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Hello friends i have been trying to find midis for these songs for since i learnt about playing music in maple story 2 and i cannot find midis of them anywhere. I would like somebody to make these songs into a maplestory 2 code thank you here are the songs:


"Gekkou (月虹)" by BUMP OF CHICKEN

"Haguruma (ハグルマ)" by KANA-BOON

"Ginga Tetsudou 999" by Isao Sasaki
( please only the opening from the original 1978 anime not from any of the movies )

"Captain Harlock (キャプテンハーロック)" by Ichirou Mizuki
( please only the opening from the original 1978 anime not from the movie )


"Mahoroba Densetsu (まほろば伝説)" by Manami Ishikawa (石川まなみ)

"Cosmos Dream: Uchuu wo Kakeru Yume (コスモス・ドリーム~宇宙をかける夢~)" by Masaki Takanashi

"Warriors" by Aaliyah Rose
(japanese version
( english version
"Dis" by Mika Arisaka
( i found a midi of it on the site called anime lyrics but it didnt sound that accurate)

"In My Dream" by Eri Shingyoji
thank you friends i will update this if there is any more songs i need to bring into maplestory2
i litteraly just sat here for a hour making this list