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Game Features to Prolong Enjoyment

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When i first heard about Maple Story 2 going into open beta in Korea with a lvl 40 cap I had to try it out. Even with ~250 ms I enjoyed the game from the little i experienced in a different language. I saw the potential that the game had and kept my excitement dormant until it came to the west. I played during the 2nd CBT and put in just enough time to cap a few classes to see which ones i would play to endgame. After playing 2-6 hours a day after work I've come to the realization that the game is fun, but there are certain systems that put me off.

I've had many conversations in discord about my gripes with MS2 and figured i'd put them out on the forum (even if they never get seen by more than 15 people). I've played many MMOs in my teenage to adult life and have found enjoyment in most of them. I will list a few systems from those games that if added to GMS2 and tweaked a bit could keep me here for years to come, instead of probably the next 2 months or so.

1. Profession overhaul: Life Skills in this game feel significantly less exciting than in almost every other MMO i've played. Archeage and BDO are two games that i feel did professions justice. Instead of having daily limits to gathering materials from nodes in the world and your house, make life skills require materials that drop from dungeon bosses, world monsters/mini bosses, and other unrelated life skills. Crafting life skills: alchemy, cooking, blacksmithing and handy crafting are actually pretty good with what they do now. My only request would be to allow players to craft indefinitely and only be limited by how many materials they can farm/purchase from other players. Varied methods of getting the required materials to craft interesting items is what i feel most people who enjoy crafting look for.

2. Hard Mode Dungeons: Currently hard mode dungeons feel challenging for players who are just at the GS requirement, but fall off in difficulty for players who vastly out gear them. Dragon Nest and World of Warcraft have solved the dungeon difficulty scaling in an interesting way. Both of these games have a separate version of dungeons that exponentially increase in difficulty the more you gear up (including rewards to an extent).

In Dragon Nest they have the Labyrinth system that has a difficulty slider before you enter a dungeon that ranges from 1-50 (4 man parties). Most players who just hit level cap and have no gear can clear levels 1-10 with some challenge similar to clearing Balrog at 2100 GS. As you gear up through the normal versions of these dungeons you can start tackling levels 11-20. Once you are geared enough to clear the tier 1 raid you can take on labyrinth levels 21-30. Once you are geared enough to clear the most recent tier 2 raid labyrinth levels 40-45 is where your challenge is. Tier 46-50 is for people who have min-maxed their gear and play their class at a high skill level.

In World of Warcraft they have mythic plus dungeons which increase monster and boss damage by a % per level and have affixes that change weekly. At mythic + 3 they introduce an affix that changes either increases monster health and damage by ~30% or increase boss health and damage by ~30%. At mythic + 7 and +10 they introduce a 2nd and 3rd affix that stacks with the first. After +11 the dungeons only increase monster/boss damage and health to a point where even the most geared players will struggle to clear a mythic +20-24. The mythic + systems does not have a cap and is only artificially capped when you start getting one shot by boss auto attacks (rewards for clearing higher levels scale linearly).

2a. Dungeon loot: Having chase items in dungeons is the right way to entice players to run them repeatedly. Lubelisk, Rune Temple, BeyondLink Tris and Temple of Immortals have items that some if not all players eventually want. Why do Fire Dragon and Labyrinthine Halls not have something similar. One of the reasons people were tired of running Fire Dragon is because outside of the earring fragments there was no chase item to farm for. No one would be mad to see Nuttaman's earrings drop in Rune Temple, but if you see pyrro's fard's ring or gloves it feels like you've lost your "RNG" roll for the week/month.

3. Open World Experience: I didn't play MS1 much, but i do think that MS2 would benefit from party quests that require players to group up to grind difficult monsters and to have open world monsters have rare items that can be farmed. Rohan Online, Rift, World of Warcraft and Runes of Magic did this well. Most monsters in the game can by soloed with little difficulty and do not have rare drops on their loot table. This prevents people from wanting to join groups to farm monsters or complete objectives outside of instanced dungeons and raids. Most of my enjoyable experiences in MMOs came from having to group with other people to do fairly mundane grinding because i was forced to play with people for longer than 5-10 minutes. When you have mandatory grouped content that is not high pressure like raids it gets you to start conversations instead of the "got to go fast" mentality.

4. Time Gating vs Compounded RNG: This is a slightly different topic that i wanted to include in this discussion. Most of the MMOs I mentioned earlier have one or the other system to control power/character progression. Separately they can make an MMO satisfying, but together they usually end up burning people out quickly.

The time gating in this game is there to make sure you don't progress through content too quickly. You want to allow a smooth progression into high end systems so that there is a sense of accomplishment. FFXIV does this well with their Tome Stones and guaranteed raid gear progression. Time gated method usually has little to no RNG and does not have the drawback of having to be lucky.

The RNG in this game serves a similar purpose as time gating, but instead of being guaranteed an outcome after a time period it guarantees you an outcome after a certain number of attempts. RNG progression in this game ranges from catching an epic pet at roughly 1/5000 chance to upgrading a socket at ~50% chance. Enhancing gear you are guaranteed success eventually with fail stacks, but if you are extremely lucky you never get the chance to use them. RNG in most games is determined by the amount of chances you get to roll that 6-1000 sided dice. If you get as many attempts as you can afford daily this method works for most MMOs.

4a. When you put both of these systems together you get extreme differences in progression between each player. You can enhance a piece of gear from +2 to +15 in 20 attempts without using any fail stacks or you can enhance from +2 to +12 and end up with 200+ fail stacks (actually roughly 80 per week due to weekly caps). You can 1 tap a tier 1 gem to tier 7 without failing once or fail upgrading a tier 3 20+ times in a row. The cost of enhancing/upgrading/rerolling goes up significantly each attempt and you also have to wait each week after you reach your cap. The way these two systems work together in MS2 does not work well when it comes to the western audience. It was taken from a P2W system and not changed enough to ensure a gratifying progression experience.

If the weekly limit on dungeons was removed OR increase the % chance to succeed in enhancing/upgrading/rerolling (adding fail stacks to the latter two) i do think a lot of people would come back to the game and stay longer.


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    My condolences for the time you spent writing this excellent feedback that will get ignored along with every other suggestion since the CBTs because Nexon only cares about their own direction about the game.
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    It was mostly just to get my thoughts out there. I don't expect more than a few people to see this and even fewer than that to read it.
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    Solid feedback man, MS2 could really benefit from these suggestions.