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[MECHANIC] GMS2 Gearing Guide

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Table of Contents
I. Bonus Attribute Stat Lines and Ranges
II. Stat Hierarchy
III. Best in Slot Rolls
IV. Gemstones
V. Pets
VI. Best in Slot Items
VII. Honorable Mention Items
VIII. Addendum (Additional and Useful Information)


I. Bonus Attribute Stat Lines and Ranges

These stats are in no particular order.

Accessories (Necklace, Earrings, Ring, Belt, Cape)
Piercing: 0.3% - 4%
Melee/Ranged Damage: 1% - 6%
Critical Damage: 40 - 210
Critical Rate: 10 - 70
Attack Speed: 2% - 5%
Accuracy: 1 - 7
Boss Damage: 1% - 6%
Elemental Damage: 0.5% - 2.9%
Physical/Magical Piercing: 1.5% - 6.4% (Necklace Only)
Movement Speed: 2% - 7% (Cape Only)

Armor (Helmet, Top, Bottom, Gloves, Boots)
Note: You can only roll one “Offense” stat line.
Boss Damage: 1% - 5% (Offense)
Main Stat: 4 - 18 (Offense)
Accuracy: 1 - 6 (Offense)
Physical/Magical Attack: 2 - 12 (Offense)
Physical/Magical Piercing: 1.5% - 7.4% (Offense) (Gloves Only, and Gloves Can Only Roll)
Movement Speed: 2% - 7% (Boots Only)
Health: 15 - 55
Critical Evasion: 4 - 11

Weapon (Main-hand, Off-hand, Two-hand)
Note: Main-hands and off-hands roll the same stat lines and ranges, two-hands roll the same stats as main-hands but with double the values.
Piercing: 1.3% - 1.6% (2.6% - 3.2%)
Physical/Magical Piercing: 4.2% - 5.6% (8.4% - 11.2%)
Total Damage: 1.2% - 1.5% (2.4% - 3%)
Boss Damage: 1.3% - 1.6% (2.6% - 3.2%)
Main Stat: 6 - 9 (12 - 18)
Physical/Magical Attack: 4 - 7 (8 - 14)
Critical Rate: 8 - 11 (16 - 22)
Critical Damage: 30 - 44 (60 - 88)
Elemental Damage: 2.3% - 3.0% (4.6% - 6.0%)


II. Stat Hierarchy

In general, you can apply these inequalities to determine which bonus attributes are better.
The accuracy and physical/magic piercing caps/recommended values can be found in the Addendum under Boss Information.
Note that all stats except for piercing have diminishing returns. Also if you decide to build crit you must fully commit or it will not be worth it.

Archer (Fire), Knight, Berserker, Striker
Note: (Rec) means reaching the recommended accuracy value for the content you are doing. Piercing hard caps at 30%, and (Cap) means reaching the physical/magic piercing hard cap for the content you are doing.
Accuracy(Rec) > Piercing(30%) > PhysicalPiercing(Cap) > DamagePercent > PhysicalAttack > AttackSpeed
Note: We say 20% attack speed because diminishing returns makes investing into other stats more beneficial at this point.
Accuracy(Rec) > Piercing(30%) > PhysicalPiercing(Cap) > AttackSpeed(20%) > DamagePercent
Note: The numbers in the parentheses for Attack Speed represent meaningful break points for thieves, so you should try to reach one of the listed breakpoints. Any attack speed values between the break points will not affect your damage.
Accuracy(Rec) > Piercing(30%) > PhysicalPiercing(Cap) > AttackSpeed(10%, 13%, 15%) > DamagePercent
Heavy Gunner
Accuracy(Rec) > Piercing(30%) > PhysicalPiercing(Cap) > AttackSpeed = DamagePercent
Note: We say 220% critical damage because diminishing returns makes investing into other stats more beneficial at this point.
The absolute cap of critical damage is 250%.
Accuracy(Rec) > CriticalDamage(220%) > Piercing(30%) > PhysicalPiercing(Cap) > DamagePercent
Wizard (Non-Crit)
Note: Prioritize 10% attack speed, then get 15% attack speed when possible.
Accuracy(Rec) > AttackSpeed(10%) > Piercing(30%) > MagicPiercing(Cap) > AttackSpeed(15%) > DamagePercent
Wizard (Crit) - Recommended
Note: Prioritize 10% attack speed, then get 15% attack speed when possible. You can build pierce with crit wizard, but it's much easier to skip it and build 15% attack speed and stack boss damage.
Accuracy(Rec) > AttackSpeed(10%) > MagicPiercing(Cap) > CriticalDamage > AttackSpeed(15%) > DamagePercent
Priest, Soul Binder
Accuracy(Rec) > Piercing(30%) > MagicPiercing(Cap) > DamagePercent > MagicAttack > AttackSpeed


