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Suggestions for better housing

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Something I like about Maplestory 2 is building your own home. Or for me, building a landscape.
While i was building my home I've thought about a few things i miss.
First of all I would like the ability to change the weather effect in your home. After seeing some maps with snowy weather i thought it would fit perfectly. make it snow, rain etc. it's something i really would like to see.

Another thing i've thought about is to have more different BGM's in players houses. I'm thinking somthing like a jukebox (or something else what do I know) and then you collect different tracks for it. The jukebox is an item which can be activated and the owner chooses what track it shall play. When a player activates the Jukebox it will change the bgm to the one the owner has selected. The tracks could be BGM's for maps around mapleworld. and to get them, players must do a some kind of challenge, quest, dungeon, get a specific trophy etc.
This is just some ideas i've been thinking about and you are free to use it if you llike to.


  • Anura_Anura_
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    I second the jukebox idea
    I also think it should be unlocked at lvl 10 interior design mastery and then not cost merets to place. Also importing songs or a .m3u playlist from your files would be great
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    We've had both of these suggestions before! I adore both of them, but they may not be so easy to implement right now.
  • WliaWlia
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    More backgrounds and the air ship components i wanna build sci-fi city but there is no background for it and noir good parts.
    and weather effects (rain/fog and other)

    on side note i would love to see removed the house voting getting tired of fake votes of some ppl or that endless "vote for my place"