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Converting to the new Box Fragments.

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I ended up hoarding a lot of the old Fragments and now I have to convert all of them into Exquisite Armor Fragment Exchange Boxes so I can then exchange them into Headgear/Gloves/Shoes or Top/Bottom Selection Boxes. The Exchange requires me to one by one go through thousands of boxes to convert into the new system. I think an Exchange All feature needs to be there for players who just happen have a lot of the old Fragments.

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  • AwkinAwkin
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    Yes, I have 1650 fragments and there is no way I will slowly go through converting them. Wish this was getting more attention, cause that is a lot of materials that we don't have access to now.
  • SilvarroSilvarro
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    I had 460 which was a pain to convert them one by one. There should have been a batch convert option.