III. Best in Slot Rolls

Piercing - 4% (All Classes)
Boss Damage - 6% (All Classes)
Critical Damage - 210 (Assassin [220%], Wizard)
Attack Speed - 5% (Runeblade [20%], Thief [10%, 13%, 15%], Wizard, [10%, 15%], Heavy Gunner)

Armor (Helmet, Top, Bottom)
Note: Secondary defensive roll is not important, but BiS defensive roll is critical evasion as bosses have a very low chance to crit which potentially kills you in one hit and critical evasion can reduce that chance closer to 0%.
Boss Damage - 5%
Critical Evasion - 11

Armor (Gloves)
Physical/Magical Piercing - 7.4%
Critical Evasion - 11

Armor (Boots)
Note: Movement speed is BiS defensive roll.
Boss Damage - 5%
Movement Speed - 7%

Weapons and Off-hands
Stats marked in red are Ascendant weapon third stat line rolls.
Note: For one-handed classes, you will want physical/magical piercing on only one weapon. For two-handed classes, you can choose to get physical/magic piercing on your weapon, or you can forego it and get it on your pet. Also, boss damage and total damage are mutually exclusive, meaning you can only roll one of them. Lastly, only take physical/magic attack if you decide to not take physical/magic piercing on weapon, or if you are taking physical/magic piercing on only one of your two weapons, and you can not utilize elemental damage.

Piercing - 1.6% [3.2% for two-hands] (All Classes)
Physical/Magical Piercing - 5.6% [11.2% for two-hands] (All Classes)
Total Damage - 1.5% [3% for two-hands] (Knight, Berserker, Striker, Heavy Gunner, Thief, Soul Binder)
Boss Damage - 1.6% [3.2% for two-hands] (Knight, Berserker, Striker, Heavy Gunner, Thief, Soul Binder)
Elemental Damage - 3% [6% for two-hands] (Priest, Wizard, Runeblade, Archer)
Critical Damage - 44 [88 for two-hands] (Assassin [220%], Wizard)
Physical/Magical Attack: 7 [14 for two-hands] (Knight, Berserker, Striker, Heavy Gunner, Thief, Soul Binder)


IV. Gemstones

Accuracy Gemstones
You will want to use 1 or 2 accuracy gemstones depending on your other gear and class, use enough accuracy gemstones to reach a minimum base of 102 accuracy.

Offense vs. Main Stat Gemstones
Offense gemstones are weaker the more weapon attack you have, and main stat gemstones are weaker the more physical or magical attack you have.

Offense Gemstone Damage Percent Increase
See the Addendum for WepCoefficient values.

Main Stat Gemstone Damage Percent Increase
See the Addendum for ClassFactor values.

Gemstone Tier Values
Accuracy Gemstone
Tier 1 - 1 Accuracy
Tier 2 - 2 Accuracy
Tier 3 - 3 Accuracy
Tier 4 - 4 Accuracy
Tier 5 - 5 Accuracy
Tier 6 - 6 Accuracy
Tier 7 - 7 Accuracy
Tier 8 - 8 Accuracy
Tier 9 - 9 Accuracy
Tier 10 - 10 Accuracy

Offense (Bonus Attack) Gemstone
Tier 1 - 30 Bonus Attack
Tier 2 - 55 Bonus Attack
Tier 3 - 75 Bonus Attack
Tier 4 - 95 Bonus Attack
Tier 5 - 115 Bonus Attack
Tier 6 - 130 Bonus Attack
Tier 7 - 145 Bonus Attack
Tier 8 - 160 Bonus Attack
Tier 9 - 170 Bonus Attack
Tier 10 - 180 Bonus Attack

Main Stat Gemstone
Tier 1 - 2 Stat Points
Tier 2 - 4 Stat Points
Tier 3 - 7 Stat Points
Tier 4 - 10 Stat Points
Tier 5 - 13 Stat Points
Tier 6 - 16 Stat Points
Tier 7 - 20 Stat Points
Tier 8 - 25 Stat Points
Tier 9 - 30 Stat Points
Tier 10 - 36 Stat Points


V. Pets

Pet Attack to Bonus Attack Conversion
Pets give 40% of their bonus attack to your character, it does not show on the stat sheet. Pets now have different required levels but still max at pet level 50. A max level 50 required pet will give 680 bonus attack, and a max level 60 required pet will give 797.6 bonus attack.

