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[LIFESTYLE] Fishing guide

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FISHING! Fun in most games, fun in this game. If you're like me you enjoy fishing in video games as a way to pass the time (and for the rewards), but passing time doesn't necessarily mean wasting time, so this guide should help you reach master as efficiently as possible!

It has been over a year since I originally posted this guide to the forums, so it's about time I updated it with more, better information!
I'll be adding relevant screenshots over the next few days to assist in finding the correct locations to fish.

Beginner I to Master requires 1000 Mastery

Each fish gives Mastery the first time you catch it, 2 for Normal, 4 for Rare, 6 for Exceptional and 8 for Epic. Each fish you catch also has a chance to give Mastery as well, but the chance decreases the higher up the tiers you go. This makes it more efficient to grind out levels at the start and relying on the guaranteed mastery points to level you up at higher ranks.

(Amazing document courtesy of @Moranac)

Guaranteed Mastery from catching all the fish in each tier:

• Beginner I Mastery Total: 56
• Beginner II Mastery Total: 26
• Beginner III Mastery Total: 28
• Beginner IV Mastery Total: 34

• Intermediate I Mastery Total: 46
• Intermediate II Mastery Total: 40
• Intermediate III Mastery Total: 54
• Intermediate IV Mastery Total: 50

• Advanced I Mastery Total: 50
• Advanced II Mastery Total: 82
• Advanced III Mastery Total: 68
• Advanced IV Mastery Total: 68

Total: 602

Needed: 398


Before you can start fishing you need to level up until you can accept the maple guide quest "Cast Your Line". The quest automatically transports you to Harang Island water and tells you to catch 2 Pineapple Fish. The quest is easy and once it's done you are free to fish wherever you like, provided your fishing mastery is high enough.
To enter Harang Island in its different states, speak with Yoharang in Evansville

• Fish in Harang Island Water until Beginner II

• Fish in Harang Island Lava until Beginner III

• Fish in Revoldic Dam Poison until Beginner IV

• Fish in Boulderwhite Mountains Poison until Intermediate I

• Fish in Suffering Wasteland Oil until Intermediate II

• Now go and catch all the fish you haven't yet
• Try to fish at locations that your fishing level matches first, only going to lower level areas when you've caught all level appropriate fish
NOTE: If you are lucky and DON'T catch a Star Sandy Crab when doing the introductory quest, move to Evansville and fish in the poison just north of Yoharang until Beginner II instead of remaining in Harang Island.
If you do catch a Star Sandy Crab, stay in Harang Island until Beginner II.

List of fish with Unknown locations:

• Pineapple Fish: Found in the ocean around Harang Island
• Star Candy Crab: Found in the ocean around Harang Island
• Broccoturtle: Found in the Turtcoli Cave sub-map in the Royal Road Plaza map. Entrance is next to the ladder east of the binoculars. (credit goes to anon post number 214410821 on /v/)
• Horse Mackerel: Found in the water in the Victoria Runway sub-map in the Tria map
• Black Drum: Found in the water in the Victoria Runway sub-map in the Tria map
• Tiger Prawn: Found in the water in the Victoria Runway sub-map in the Tria map
• Shrubberpuff: Found in poisonous water in Harang Island
• Voldrake: Found in lava in Harang Island
• Toxic Flounder: Found in the Development Lab sub-map in the Goldus Pharmaceuticals map
• Sorrowfish: Found in the Development Lab sub-map in the Goldus Pharmaceuticals map
• Machodile: Found in the Van Corta dungeon (Credit goes to /u/Acedus on Reddit)
• Seahorus: Found in the Horus's Nest dungeon, the second map after you enter (Credit goes to /u/Acedus on Reddit)

Master ranked fish with Unknown locations:

• Masked Parexus: Found in the Blueshade Cave dungeon
• Treelacanth: Found in the Ludible Time Hall dungeon inside the Primeval Jungle/Past Henesys sub-maps
• Pyromander: Found in The Fire Dragon hard dungeon
• Footballfish: Found in The Moonlight Fortress Chaos raid
• Vilequill: Found in the Temple of Immortals hard dungeon