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avast is detecting a virus when i press "play"

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today at 11:39 PST


  • aylumosaylumos
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    I'm having the same issue with Trend Microsecurity. It says someone tried to take advantage of one of the processes.
    It usually happens at least once every time I try to start the game, however I've found no other signs of viruses on my laptop and had no other issues, and my virus scans aren't picking up on anything.
    It usually starts fine after I cancel all of the processes for nexon launcher and steam in the task manager and try to open the game again.
  • Anura_Anura_
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    Try whitelisting the file it says is a virus. If you can't do that maybe get a different antivirus software
    I use IOBit malware fighter which isn't the best but it's free and if you want you can pay to use the bitdefender engine which is more comprehensive (i am not a shill ok)