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VFM Introduction - Dolly

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Hi guys, it's Dolly! I'm one of the new VFMs & I'm thrilled to be here!

I've been stuck on Nexon games since about 2006 when I got hooked on the original MapleStory. I definitely took many breaks, but MapleStory was that one game that always lured me back over the years. I knew that as soon as I caught wind of MS2 that I had to be a part of it & I joined in CBT2. I feel like I've grown up with these games & it's a dream come true to be able to give back through helping out as a VFM.

If you want to catch up with me, check out the official MS2 Discord! I enjoy lurking the #bug-reports channel as I have a tech background & aim to help others will their tech issues. I play on NAE & main priest. You'll find me being a no-life during every event & I eat up all PvE content.

When I'm not playing MapleStory2, I'm often playing Overwatch. I was a console gamer before a PC gamer & other favorite series of all time include: Sonic, Crash Bandicoot, DMC, GTA, Splatoon, Streets of Rage, & DDR.

Outside of gaming, I love to tinker, read, & collect items. I collect TCG (currently Pokemon Generations), erasers, stickers, kawaii stationery, Sanrio merch, plush & pins to name a few. Embarrassing truth: I own one of the biggest Neopets merchandise collections worldwide. I know it's an odd hobby, but I really enjoy restoring & refinishing old items, especially dolls & toys. Hence, Dolly!

If you see me around on Discord, Steam, Twitch or in-game, don't be shy to say hi. I really am excited for the opportunity to meet as many people as possible & to help bring our player feedback to the game staff. (: