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Mastery gain from music

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Hi, I am hoping a nexon staff member could answer this question. So you get 1 mastery per second of music played, however, I noticed there is a cap. With beginner music scores, songs longer than a set duration is capped to only receive 100mastery. Intermediate is capped at 300 mastery. Apparently it used to not be like this. If someone can link patches notes to this change that would be nice. I have a long 10min song and it caps at 300. I am just wondering about it because I didnt see patch notes on it. Thanks


  • MaloyMaloy
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    Don't know if it was uncapped before but the change would've been to reduce/balance exp gain on music sheets.

    I've yet to find the cap to be an issue, but the more performance vouchers you get, the less you lose given it won't reduce your number of plays per sheet.