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I had an interesting question. If I go into a dungeon by myself is it any easier than when you do a 4 player dungeon? When I enter dungeons it says created for 1 player or 4 players and that leads me to the conclusion that the dungeon is easier if I do it by myself. Is this true?


  • ScarffyScarffy
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    As of the time of this post, the answer is no. A boss will have the same hp regardless of how many players are attempting the dungeon and the dungeon itself will not be easier by any means (same amount of spawn, same amount of paths, etc.) and I believe for the following reasons:

    1. To promote party play (probably the biggest reason). Some dungeons, like Nutaman in Rune Temple need multiple players to clear other sections of the dungeon in parallel with the other party members.

    2. Some challenges such as Chaos Raids will unlock special rewards if you can complete the dungeon within the time limit and with less players (of course this only makes sense if the raid is not scaled to the amount of players).
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    It depends, Normal Dungeons scale up so it's "easier" if you do it solo (assuming that you're the only one who actually does anything). Hard Dungeons (among other things) are already at "4 player difficulty" so they don't scale up any further if you bring some frends along.
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    Got it thank you! :)