill them. A knight isn’t really required - a priest or just anyone with enough potions could do it; all you need to do is concentrate them for an AoE stun and survive. Extra damage helps too.

They may run away at low health if not stunned, which lets them escape to heal. Deal with that how you like. Ideally you can keep them locked in stun long enough to 100 to 0 them. You can take the time to chase down the stragglers, or just move on to the next segment when you've cleared enough up and let the respawns happen.

Once you get it down the rest of the segments should be simple. When you’re done, climb up at the northwest end of the dog island. Vultures can use a bridge here to get across. It's not necessary, but skipping the bridge is very finnicky, so activate the bridge to let them across if they need it. If they’re lagging behind, it doesn’t hurt to leave one person behind for them.

You share a bird transporter with the vultures, so gather everyone on the wooden platform and ask someone available to activate the bird shown below. Additionally, you can make it to the center by climbing a wall where the dog island attaches to the center (as seen in the second picture) without needing to use a bird transport.

Transporter to the left, bird pictured on the right.

Easy way to reach the center without a bird.

1.iv. Golems

The time of man has come to an end.

Recommended team: 2-3 Physical Melee DPS

This one’s basic. These golems take barely any damage unless you’re using close-range physical attacks. So - physical melee DPS. Berserker, Runeblade etc. Other than that there’s not much to say, but you do need to kill a massive 60 of them to get your symbol. Berserkers are seriously recommended here, but they're not the only possibility.

My recommendation is to send in 2 or 3 people for this and have one move ahead a segment to gather the next few before the other DPS arrive - this way you should be much more efficient in killing them. Avoid knockback skills, mob the golems together, and make sure everyone is getting kill credit and you should complete this with little difficulty.

Because the golem island is the only one connected to the center by a bridge, it’ll likely be up to your group to handle any bird transporters. You'll also probably be done first (except mountain), so listen to what your party needs and help out after filling your pot.

1.v. Vultures

Fight fire with fire. That is to say, fight ranged with ranged.
(No comment on the fact they actually use fire.)

Recommended team: 1-2 Ranged DPS

Getting to this island is a little tricky. There’s a bridge connecting vulture island to dog island, but it requires one person on either side to activate. To get to vultures, you’ll need to stand by the panel and leap over to the wall of the island then climb up. This can be iffy especially if your latency is poor. I’d say boost with a mount, but that can be finicky too.

The bridge requires people on both sides. Without that, it won’t be there so you need to jump. Also note your transporter platform on the right.

It may be a little difficult to understand, but the cloud in the gap here is kind of (?) a platform. If you hold jump while crossing the gap, you'll hit the cloud and probably get a small jump off. Sometimes it doesn't work, but most the time the jump is enough to get you safely onto the wall to climb up. As for going back way, aim for the sunken block with a mount if the bridge isn't up.

There are other bridges throughout the vulture island, but those can be easily hopped over with a mount.

You need to kill 30 vultures in total. They’re ranged attackers with a noticeable red circle surrounding them. If you get within this circle, they’re likely to run away before you can finish them. Because of this, ranged DPS are necessary. This section could definitely be solo’d but if you have a spare this is probably the best place to put them. Get around the island’s segments and take out each vulture until your symbol pops up, and then head back.

Your platform is to the left, and your bird is to the right.

The bridge you first crossed to get to the vulture island can be activated by people on the dog island. You can also hop across to the other end with a well placed mount jump if nobody is around to help you. Afterwards, gather on the platform (the dogs team may want to join you if they finish at the same time) and get someone with center access to activate your bird. Additionally, by jumping down to the dog section after crossing the bridge, you can climb the wall where the dog island attaches to the center (as seen at the end of the dogs section) to reach it without the use of a bird transport. Mountain

There's a Skyrim joke in here somewhere, I swear.

Recommended team: 1 player with the Singewing Transformation item.

Mountain is the most unique section of the raid. It’s one part deadly climbing/jumping quest, and one part stealth heist. To begin with, you should head to the north side of the village in the center. Jump off the north end, and you’ll land on a strip of land far below. Ideally in the water.

At this point, you have two decisions: you can climb the mountain using the left side, or the right side. Personally, I think the right side is significantly easier - so I’ll be covering that. Both are definitely possible.


Starting from the bottom, climb up by generally following the blue arrows. For the one cut off in the middle, you’ll need to do a jump around a corner into a climb, but that’s as hard as this part gets. Climb up to the next level of the mountain.

Note your transporter platform at the top right. This generally isn't used - preferring to just die and respawn in the center of the map when you have the seasoned buff.

Now it’s important to talk about the lava and the dragons. Lava will deal heavy damage to you, so bring potions or just be a priest. You usually can’t really avoid taking one or two ticks of lava damage at minimum but things like the priest dash and good jumps can make it so you don't get damaged at all.

Watch out for the dragons noted with warning signs - if you get in their red circle they’ll one-shot you. (If you have high HP/defenses you can survive a single hit)

Jump over the lava, climb past it, and reach the area of land with the scientist NPC up top. When you’re here, now it’s time to use your Singewing Transformation. This will temporarily transform you into a dragon, which will make you take 1 damage from lava ticks. The other dragons will still do heavy damage. If you die while transformed, or eject the transformation, the item is gone.

Important reminder: Turn your pet to passive, and for a safety fallback, turn auto-revive on (and ensure you're not tombstoned). If your pet has auto attacking on, it may kill an egg and make it impossible to complete this section.

As a dragon, you can boost like with a mount, and attack using your first skill. Hop up on the lava towards the summit of the mountain using your new lava invulnerability.

Be very careful to keep in mind how the dragons move to avoid their circles.

When you reach the summit, you’ll see 5 dragons guarding 5 eggs. The eggs are your target. Each egg has a dragon near it who will rotate clockwise around their egg. The dragons will quickly make two moves, rest briefly, and repeat. Your best window to make your move is during that brief rest.

They all have wide red circles that - if you get inside - will cause them to attack you. Yes, that will burn one of your transformations. Here’s a general diagram just in case the picture above doesn’t clear it up, but it’s pretty simple.


Your goal here is to use the attack skill to hit the eggs. It has a pretty vague hit range, but should let you graze the red circles comfortably to hit the eggs. When you’ve cleared them all, make sure you have the seasoned buff. If you're not tombstoned here, and get taken down, your pet can auto revive you. This will give you a very brief invulnerable period where you can successfully attack eggs. If you're a priest, this means your basic lightning attack will lock on to eggs and catch them. If you find yourself dying to a dragon, this extra chance may help you out.

When you're sure you have the seasoned buff, allow yourself to die and respawn at the start of the map. You'll still have the buff and be able to fill your pot.
1.vii. Conclusion

Once everyone has filled their pots, the raid will be a success! Congrats!

This raid requires everyone to be working effectively on their own section to complete but if your team is solid I’m sure you’ll find it simple. This guide is much more detailed than it needs to be - most of this is fairly natural to understand. I’d suggest giving it practice runs without consuming a transformation to make sure everyone else can complete their pots, and then tackle it for real with the mountain too.

You can find the original guide I made, and based this forum post on, here - alongside smaller guides for Guild Raids L2 and L3.
Original Reddit post containg my guides.

I'd like to give credit to my guild, Milk on NAE, for helping me get the images needed for this guide. <3