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2018 Maplestory 2 Christmas Rumble Tournament!!!!!

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At December 15th at 9:30 pm 11 applicants will be fighting for NX prizes. 2nd place receives $25 dollar NX and 1st place will receive $50 NX. Come support them the 15th on my twitch stream

I'll be giving away 3 $10 dollar NX cards during the stream. The stream will be fun and engaging , so join in for your chance to win NX, I'm not a big streamer anyway so your chances are high haha. All fun and drop a follow so you can be updated when I go live December 15th, Saturday at 9:30pm!

FUN ACTIVITYS DURING STREAM: Analyst desk with CM_Cuddles, Spiderbox. Celebrity performances, Commercial/Sponser break ads. Live audience crowd, singing commentating and much more!


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    Knight and wizard contest...can't wait
  • Fisk31Fisk31
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    For your tournament rules why not just state all tournament gear must be PVP Gear only?
  • BerkBerk
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    top pvper here,

    I'd like to know who won!

    Also, we have a pvp discord. If you'd like to host more events, please let me or the discord know, we can get it exposure to the community.