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【OCE】✦ Pancakes ✦ [LVL 10] - Raids/Discord/Social

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Hi there, welcome to Pancakes' Guild recruitment thread! :)


Contact (IGN):
HeyNixie, Illumiene, Guess, riqotta, Railz

About Us:
- We're a friendly Guild based in Australia/NZ
- Have players in Top Ten DD as well as Top Three in Teraspring Farm and Simian Sea, hahah'
- Others are into crafting, exploration and climbing the Star Architect ladder
- Currently organising all raids in game! (A to S+ Rank content) as well as guild xenon raids

Looking for active players to join our stack!

We use a Guild Discord and are active weekday evenings (6PM-11PM AEDT) and weekends

Level 60, 4k+ GS, Discord, Have fun :)


Hope to meet you soon'

♣ guess