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Knight Dash Bubble getting canceled

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I'm not exactly sure what does it, so i've come to the forums to see if any other knights have figured it out.

There is an interaction which cancels your knight dash bubble without you being able to do anything about it. Several times I've been in a party where i'm standing absolutely still and I use dash bubble and it looks like I get knocked back a bit and the bubble is just canceled.

I play with characters off during raids so i'm not sure what it is.

My theory is that if you are on someone's tombstone sometimes your dash bubble interacts with it ends up canceled. Others have said they THINK it could be priest casting sanctuary or that one cross icon move because in pvp that stuff can knock you back.

I honestly don't know for sure, but its super annoying when your party is relying on your bubble and it just ends up being canceled and your team wipes because of it.


  • KelKel
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    It has happened to me as well. It's like something just pushes you out of it. It's not just defender of faith either. It can occur with bulwark too. Still no clue on what's causing it. It could be a priest skill like you mentioned. It's fine and dandy to wipe on a balrog hook if it happens there, but not on a chaos raid. :(