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200 IQ or 0 IQ move

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So..I'm done with my priest. Not having any fun with him anymore. Decided to make a Wizard. But gearing through hard dungeons is such a pain. Can do 3min Balrog runs in PuGs on my priest, but takes like 18min for PuGs to do FD on my Wizard and like 15-20min to even get a group going from starting a party in the party finder. Hence if FD takes that long, I'm not looking forward to Balrog/Lube on my Wizard while heavily undergeared to just get weapons (barely 2.3K GS) AND hope for one with good stats.

Sure it will help when we get the packs this thursday to get starter gear. But anyway to my point. I decided to gear up my Wizard with my Priest. My idea was this, get the grazna staff and upgrade it with my priest AND my Wizard. Which is possible due to toad kits. Issue with that plan though is that I will be starving on stats since there is no stats and I wont have a weapon at all until its +15.

Biggest issue is magic piercing, since on a dungeon weapon you can get absolutely massive magic piercing. And of course the 3.2% piercing. Anyway back to the plan.

Gearing up:
Necklace: Forgotten heart - Piercing/Magic Piercing (cheap option to get both)
Cape: Varrekants Wing - Had a pair and lets me burn my mesos on other things
Ring: Pray for RNG for Absolute ring with Piercing + Boss-/Ranged damage
Belt: Pray for RNG for Absolute belt with Piercing + Boss-/Ranged damage
Earrings: Pray for RNG for Absolute earring with Piercing + Boss-/Ranged damage
Pet: Blue pet with Piercing + Magical Piercing

Armor is the same aim as always: Boss damage on everything besides gloves which needs magical piercing. Issue is, I see no real way for me to cap magical piercing. I did reroll two forgotten hearts a bunch of times and ended up with one that has decent piercing (2.5%) but not so good magical piercing (2.0%) and one that has good magical piercing (5%) and bad piercing (1.3%)

Magical piercing looks like this right now:
5% (neck), 3% (pet), 4.2% (gloves) = 12.2% so missing ~4% which I guess I can get from either rolling higher gloves and/or using the guild buff.

I will miss the 3.2% piercing though. What do you think? Will this work out or did I make a mistake by not just getting a MSL weapon with the correct stats?

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