Pet Attribute Stat Lines and Ranges
These stats are in no particular order.

Physical/Magic Attack: 1 - 16
Accuracy: 1 - 5
Piercing: 0.4% - 4%
Melee/Ranged Damage: 0.6% - 4.2%
Total Damage: 0.4% - 4%
Critical Damage: 18 - 180
Critical Rate: 6 - 60
Physical/Magic Piercing: 0.5% - 5.0%
Attack Speed: 1% - 5%

Best in Slot Pet Tricks
Eupheria: Passive 150 bonus attack and 5 accuracy, recover 200 HP every 5 seconds when HP falls below 30%.
Landevian: Passive 150 bonus attack and 3% attack speed, chance on hit to apply a bleed which on average doubles total pet damage (approximately a 1% overall DPS boost).
Ishura: Passive 150 bonus attack and 3% boss damage, chance on hit to gain 4% attack speed 5 seconds with a 5 second internal cooldown.

Best in Slot Pet Rolls
Note: Only take physical/magic piercing if you are not going to roll it on your weapon. Accuracy can be a better roll than physical/magic attack depending on your current accuracy, it is not recommended if you have over 104 base accuracy.
Piercing - 4% (All Classes)
Attack Speed - 5% (Runeblade [20%], Heavy Gunner, Thief [10%, 13%, 15%], Wizard [10%, 15%])
Total Damage - 4% (Knight, Berserker, Soul Binder, Striker, Archer, Runeblade, Heavy Gunner, Priest, Thief)
Critical Damage - 180 (Assassin [220%], Wizard)
Accuracy - 5 (Knight, Priest, Berserker, Striker)
Physical/Magic Attack - 16 (Knight, Priest, Berserker, Striker, Soul Binder)
Physical/Magic Piercing: 5.0% (Berserker, Striker, Soul Binder, Archer)
Melee/Ranged Damage - 4.2% (Striker, Archer)

Pet Skins
Pet skins can have a nominal difference in your overall dps. When using a pet skin, your summoned pets attacks are replaced with the attacks of the pet skin you have equipped. This means that if you use an infernog pet skin for example, your pet attacks will now be multiplied by ranged damage and fire damage. The best skins to use are the fastest attacking pet skins as they reduce the amount of time between procs if your summoned pet has a pet trick. The best pet skin for this is the Pyrros Fard pet skin as shown below.



VI. Best in Slot Items

Kandura's Pendant
BiS for: Runeblade, Wizard, Thief, Heavy Gunner, Priest
Drops from BeyondLink Tris.
Kandura’s Pendant essentially has an extra gemstone socket as it can stand-in for an accuracy gemstone, making it about 1%-2% stronger than a maxed pierce/attack speed pendant.

Siren Necklace
BiS for: Knight, Berserker, Striker, Archer, Soul Binder, Assassin, Priest
Read below for BiS conditions.

Drops from The Song of the Oracle and Guardian of the Seas.
The bonus attack proc effect has 50% uptime and gives a decent damage boost which varies between classes but is generally around 1.5%. This pendant is essentially a better absolute pendant so it becomes best in slot once you roll near max lines of the proper stats for your class.

Madrakan Set (Madrakan Monarch Earrings & Madrakan Shadow Mantle)
BiS for: All
Earrings drop from Madrakan Ramparts and Madrakan Heart, Cape drops from Madrakan Spire.
The set effect of these two pieces is extremely powerful, assuming that you can get high rolls on them, they are simply better than any legendary set bonus, and are flat out stronger than regular epic accessories. The 5 accuracy is very strong and can be estimated around 3% damage, the Madria’s Whim effect is also very strong, and depending on your class and stats, can be anywhere from 3% to 5% damage on average per proc. On average you will get 2 Madria’s Whim procs per raid.

Ariel's Wings
BiS for: Priest
Drops from Pink Bean (Temple of Time).
The passive effect of reducing the enemy's defense by 5% is extremely potent and provides around a 7% damage boost to everybody in your party. This item should not be underestimated, and it is recommended for priests to use it as there is usually only 1 priest in every party, and the passive effect does not stack.

