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Delete Character on Perma-Ban cases

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Hello I got a perma-ban due to manequim abuse 2 months ago

Now I'm planing to return to MS2 on a fresh new acc for the new steps of Maple Leaf and future Awakening
But as I'm baned all my nicknames are lost x_x
And for some peoples (like me) their nicknames is real important as a digital ID (I pass more time digitally than real life)

My suggestion is the character deletion of perma-ban cases, so the player still use her same name to return on a new acc if want to.

I already looked for suport but GM said he cant do anything because the account is banned in fact, he advised me to
'post your concern as suggestion to our Feedback and Suggestions category on our web forum so that other players will be
informed and for our team can review it and might be applied in the future.''

Well, tanxs GM Kyuyuiyui for the advise, I hope it works because its really frustrate use a 'random' nickname when you always use the same for more than 10 years


  • grizzlebeel3grizzlebeel3
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    umm if you knowingly abused a system why should they do that? you made the choice to do it and lost that name all choices and actions have consequences. sorry but i dont think they should do that, make another account a new name and dont cheat anymore end of story. i dont feel bad for you and the only ones that will are the ones who also cheat. not trying to be mean or rude but don't cheat in the future and stuff like this wont happen let this be a lesson for you.
  • EℓfeηEℓfeη
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    Why they should do that you ask

    They mean a lot for me, sentimental vallue.
    I use the same nick for 10+ years and I really feel bad if its to use a generic or random ID.

    Idont want the account deletion, the email of register, anything.
    Just the deletion of the character data, so I can take a fresh start.

    I'm seeking for redemption sir.

    So why not? May I ask you.
  • DefraglifeDefraglife
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    Well you violated TOS so you deserve the boot. Good on the GMs for doing what's right. As far as recovering a banned name I think they won't free it up just because why waste the time doing so. It's many ways to spell the same word by being crafty.
  • EℓfeηEℓfeη
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    Peace, I just want to play again without feeling bad :D

    But I need a little help from MS2 Nexon Team to do it

    I'm just trying.
  • CutemochiCutemochi
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    Come'on, he's not even asking for people from this forum to support him in getting his account unbanned.

    Anyway, I do support the idea of getting all permanently banned account have their characters deleted as it's such a waste of so many good IGN.

    I hope you learnt your lesson about abusing glitches and I also hope that you can get your IGN back soon to start afresh. Good luck!