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Hey hey!

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Hi there!
I played the game when it was released but had to stop due real life issues. Now I think I could start it again, but my problem is that I have a hard time committing to something alone. So if I'd find a nice social and casual guild or some friends to play with, I think it would be okay. ^^
I remember playing berserker and priest but they were both boring to me, so this time I was thinking of mage or thief.

Currently I'm studying for my exams, so that takes a bit of my time. I really want to get in and study to become a radiological technician, so it's important to me to nail the exams. ^^
I'll play on EU, and I hope to see many friendly faces and not just bots. <3


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    Hi! Always nice to see returning players. Welcome back to MapleStory 2. Feel free to add me on my personal character, Blink (I think I have spots on my friends list).

    Good luck on your exams!