Blizzard Belt
BiS for: All (excluding Dark Descent)
Drops from Icethorn Ridge.
The 2% physical/magic damage makes this the best permanent non-set belt, second only to the Dark Descent belt.

Frost Ring
BiS for: All
Drops from Frostpillar Temple.
The unique effect of 2% piercing increase and 4 flat accuracy decrease makes this item BiS if you have over 110 base accuracy, this item is best used when combined with Kandura's Pendant and the Madrakan Set while using 2 accuracy gemstones.

Old Fairy's Belt (Dark Descent)
BiS for: All
Given out every 2 weeks to the top 10 ranked in Dark Descent.
The Old Fairy’s Belt and Old Fairy King’s Belt will always be BiS, a double max rolled absolute belt with 4% piercing and 6% boss damage will be worse than the DD belt as the DD belt gives 3 accuracy and an extra percent of boss damage which ultimately outweighs 1% more piercing.

Swallowed Darkness Gloves
BiS for: All (pre-Ascendant)
Purchased for 600 Havi Berries in Queenstown, expires after 3 days.
Gives 30 main stat and 8% physical/magic piercing, since the legendary set is only a 4 piece these gloves will not break the set bonus and thus are an easy boost in physical/magic piercing.


VII. Honorable Mention Items

Centurion Set (Centurion Belt & Centurion Cape)
Belt and cape fragments drop from Emerald Prison, Azure Flux, and Terminus of Time.
The flat 5% attack speed set effect is very strong as it adds an extra max stat line to your gear, however this set is overshadowed by the Madrakan Set, so it is not considered best in slot. If you can roll these items well and either cannot obtain the Madrakan Set or do not want to deal with the random proc, this is a good set to use.

Balrog Wings
Drops from Temple of Immortals.
Balrog Wings always roll piercing and melee damage making them cheap and accessible to roll good lines for melee classes. Most classes cannot fully utilize melee damage due to DoTs or other mixed damage, so it is generally not recommended to roll too many melee damage items even as a melee class. Furthermore, the Madrakan Set and Centurion Set give better bonuses than these simple wings, but they are still good to use until you can get an upgrade.



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    VIII. Addendum (Additional and Useful Information)

    Physical/Magic Attack Stat Line Damage Increase Formula


    Damage % Stat Line Damage Increase Formula


    Damage Formula


    WeaponAttack = Weapon Attack
    BonusAttack = Bonus Attack
    WepCoefficient = Weapon Coefficient (see Weapon Coefficients)

    DamagePercent = Total/Boss/Melee/Ranged Damage + Relevant Elemental Damage
    PorMAttack = Relevant Physical or Magic Attack
    ExternalDamageModifiers = Flat damage or attack % increase like noodles or panic set effect
    Piercing = Piercing
    PorMResist = Enemy’s Physical or Magic Resist
    PorMPiercing = Relevant Physical or Magic Piercing

    Defense = Enemy’s Defense

    Base Attack Values and Attack Per Main Stat (ClassFactor)
    Knight, Berserker, Heavy Gunner, Archer, Thief, Assassin, Runeblade, Striker
    0.63 Attack Per Main Stat
    244 Base Attack at Lv70

    Wizard, Soul Binder
    0.565 Attack Per Main Stat
    246 Base Attack at Lv70

    0.47 Attack Per Main Stat
    205 Base Attack at Lv70

    Weapon Coefficients (WepCoefficient)
    Epic Weapons
    Knight: 2
    Priest: 2
    Assassin: 2.15
    Thief: 2.25
    Archer: 2.25
    Runeblade: 2.25
    Soul Binder: 2.25
    Heavy Gunner: 2.5
    Berserker: 2.5
    Wizard: 2.5

    Legendary & Ascendant Weapons
    Knight: 4
    Priest: 4
    Assassin: 4.3
    Thief: 4.5
    Archer: 4.5
    Runeblade: 4.5
    Soul Binder: 4.5
    Heavy Gunner: 5
    Berserker: 5
    Wizard: 5

    Boss Information
    Note: Recommended accuracy values can include guild buff but do not include sharp eyes, it is recommended to use sharp eyes to reach accuracy cap. DEX classes have hidden accuracy from DEX, in general you can subtract 4 accuracy from the below values for a DEX-based cap.

