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[OTHER] Daily and Weekly Task Guide

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Here’s a little checklist of all the daily and weekly tasks available in Maplestory 2, as well as some items of interest in week-reset shops. This list includes all weekly and daily tasks, so some may not be available (or relevant) depending on the progression of your character.

[Weekly Checklist]
1. 4 Prestige Ranks

2. Sky Fortress weekly quests from unlocked faction leaders on the Sky Fortress

3. Guild Weekly quest from Chairwoman Shuenji in the Guild House

Accessible through the Challenge Map:
4. 30 Normal/Hard Adventure Dungeons

5. 6 of each Chaos Raid, Eye of Lapenta RGB Dungeon and Blackshard Nexus

6. 3 Dark Descent attempts

7. Guild Raid L1-L5

Weekly Shop Reset Items of Interest:
20x T1 Gemstone boxes at 15 Guild Coins each from Mila in the Guild House. Additionally, if you want to do the jump puzzle in the Guild Quest, 3x Override Code: Singewing Transformation are available at 25 GC each from Marianne. You may also be interested in the 5x Spicy Maple Noodles for 70 GC each.

6x of each Coloured Crystal and 5x set of 100 Crystal Fragments from each faction leader in Sky Fortress

5x Stellar Glass at 200,000 mesos each from Cheri Ring in Tria

1x of each RGB Dungeon Lapenshard for 1,500,000 mesos each from the Frontier Foundation Quartermaster in Storm’s Eye

[Daily Checklist]
1. Guild Check-In and Meso Donations from Guild menu

2. Daily Guild Quest from Chairwoman Shuenji in the Guild House

3. Sky Fortress daily quests from each unlocked faction leader, and their field quest, shown on your World Map and in your Quest tab

4. 1 full EXP gain Prestige Rank

5. Lifeskills (Mining, Foraging, Ranching, Farming) either at your house, in certain maps with appropriately levelled gathering spots, or once you have advanced enough Berg and Alkimi Island

6. Fuse 24 pets to your main pet in the Pet tab

8. House Decoration Gift, received from your house

9. World Boss Quests from Aliyar in Queenstown

10. Daily wonders (if you have purchased it) from the Daily Wonders Tab

11. Premium Potions (if you have Premium)

Accessible through Challenge Map:
12. 3 of each Chaos Raid, Eye of Lapenta RGB Dungeon and Blackshard Nexus

13. 15 Normal/Hard Adventure Dungeons

14. Premium Dungeon (if you have Premium)