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Glamour Forge Normal Dungeon Weapon Drops Please

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Please make all the lower level normal dungeon weapon drops Glamour Forgable. I got a Glamour Anvil just because your normal dungeons, ie Lubridium Clocktower, have weapons that are unique and look like no other weapon drop (ie Rusty Vulcan Cannon, Wild Cannon, Emergency Cannon). You are basically wasting game content by creating cannons with insanely cool designs, but you are not making them able to be Glamour Forged. I actually wasted merets and time farming all these cannons, when I cannot even use Glamour Anvil on them because they look so cool! I tried a ticket with support and they basically told me off, so please make them usable with Glamour Forge so you will have another player not discontent with your game and service.


  • VettiVetti
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    Agreed. I found a normal-grade sword that isn't bulky/brutish looking and was getting ready to buy merets for an anvil but description said it was not Glamour Forgable. Not only are you wasting good skins but you are also missing out on opportunities to milk our wallets. Come on Nexon, take my money when I'm ready to hand it to you please :/
  • CMKyriosCMKyrios
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    I'll leave a memo on this! I definitely agree that a lot of lower level gear have a great look. I know I'd like that too.