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Regarding the Crystal Ore Shop

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Hi everyone. The servers will be re-opening now. We’ve made a final decision on how we’re proceeding.

1) There is no rollback.
2) If you purchased scrolls from the Crystal Ore shop, you will keep them.
3) If you did not purchase scrolls from the shop, you will be able to buy them at a later time.
4) The shop WILL NOT RESTOCK. Players who purchased them early will not have any advantage over people who didn’t get a chance to.
5) The scrolls are meant for level 60 gear which will come out at a later time. They are not to be used with current gear. Please keep them safe in your inventory until that time.
6) The TOAD’S TOOLKITS can be used with BOTH level 50 and 60 Epic gear. While we cannot stop you from using them on your current items if you already bought some, we advise you hold onto them for the future.
7) If you double click your Crystal Ore, it will open up the shop, and you'll be able to see the items, but you will not be able to purchase the items. You'll be able to spend your Crystal Ore once the relevant content is released.
8) The stock of dagger and thrown weapon scrolls will be fixed to reflect that these players need two of them at a later date.

All players that log into MapleStory 2 before 1:00 PM PDT on Apr. 26 (8:00 PM UTC) will receive 20x Elixirs and 2x Auto-Fishing Vouchers (1 Hour) as compensation for the extended downtime.

We have elected to temporarily close the shop because we are concerned players may accidentally make purchases from the Crystal Ore shop and will want to change their mind after learning about additional information about our summer expansion.

With that being said, as we reveal more information regarding the future content, we will offer you an opportunity to refund these scrolls through our Customer Support team for equivalent Crystal Ore if you purchased any early that you’ll regret later on for any particular reason, at any time until the summer expansion arrives.

Thanks, and we apologize for the issues and confusion today.


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    Where is striker :(. I think we all want to see some news about the summer expansion now. Things are really dead in the game and we need some exciting news to look forward too. Release the striker give us a summer update teaser or something ://
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    Hi everyone, this is an update regarding the Crystal Ore shop.

    For the most part, everyone who refunded was successfully reimbursed Crystal Ore for any regretful purchases they have made after learning more about the 5/30 summer expansion update. However, we missed a point, which we're clarifying now.

    If you refund a scroll, the stock limit of the item will not replenish in the Crystal Ore shop. As in, do not refund a scroll that you were planning on buying again anyways. This clause is effective towards any refund request made after this post.

    Players who made refund requests prior to this that mistakenly refunded a scroll in which they believe they actually needed may contact Customer Support again to manually request that the scroll be exchanged for a correct balance of Crystal Ore from your inventory. This request can only be made once per person, so please include any and all that you erroneously refunded in your ticket.

    Refunds for premature purchases made on 4/25 from this shop are still available until 5/30 through our Customer Support team. After 5/30, we will not accept Crystal Ore refund requests on purchases made from the shop.

    Thank you!