    Chaos Devorak/Chaos Moc
    95 Accuracy Cap
    91 Accuracy Recommended
    16.6% Physical/Magic Piercing Cap
    98 Evasion
    50 Critical Evasion

    Chaos Papulatus
    97 Accuracy Cap
    93 Accuracy Recommended
    16.6% Physical/Magic Piercing Cap
    101 Evasion
    50 Critical Evasion

    120 Accuracy Cap
    115 Accuracy Recommended
    10% Physical/Magic Piercing Cap
    130 Evasion
    90 Critical Evasion

    116 Accuracy Cap
    112 Accuracy Recommended
    15% Physical/Magic Piercing Cap
    125 Evasion
    90 Critical Evasion
    Lv5 Bonus Attack Weakness (Need more info on effect)
    Lv5 Weapon Attack Resistance (Need more info on effect)

    116 Accuracy Cap
    112 Accuracy Recommended
    15% Physical/Magic Piercing Cap
    125 Evasion
    90 Critical Evasion
    Lv5 Attack Speed Weakness (Gives 0.1% bonus damage per 1% attack speed)
    Lv5 Critical Damage Resistance (Reduces critical damage past 100% by 50%, e.g. base critical damage is 112.5%)

    Pink Bean
    105 Accuracy Cap
    101 Accuracy Recommended
    15% Physical/Magic Piercing Cap
    125 Evasion
    90 Critical Evasion
    Lv5 Accuracy Weakness (Increases effectiveness of accuracy by 10%)
    Lv5 Piercing Resistance (Reduces piercing by 25%)

    Blackshard Nexus
    120 Accuracy Cap
    115 Accuracy Recommended
    15% Physical/Magic Piercing Cap
    130 Evasion
    100 Critical Evasion
    Lv5 Attack Speed Weakness (Gives 0.1% bonus damage per 1% attack speed)
    Lv10 Piercing Resistance (Reduces piercing by 50%)

    Critical Rate Formula
    Credit to reddit user TrylessDoer for the formula and coefficients.


    Class Coefficients
    Knight: 3.78
    Berserker: 4.305
    Wizard: 3.40375
    Priest: 7.34125
    Ranger: 6.4575
    Heavy Gunner: 2.03875
    Thief: 0.60375
    Assassin: 0.55125
    Runeblade: 3.78
    Striker: 2.03875
    Soul Binder: 3.40375

    Hit Rate Formula
    Experimental formula with average error of 0.25% hit rate.

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    • Posted guide
    • Updated crit-based Wizard stat hierarchy to not recommend pineapple pizza
    • Removed crit-based Runeblade as it is not as good as attack speed due to high critical evasion in current and future content
    • Added Ariel's Wings to the BiS list for priest
    • Added banner
    • Fixed attack speed brackets on stat lines for wizard from [5%, 15%] to [10%, 15%]
    • Updated BiS pet stat lines to reflect 3 rolls
    • Fixed RGB pet tricks bonus attack to 150
    • Added disclaimer to pet stat lines to indicate they are not ordered
    • Changed BiS % damage line to boss only to better reflect that boss is the better stat
    • Added clarifications for BiS stat line rolls for weapons and pets
    • Added accuracy and physical/magic piercing information for Blackshard Nexus
    • Changed accuracy and physical/magic piercing information header to Boss Information
    • Added level 60 content boss resistance and weakness
    • Fixed attack speed brackets on stat lines for runeblade from [10%, 20%] to [20%]
    • Fixed typo is Ariel's Wings description
    • Renamed Best in Slot Named Epics section to Best in Slot Items
    • Added Frost Ring and Blizzard Belt to Best in Slot Items
    • Added Honorable Mention Items section
    • Added Centurion Set (Belt & Cape), and Balrog Wings to Honorable Mention Items
    • Renamed Pet Tricks sub-section to Best in Slot Pet Tricks
    • Added Pet Skins sub-section to Pets section
    • Updated Kandura's Pendant to include priest as a BiS class
    • Added clarifications to class stat hierarchies
    • Updated Madria's Whim information to be more accurate
    • Removed crit damage archer as it was mostly a legacy build and is not as good as non-crit
    • Updated crit damage wizard to no longer recommend piercing as it is too difficult to build and requires perfect stat lines for attack speed and piercing to be viable
    • Corrected Frost Ring to 4 flat accuracy instead of 4%
    • Added Ascendant weapon bonus attack coefficients (same as legendary)
    • Updated ClassFactor (main stat scaling) values
    • Updated Madrakan set bonus description
    • Added evasion and critical evasion stats to bosses for clarity
    • Added experimental hit rate equation
    • Updated ClassFactor (main stat scaling) values
    • Will update with masters information in January