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[LIFESTYLE] Skill & Attribute Trophies!

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Trophy Guide - Skill & Attribute Points
Created by Jeremiah(NAW)

Table of Contents
Accessing Your Trophies
Obtaining Attribute Points
Obtaining Skill Points

Over the course of your time adventuring and exploring throughout Maple World, you may have noticed that your character might be missing some skill points while looking at a class build. You may also have wondered if there was any other way to earn extra attribute points to increase your character’s main stats.This player guide will show you where you can view those extra skill and attribute points as well as discuss how to earn the trophies that reward you those points.


- To access, open your trophy list by pressing the default key [Y].

- On the left-hand side, select "All" and then press the "Filter Rewards" tab at the top.
Now you can filter trophies by your desired choice of rewards. Here we want to deselect everything (uncheck "All Rewards") except for "Attribute Points" and "Skill Points". Confirm your selection.

- From here you can see all the trophies that reward you with skill points and attribute points.

- You can expand the individual trophy list to view the trophy tiers by clicking the "plus/+" 2Z1kPS7.png button at the top right corner of each trophy. The trophy that rewards you the skill or attribute points will have a yellow check mark fDk3UUa.png on it.


Extra attribute points can be gained just by playing the game! You can earn them by:

- Exploring Maple World

- Traveling Maple World

- Playing and logging in hours

- Completing specific dungeon challenges/goals

- Reaching level milestones

- And defeating diifferent enemy types!

Here is the total list of trophies that reward attribute points (32):

- Defeat 100 best enemies (1)
- Defeat 100 undead enemies (1)
- Defeat 100 inanimate enemies (1)
- Defeat 100 humanoid enemies (1)
- Defeat Orreos 1 time(s) (1)
- Fall 9 m 10 time(s) (1)
- Run 5 km (1)
- Fly 100 m (1)
- Jump 100 time(s) (1)
- Explore 100 Victoria Island maps (1)
- Remove the thorny vines and save 10 boroboro in Cherry Blossom Hill (1)
- Open a door or clear debris 10 time(s) in the normal adventure dungeon Palace Undercroft (1)
- Fix Andy's time machine 1 time(s) in the normal adventure dungeon Ludible Time Hall (1)
- Rescue 30 slaves in the normal adventure dungeon Katramus Depths (1)
- Defeat the spirit of rage in the normal adventure dungeon Testing Grounds 1 time(s) (1)
- Restore the gate in Cusp of Life and heal wounded soldiers to fight together* (1)
- Cleanse poison in the normal adventure dungeon Poison Cave 10 time(s) (1)
- Throw bombs and missles at approaching enemies in Watchtower Rampart* (1)
- Complete the quest "Elder's Request" (1)
- Reach 100 hours of cumulative play time (1)
- Spend 10,000 mesos buying items in shops (1)
- Reach level 15, 25, 35, 45 (4)
- Reach level 50 (1)
- Weather the Giant Turtle's attacks* (1)
- Warm Up* (1)
- Discover Kerning City (1)
- Discover Henesys (1)
- Discover Ellinia (1)
- Discover Perion (1)

*= requires multiple trophies obtained to complete desired trophy

From exploring and discovering new and familiar major cities, to traveling Maple World by taxi, mounts, or walking, you can easily earn these attribute points in no time throughout your adventure!


There are a total of 17 extra skill points you can gain by playing the game. You gain these extra skill points from:

- Defeating 3,000 enemies (1)
- Defeating 100 insect enemies (1)
- Obtaining 1,000,000,000 cumulative experience (1)
- Obtaining: 50, 100, 150, 200, 250, 500 trophies (6)
- Reach level: 20, 30, 40, 50 (4)
- Helping the fairfolk in need (1)
- Defeating the miscreants of Golden Tower (1)
- Defeating agents of chaos in Victoria island (1)
- Investigating strange occurances in Maple World

As of the Awakening Update, Rank 2 skills have been implemented and you can earn an extra 3 skill points by clearing all of the new level 60 Chaos Raids at least once.


Hopefully with the help of this guide, you will be able to attain these extra skill and attribute points you may have been missing out on. Every extra point added to your character's overall stats will help you get further into the game!

If there are any other suggestions or clarifications, you can let me know down below or message me through discord (Jamiah#7125). I would gladly answer or discuss any relevant or off-topic MapleStory 2 content.