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The new percussion

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Genuine Question:
Is everyone else thrilled or slightly underwhelmed by the new instruments we got over Christmas?


Don't get ne wrong. I love having them in the game so the lineup can evolve, and so can people's creativity. But if I'm honest I feel like the one I'll get the most out of is the bass drum.

The cymbals are loud and fun, no debates.
Thing is, I would have preferred to see a full drum kit rather than a single snare drum. Just because it feels very one note. Literally.

But hey. That's mostly because I've been working with the tomtom up to now in place of a full kit.
And I'm loving that, so I'm curious to hear other people's thoughts.
  1. Thoughts on the Winter instruments?4 votes
    1. Crash those cymbals!
       25% (1 vote)
    2. Bang that bass drum!
       25% (1 vote)
    3. We really needed that snare!
       0% (0 votes)
    4. Meh...
       50% (2 votes)
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