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[NOTICE] Regarding "Striker Daily Wonders"

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edited 10:41AM February 12, 2020 in Tech Support
Hi all, this notice is going out since we appear to have ongoing issues regarding obtaining the Striker Daily Wonders.

The Striker Daily Wonders is sent to the first character you logged into. If you decided to delete this character for whatever reason without consuming the scroll which activates the reward calendar, it was [permanently] lost.

If you deleted that character before opening the mail and activating the scroll in your inventory, it will be lost and will not resend on its own. We have been getting a decent
amount of tickets where players are requesting a new one due to this.

If this occurred to you and you're wondering how to obtain your scroll, please reach out to our CS team, who will manually issue you a new one:

After claiming the scroll from the mail you can locate the scroll in their inventory under the Misc category and will need to activate it before 06/27/2019 since it expires that day.

As a note, our CS team will not provide the Striker Daily Wonders after 6/26/19 due to the voucher's expiration.

Thank you!


  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
    MapleStory 2 Rep: 3,930
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    A reminder that tomorrow June 26 is the last day to submit a request to customer support if your Striker's Daily Wonder scroll ran into issues and you need a new one from our customer support team. The scroll itself is due to expire June 27.

    Note that having more than one does nothing since it cannot activate another round of the calendar, so if you already activated the scroll, do not put in a request.