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PvP Arena

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Hey, I got some answers from the last Stream about some of these but don't forget about my other suggestions/ideas:
- Design Lab (let us make our own events, dungeons, pvp, content ..)
- BlackMarket favorites tab (allow us to save settings and all those specific lines)
- Chat time stamps (able to see when a message was written)
- Let us change the distance of back items (many cape items are very far from our character's back and seem to be floating)

Now about the PvP ideas I doubt I'm the first to write this but I still wanted to write my own words.
First off, there is no incentive for people to PvP. Even if that is not something you want to promote in the game, maybe a lot of players and staff at nexon prefer to disable PvP entirely there is still some people who love it and why do it for them?
Firstly add some simple rewards to PvP, maybe 10 crystal fragments for losing, 30 for winning with a maximum of 600 per week. Nothing too big otherwise you get the MushKing Royale problem where people ignore the gameplay and abuse mechanics only to receive the rewards.

Change the way the Arena Queue works. Waiting 4 minutes for a match is horrible. Make the queue instant, and to prevent players fighting the same person every time you add a 15 minute debuff (hidden) to the players and after that debuff is gone they can queue against each other again. That would prevent people from win trading and fighting the same person over and over (unless they only queue every 15 minutes but you could make it random from 15 to 25 minutes and hide the delay). I won't begin about the rating system, not important at this point..

Now an issue with the Arena maps. They are very unbalanced and some classes can take advantage of the surroundings and others can not. Wizards with flame wave can hit through all the walls and terrain and hit 2 high, an assassin is blocked by the terrain and only hits targets on the same height level. This is an example but this is the same for lots of classes, abilities and map situations

Lastly, balance the classes. Without changing any of the PvE elements you can change how skills work against other players. Meaning that a skill could stagger monsters in PvE but it will not stagger a player when you hit them with that ability. Some classes have 10 staggers and 5 stuns and others have none at all, this makes PvP very one sided and only makes some classes viable. The other issue is the damage percentages of skills, some classes such as assassin have low damaging skills and thus they deal very little damage in the arena compared to knights who have triple the damage percentages on their skills. Again change the little numbers on how they damage players, you don't have to mention or write these down but every maintenance you can balance the skills effects (slows, staggers, stuns, binds, ..) and damage in the background without the players knowing. Slowly changing till you get balanced class fights.
The other way to balance is to change the PvP stats on the armor, this wouldn't fix the stuns and staggers on some classes compared to others but you can slowly balance the damage, armor and health of classes by changing those numbers every week.

Final note, why not add PvP mini games such as king of the hill, team deathmatch, capture the flag, .. You wouldn't even have to do any of the above yet it adds some nice extra unpredictable content for the players. I say unpredictable because every match would be different players and teams, also humans are unpredictable unlike dungeon bosses with their same patterns.

Give us something to do especially now that these New Leaf changes are pretty much giving us all the free gear we want without having any content to use it on.

Honestly I doubt people are reading this and I highly doubt any PvP will be added to the game at this point but it's out of my head and I'll have space again to make another suggestion ^^

Please no rage about someone liking to have PvP in the this game, we are all different and we all enjoy different things.


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    I read everything that's posted. I know there is a small but earnest and core PVP community in MapleStory 2. Even though PVP is not the first thing you think of when you think of MapleStory 2, doesn't make it a completely unenjoyable experience.

    That being said, PVP balance is very fickle. PNL giving players equipment doesn't change anything when players use accessible PVP gear anyways. Some classes are very strong right now, but that might not stay that way forever.

    As an avid PVPer myself who held a high ranking in multiple servers, I think the root issue started with the lack of incentive to commit to PVP outside of a couple of matches for some monthly rewards, and secondly the imbalance of equipment on certain classes. The PVP gear we have is unique to GMS2 and could use some work.

    The PVP mini-games are fun, but historically only Red Arena ever really sees much traffic, with Crimson Mines getting occasional players and Treasure Island seldom getting enough players to have full teams. I think we'd have to once again look at incentive before just throwing them in.

    Needless to say, I still record everyone's feedback, regardless of where we are in our priorities with improving the game for everyone. Thanks for your input!