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Lag after the patch

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The server is to lag, to many people are having problems in all activities.
In my perspective, mi SP dont regen normaly and make imposible to fight, and cant complete the rumbles and dungeons like allways. The habilities and dashes respond with delay, the screens freeze many times and the pings fly to 15k !!!
Its imposible to play like that.


  • ZappzZappz
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    I am also lagging on every single channel, I am hoping they will reset the server or fix this SP bug issue tomorrow
  • shonriishonrii
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    @CMKyrios can we upgrade the servers a little? PNL was to help bring back players. Ch1 Baum Tree at 11:05pm PST couldn't even handle 12 people in it :(
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    Hi! Our team looked into the matter this morning. How would you say the servers are handling now?
  • MoofeyMoofey
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    edited 8:51AM April 26, 2019
    From an NAW standpoint things are working much better this morning. Ping is normal for me (~20ms) on channels 1 and 2 unlike at reset where just being on the channel was impossible. Also ran a couple raids and everything went smoothly; Server ticks seemed normal meaning that SP regen and other skills relying on server ticks were functioning properly. My assistant is still inexplicably laggy when talking to her for some reason and I may post a new bug about it later.

    That being said I think seeing what things are reset would give a better idea, since that's when congestion is going to happen.
  • NovuhzNovuhz
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    My friend stopped being able to even log in just a few minute ago. Keeps getting 10060 error code.
  • aylumosaylumos
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    NA West, I've been lagging ridiculously hard on all channels, even if I'm the only one on the map. I'm even occasionally crashing when trying to enter dungeons or load things. I've never had this problem before and my connection is fine.