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Blast Kit + Spirit Boost Tonic

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So with blast kit and an SP tonic we can fire 4 blasts per reload instead of 3
Has anyone done any extensive testing with this to see what sort of DPS % increase you see?
I was hoping for a 10%-20% increase

For those that don't know SP boosts are gained from lvl 11 alchemy, not tradeable


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    Each shot of Rapid Fire Electric Bast cost 32 sp. After 3 shots your left with 4 SP. Spirit Boost Tonic gives you an extra 20 Spirit. This leaves you at 24 SP, not the 32 you need. So yea you miss did your math there. However, if you get a full set of Legendary Panic gear, one of the bonuses you get is an extra 10 SP, add in the Spirit Boost Tonic that would give you a total of 130 SP. This would be enough to get in the 4th attack.

    Initially damage calculation would be done over a 4 second period, this is enough time for you to get 3 shots off and a reload if you don't have anything boosting your atk speed. However, with that much SP you'd be looking at a 5 second window instead of 4. So for this we'll look at just how much damage you do before reloading, and how much you managed after reloading.

    Base 100 SP
    Electric Blast r10 + Adv Pulse Weapons r10 + Blast Charge Kit r8: 560%, 1680% , 420% dps before reloading (4 second period)

    120 SP
    Electric Blast r10 + Adv Pulse Weapons r10 + Blast Charge Kit r8: 560%, 2240%, 448% dps before reloading (5 second period)

    So it's a 28% dps increase, but with an extra second involved as well. If we added that extra second onto the base 100 SP count you'd get the same dps, but in the long run being able to get an extra blast off before reloading will add up, it's just difficult to say by how much exactly.
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    Sorry about Necro'ing this post, but I have something important to add to this topic.

    Reload only gives you 100 SP. No matter how much max SP you have, Reload will only give 100 total. This is a problem for the idea of getting 4 shots off is that in order to consistently pull it off you need to reload twice instead of once. Or, have a priest giving you SP regen. Either way, it's not reliable.