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Insane Person's inaccurate PvP class stereotypes

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Do you want to know more about your opponents in the clearly "loved" PvP arena?
Are you a fan of insane guides?
Do you want something to dislike on the forum due to not understanding satire?
Then the Insane Person's slightly* Inaccurate PvP Class Stereotype guide is for you!

Either an honest Knight main that lucked out on the terrible PvP balancing, or the most boring, fun hating, rank obsessed excuse of a "fighter" you will ever see.
Can literally win half of their fights by jumping and mashing one button. Will pull the invincible cover shield out if they have to think for the slightest moment out of panic.
Will still somehow think they are good at PvP despite having the easiest, most lazy playstyle currently around.

You know why you picked this class. You know of the destruction you desired to cause. The only arguably overpowered thing a Beserker has is the HP steal stab, making most Beserkers pretty honest to fight against. Despite such honesty, some berserkers might let that power get to their head and gain an ego. In the case the Beserker is actually very laid back and friendly, you should expect a fine, fair match.

Currently in your town's nearest tavern crying away the pain of how useless they are in PvP right now. Any Assassin you see constantly entering the Arena is a brave warrior pushing against the odds, and you should praise them for such great courage. Unless they turn the match into hide and seek. Then they are just a sadistic demon.

The most honest, respectable fighter you can come across. If you lose to a Thief main, it will not feel unfair. The general fighting style of the Thief is purely respectable.
Let those brave few who suffered in PvE be rewarded with a place to belong, for they have deserved it.
Also they might just like to poison you.

In a similar boat to the Knight, the Archer lucked out by having an absurd amount of stun in one of their most basic attacks. Never a joy to fight, and very rarely deserving praise due to how easy it is to win as one, you should politely ask them to give you the accuracy buff before Chaos Devorak kills you.

They are going to charge beam you. It will happen, and you will hate it. Most likely felt at home in the battlegrounds of Mushking, and desires the return of that chaotic form of psychological torture. Will claim the hitbox of the stun grenade is fair and balanced despite it being a mile wide. Thankfully, the majority of gunner mains are laid back and not obnoxious aside from the usual few like every class has. Expect a "gg" after you get vaporized by the laser.

You will meet two kinds of Wizards. The fire wave ones that just got out of PvE and will soon be your newest wall decoration, and the ice spear ones that are the literal spawn of satan. No, nobody knows why Ice Spear got that dang buff. And no, nobody wanted it. A Wizard will either be your most annoying opponent, or the most questionable. At the very least most Wizards are laid back.

Will think they are clever in their attempt to stunlock you, and then panic entirely if the opponent saw it coming and dodged it. Received a very annoying stun duration buff.
Will never be respected in the PvP scene, as everyone wants them to get back to healing in chaos raids. Might contain slight rage at being mistaken for a bot in the past.
Always be wary of the mental condition of your local priest. The priests decide if you live or die. Even in the Arena.

Rune Blade
The most anime Arena Fighter there is. Will try to look extra flashy zooming around the arena. A rare, respectable matchup despite their need to look as flashy as possible.
You can at least clap for them after they fall to the ground. While not effective, it didn't look bad either.
The rare exception to the Anime Rune Blader is the "actually a ninja" Rune Blader. They are a myth and you will know when you face one.

Soul Binder
Soul Binders are an odd opponent to come across in the PvP Arena. In most cases, you will find yourself pelted by seemingly near harmless balls as you slap the Soul Binder to the side for an easy victory. However, be extremely wary of the rare case of an actually decent Soul Binder. Such an opponent can catch any class off guard, as they will soon prove to you just how good they are at burst damage. Most Soul Binders show signs of extreme patience, having waited months for their moment to throw balls with glee.

And there you have it. The slightly* Inaccurate guide to PvP Class Stereotypes.
We hope you enjoy your painful stay in the Arena, and that you one day get that Fire Lizard mount.
...after 4-5 months.

*warning: do not take things said by the insane guide writer at face value, all insane guides provide helpful insight only if reading between, through, and below the lines. never let the insane guide writer reach the point of making a thief guide, or else the joddy apocalypse will become real.
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