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How To Que For a Dungeon and Rewards Guide

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My First Guide o3o

IGN : blazingfire6
Server: NAW

How To Que For Dungeons and Rewards Guide

IGN : blazingfire6 Server: North America West

1.) If you want to see or check out what you can receive from a dungeon press “ ; “ on your keyboard to pop up the window shown above in the screenshot. Your not going to receive all those items once you complete the dungeon but you will have a chance to get SOME items depending on what you would like. There’s a chest you will get once you finish the dungeon which will let you choose which set of armor you want. In this example there's demonwing, frontier and tide master. The chest will give you an option of three chest containing each of those sets armor pieces BUT it contains pieces for EVERY CLASS meaning that you could open the chest and end up getting an armor piece that might not be for your class. Good thing is you could dismantle the item for fragments :D . Once you get enough fragments and make the chest you will be able to get a GUARANTEE piece of armor for your class. SO DONT THROW ANY PIECES AWAY O>O just dismantle them :) .

2.) Sorry about the spaces between but as you can see for every dungeon there is a gear score requirement to enter the dungeon itself. Now if you are curious about how to increase your gear score make sure to check out a guide on enchants because that’ll help you raise your gear score.

3.) Now that you probably checked out what dungeons you can do it's time to find a team through party finder which could be found by hovering your mouse over the blue person looking icon and then click party finder. The screenshot above will appear on your screen too but with different types of dungeons people are looking for. You can search for a certain dungeon in the top right corner where the search bar is and on the top left corner labeled as “most members” could be changed to whatever you're looking for in my case It’s usually “least members”. The bottom right corner “Recruit for Party” could be used as a way to put your own request of what dungeon you'd like to do and how many members could join could be adjusted as well from there too.

4.) Another way which I personally find really nice is Queuing for whatever dungeons you want to do. To get this to show up on your screen press “ ‘ “ on your keyboard and to adjust what dungeons you want to que for click the gear icon next to “Join Queue” which will pop up a list of dungeons that you can mark if you want to que for those. Now the good news about doing dungeons until your capped aka top right corner 26/30 in this example is that you’ll get chest that include crystal onyxes and much more that’ll benefit you. You can also reset your daily cap 30/30 by clicking the icon near the corner which will then let you see the whole weeks chest you can acquire and you can reset by the button that’ll be there o3o.

That’s all I have on dungeons and hopefully that
was helpful for whoever needed this guide sorry if it
wasn't much help I tried XD
(First Guide I’ve ever made)

Hopefully it was helpful sorry if it was confusing ^^ ~ blazingfire6


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