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[SUGGESTIONS] MapleStory Merch Store

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Hi all,

Last week, our team launched the MapleStory Merch Store, which has various MapleStory themed goodies that you can buy. Since then, fans around the world have ordered items that include shirts, plushes, and tumblers.

This shop features designs from the entire MapleStory franchise, including MapleStory 2. While selection was limited this time, the team is excited to hear from fans what kind of merchandise they're interested in seeing us create. We're looking primarily for ideas related to MapleStory 2.

I'll be looking over this thread and others to gather ideas.

MapleStory Merch Store:


  • NXACuddlesNXACuddles
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    Please make a Joddy plush...
  • MikanBoxMikanBox
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    In cms2 They had a Pre-order for a madria figure that was canceled due to lack of preorders.

    Can Gms2 Make a Madria figure (or plush) happen? :3
    (Mint would would also be nice)